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Ten... Desktop USB 3.0 HDDs


What does this mean?

" While the removable base is very useful once off the GoFlex, I wouldn’t recommend actually standing this drive vertically unless you harbour some kind of unimaginable hatred for your data."

I thought the GoFlex was supposed to be used upright.

Have I missed the point?

Death of netbook exaggerated, says researcher

Jobs Horns

Wise up!

Well said David Griffin. I can't believe the iPad fans who really think they've made some sort of progress. They have all been conned big time. I predict plenty of iPads at the back of the cupboard by the end of the year while the netbook owners will still be writing emails, word processing, surfing the net, creating presentations and spreadsheets and enjoying Flash for years to come.

Wise up people. Jobs is having a good old laugh as he fondles his millions!

Pure Oasis Flow weatherproof DAB and Internet radio


PURE Evoke Flow is crap!

I have one too and I completely agree. The reviews were close to ecstatic when the Pure Evoke Flow came out but did any of the reviewers actually live with the product?

It really is a huge compromise on almost every front. Pure are simply not good enough and there products just don't make the grade.

Tablets? Pah! Netbooks still selling well, says analyst...


What a load of nonsense in these comments

Any netbook is miles better than the iPad. Get real people and wake up. You have a proper keyboard that makes email and form filling and creative writing a breeze. And it can stand up on it's own without incurring arm-ache. When are people going to realise that the tablet may be great to walk around a factory or an office but other than that it's a huge con and you are all being suckered. Long live the laptop form factor and the real keyboard.

Samsung names Galaxy Tab launch date


Has the whole world gone mad?

I simply don't understand why anyone would pay that kind of money for these pad things when you can get a netbook complete with keyboard for less than half the price. And it can stand on a desk/lap unaided.

What is the real benefit?


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