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Pixies keep switching off my morning alarm, says Google Pixel owner


On the occasion when my alarm goes off on my pixel and I am not in a position to just swipe it away it helpful says just say stop to stop the alarm, but infuriatingly struggles to respond. I believe this relates to it not opening the Bluetooth headphone microphone and listening for the command and switching off the phone's microphone because Bluetooth headphones are connected.

I feel that people at Google must not be using pixels because lots of this stuff really should have been fixed years ago.

4chan and other web sewers scraped up into Google's mega-library for training ML


Humans can be tricked in the same way, deceptive editing, defamation campaigns, delayed retractions, no smoke without fire, confirmation bias etc etc


Re: "Problematic, racist, and pornographic web content"

I do if it is true. Sometimes fantastical claims like an elite cabal of pedos potentially funded by government turn out to be true, i.e. Epstein.


Re: Ah, yes. 4chan.

If it is unable to balance the statements of flat earthers, physicists, qanon, the CIA and historical record from the view point of millions of perspectives and not come up with a useful synthesized answer then it is not particularly useful.

That being said chatgpt already fails on many basic statistics even on prompting that it is incorrect it can take several attempts to reach the accurate values.

For example I asked what was the homicide rate per 100k population in the USA in 2020. It provided a number that looked correct and cited the FBI crime report. I then asked the gun homicide rate per 100k. It provided a number that was over double the all types of homicide rate. It cited the same FBI report as the source.

I reviewed the source and found the source to be correct and chatgpt for some reason did not ingest the data correctly.

This is not the only example, it regular provides very inaccurate statistics along side completely accurate ones.


Re: Devil’s advocate

AI presenting contentious and unpleasant views as fact: bad

What if they are true? Most interesting discussions are in the contentious space, unpleasant is a subjective view point. This space is a great place for AI to explore.

Game over, machines: Humans defeat OpenAI bots once again at video games Olympics


As a regular Dota player...

If I were to compare the bots to humans they appear to have good short term strategy, but if you remove their mechanical superiority they would lose to your average regular players.

Despite 180 years a day of learning they did not seem to have worked out the full extent of how the abilities work even on an individual level, let alone how they might synergise.

They exhibit the development of short term strategies, such as individual sacrifice which is interesting. However, perhaps unsurprisingly they did not show long term strategy. Even humans have difficulty connecting the cause and effect of there is a long time delay between the two, and trying to achieve that in bots does seem to be an interesting problem. I think that if they are capable of connecting appropriately long term events then they could produce interesting new strategies and compete with to humans.

Munich council: To hell with Linux, we're going full Windows in 2020


As someone who has to use Mac OS and Ubuntu for work everyday I wish I could use windows 10. I had to setup an automated bash script to allow me to short cut to the login screen to help maintain ISO security compliance. Yes high Sierra has finally introduced command+option+q about 15 years after XP, but I doubt it will ever get side by side windows as slick as windows 7+ given how rubbish the full screen side by side thing is now. You can't even maximise windows properly,I need to drag the window out from the side to read the wiki properly. Ubuntu is more sensible than Mac OS but the main components of windows 10 are simply better.

Hundreds of Americans, bystanders injured playing video games


So safer than biscuits then?

500 injuries caused in Britain by biscuits in a country with a fraction of the population of the US...