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Debian founder Ian Murdock killed himself – SF medical examiner

Farmer Geddon

I appreciate that, but closure to whom exactly? The cause of death would only be relevant to those close to him if they had concerns about misadventure.

Accepting that he had already alienated many close to him, for those who still had any attachment to him, having the intimate anatomical findings of the Pathologist spread far and wide would surely be distressing?

Or perhaps I am just out of sync with what passes as normal these days.

Farmer Geddon

No offence to anyone but do we really need to see the details of his post-mortem examination to grasp that he killed himself? Maybe the availability of these lurid details are everday fare in the USA but personally I find this kind of intrusive rubber-necking in poor taste.

Welcome to the jumbo: Axl Rose tries to take a bite out of 'Fat Axl' internet meme

Farmer Geddon

Are we sure its Mr Rose?

I thought they were photos of Mick Hucknall 'off of' Simply Red!

RIP Prince: You were the soundtrack of my youth

Farmer Geddon


I am reading comments on FB/Twitter etc about people being 'devastated' by his death..'devastated'? There seems to be no end to the escalation of alleged emotions at the moment.

If my wife or child died, I would be devastated - Prince has died and its a shame but no more than that surely?

WE CAN still be BETTER than Germany on broadband, says Ofcom

Farmer Geddon

Meanwhile in the UK

Ping to Milton Keynes from home in the midlands - 780ms

Download 0.7 mbps

Upload 0.2 mbps

No broadband by phone available - 'too far from exchange' @ 7km

3G Broadband via mast on my roof - Hello 21st Century

CSC confirms $1.5bn NHS IT write-off

Farmer Geddon

As an end user

Its hardly surprising.

I am sat at my Win XP PC using IE6 to post this.

To access the patient admin system I need my smartcard and logon.

To access the clinical system I have to logout of the admin system and log in to the clinical system

To access results I have to log on to a different programme using an RDC.

The PACS system requires a shut down of one of the above and a separate logon.

Utter and abject fail.

Virgin Media begins 100Mb upgrades

Farmer Geddon
Thumb Down

Distant dreams

Sounds great for those who can get it.

Not me however as my 0.4Mb is likely to stay that way for the rest of time given the presence of 12 houses in a 1/2 mile radius.

Must be thankful for what i am able to receive of course - at the same price as other users with up to 100 times the speeds.

BT bids bumpkins to beg for better broadband

Farmer Geddon

Town v's Country nonsense

I live in the country and i get about 0.4Mbit/s. I tried the BT gameshow but of course with 300 residential and 100 business users I am kidding myself.

We can go round in circles with the Town v's Country stuff. Bottom line for me is equity.

I have kids just like many town dwellers. They want access not only to social networking and the fun side of the Interwebz but also the educational stuff that they frequently need for school.

At the speeds I get its just impossible. The iPlayer? Whats that! 4OD - ?eh. Youtube = a slideshow.

Basically BT and the other providers are just going to continue to cherry pick because they are commercial enterprises and equity of delivery is just not in their interests.

For the money we have spent in Iraq, we could all have had 'super fast' broadband by now.


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