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Hi, Pakistan? You do know anyone can edit Wikipedia, right? You don't have to ask

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Re: >>convince other editors<<

Ironically, sites with massive tools are probably OK; sites with females not wearing head appliances are more likely what they're beefing about.

FTC prescribes GoodRx a $1.5m pill after 'sharing health info' with web giants

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Re: Sold private health data after promising customers not to?

and the fine should extend to the company officers personally as well as anyone involved in negotiating the deal in the first place. It needs to stop being okay to build corporations with the specific intent to break existing laws or circumvent regulations using flimsy arguments.

Tech job bloodbath comes to IBM, CFO links layoffs to Kyndryl, Watson Health

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..and they deeply enjoy to savor the various delicate flavors, such as by-age, by-gender or with-children....

Wyoming's would-be ban on sale of electric vehicles veers off road

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Re: This iis a public safety concern.

Not an EV problem, but ENTIRELY a planning and preparedness problem. It barely even gets cold there, what are you whining about? Plus, the typical altitude of Wyoming is over a mile above sea level making the cold more tolerable than it would be at or near sea level.

Did you know that european semi trucks often have more powerful engines than north american models? They're not narrower either, so what do you mean by "bigger semi rigs" ? You think they don't have B trains in EU?

If it's REALLY cold, then it doesn't matter if you have a combustion engine, because the exhaust moisture will condense and freeze in the exhaust system, plug up the exhaust and stall the engine. Been there, done that.

What you really want are plenty of waterproof matches, and some tea candles. When it's -46C and the wind is 110+KPH then you will feel the cold.

Cisco warns it won't fix critical flaw in small business routers despite known exploit

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Re: Did I read that right? - software support

True Lawyer Speak: "No one made them..."

Health insurer Aflac blames US partner for leak of Japanese cancer policy info

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It not being considered at the outset is simply no less than malpractice and negligence. If your business is the storage of important and valuable things, it's not a question of whether or not someone will come to get some of it, but rather how frequently attempts will be made.

Just more "take an obvious outcome and pretend you didn't see it coming because it's to do with the INTERNET so it's totally different than before".

John Deere signs right to repair agreement with US ag lobbyists

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Here's an idea:

Make a trade marking for products that were produced without any John Deere products involved! A sort of certification like "Organic".


New York gets right-to-repair law – after some industry-friendly repairs to the rules

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Re: Perspective

Cars WERE generally up to that level. However, now we have "CVT"s and "dual clutch gearboxes" and "high pressure turbos on tiny blocks". Headlamp assemblies that are over $2000 are not unusual. How long will an "active electronic engine mount" last compared to a rubber bush? Does it matter if a starter is only $200, if you have to have the whole drivetrain out to change it? ($2000 labor)

Automakers are actually quite decent at making them reliable - the new trick is fitting the reliability ONLY within the realm of warranty while making it as difficult and uneconomical to service as possible.

FCC calls for mega $300 million fine for massive US robocall campaign

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So a repeat repeat offender eh? Because they didn't take away all his toys properly for his wrongs. $300 million may not be enough. The fine needs to be full refunds to those scammed plus the $300 million fine!

Japan, Australia to bolster cyber-defenses, maybe offensive capacity too

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I think he means marketing will get better (for regular people) if they start doing more and more of it in the metaverse where it won't bother us so much.

Intel offers Irish staff a three-month break from being paid

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... when that amount will barely buy you a coffee.

Judge tells Amazon: Stop retaliating against employees

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Re: It's contempt of court to disobey

It's not harsh. it's the opposite. amazon originally (and quite blatantly) walked all over the labor relations laws. It's not like they invented some new ways of doing so - it's all old hat stuff here. Executives SHOULD ALREADY be serving jail time for conspiring to break federal labor laws. Why do we constantly see the courts serving up these "court ordered" "reminders" that they aren't to be breaking the law again - usually for a period of time.

Vonage to pay $100m for making it nearly impossible to cancel internet phone services

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But how much money did they make doing these things? I bet that $100 mill is just a license fee in comparison.

Yeah according to wiki annual revenue in 2020 was like $1.25 billion. They were doing this to all and sundry customers so there is simply no way $100 million covers the refunds. What about punitive damages? They were in the wrong. Why does the FTC think it is okay to license corporate wrongdoing?

No, I will not pay the bill. Why? Because we pay you to fix things, not break them

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I grew 180 lbs of chiles this year! I'm ready.

(in a 12x16 foot garden)

Boffins grow human brain cells to play Pong

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Re: Does no-one read science fiction any more?

We've fixed that! They are using only the finest organic free-range brain cells. Fair trade certified! Though I'm not sure what they promised the cells in return for cooperation?

DoJ ‘very disappointed’ with probation sentence for Capital One hacker Paige Thompson

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Re: Whose fault is it?

Actually it does make it okay, legally speaking, in most countries.

Google burns few hours of profit to disappear location privacy lawsuit

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These cut price settlements are a crime against humanity. The minimum price of the settlement MUST BE at least equal to the total profit of the venture involved in the wrongdoing. Otherwise it is just a cost of doing business and no fault claimed? BS. No more!

Actual real-life hoverbike makes US debut at Detroit Auto Show

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If you watch the video there you will see that this isn't drivable - it's a ridable remote control hexacopter. It's piloted by a guy standing in the background.

Iceotope: No need to switch servers to swap air-cooled for liquid-cooled

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So they are suggesting 1 rack of servers uses far more than 1kW of power just for the fans? So much more that the energy cost of the liquid cooling apparati are covered by what is excess of 1kW?

Totaled Tesla goes up in flames three weeks after crash

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Working at a scrap yard, I'd say it's equally likely that some derp tried to "steal it's catalytic converter" and caused the fire, than it being some crash related damage. The guys that go around doing this are beyond comprehension, don't expect they are able to know it's electric or that there's nothing to steal that they could carry off.

Star loses $500,000 NFT after crooks exploit Rarible market

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Given the state of power grids and fuel worldwide, it should be a crime to waste electricity on this crap!

Deere & Co won't give out software and data needed for repairs, watchdog told

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Re: Is this news?

Yes, actually, you CAN go down to the automotive dealer and buy a factory scan tool and do all of the things yourself. Some stuff like making keys and reprogramming requires a subscription to retrieve encryption keys but it's all >available<, if expensive for the average toolbox.

You CANNOT buy a JD scan tool. You're not allowed to own one! They would sue you for having it! It would invalidate your service contract if you even dared to put certain parts on yourself. And they would still have to reset the tripped computer, which means you're back to a service contract or at least paying them (more, sans contract) to come out - which they won't get around to doing until you are PROPERLY screwed, harvest / farm work wise.

In a first, FTC extracts millions of dollars from online store accused of blocking bad reviews on its website

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Re: Good, but

It's not a slap on the wrist, it's a small tax on highly profitable business practices. Just like the 'fine' for companies conspiring to keep wages down, the amount is so small that the behavior was HUGELY profitable. Why would other companies not try and do the same, there's so much money to be had! The fines need to be larger than the profit from the illegal behavior, for starters.

They admit no wrong when they do this, it shouldn't be allowed. They obviously knew this was going on the whole time, and there just never managed to be budget for getting the bad reviews up to speed, oh darn!

Almost there: James Webb Space Telescope frees its mirrors and prepares for insertion

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I would expect that NASA at least would have the self respect to give an approximate measurement, "half a paperclip"?? Bunch of hokey jokers is what is makes them sound like. No wonder they have conversion problems, with units like these in use! What KIND of paperclip, for starters?!

Gas giant 11 times the mass of Jupiter discovered in b Centauri binary system

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I think with 500 floodlights to light the place it'd be a doddle to find the christmas bulb quickly? Much harder to find it in the dark, plus how will you see which way round to put the fresh unit?

What a bunch of bricks: Crooks knock hole in toyshop wall, flee with €35k Lego haul

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35000E in sets, that's 350 x 100E sets, just how big is the store to have that many sets in stock?? The picture suggests they weren't cleaned out by any means

US lawmakers give Amazon until November to prove it didn't lie to Congress

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the policy prohibit the use of anonymized data, but not de-anonymized data.. so they are totaly legit! they do this in canada too

They need to be held responsible for "irregularities" regardless of whether they knew or not, they still profited from it.

Boeing 737 Max chief technical pilot charged with deceiving US aviation regulators over MCAS

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Re: REasoning past B....

I'd just like to point out that bringing your own bomb in NO way lessens the chances? This is why psychiatry is such quackery.

Court of Appeal says AI software cannot be listed as patent inventor

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how dare she

how dare she say only a person can have rights when clearly corporations have more rights than people!

Apple settles antitrust case with developers, but it's far from an Epic resolution to App Store monopoly concerns

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Apple are paying pennies on the dollar and admitting no wrong, what a great deal for them

BOFH: Here in my car I feel safest of all. I can listen to you ... It keeps me stable for days

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Re: Unlike the £1 coin...

actually one average adult can get that 20 quid note - just bounce the car on it's suspension and it will hop right up, use your shoe to tug it out as the pressure lifts. I do it with hoses and extension cords all the time, works well with most smallish cheap models

Thanks, boss. The accidental creation of a lights-out data centre – what a fun surprise

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I saw someone do this with a fire suppression system in a restraunt kitchen once - right after he finished cleaning the whole place. He pulls the knob off - nothing - then proudly goes to show how the chain it's connected to needs a bit more pulling - DING DING DING - cue the glycol nozzles!!

Snakes on a Plane meets The Simpsons as airline creates ‘whacker’ to scare reptiles away from parked A380s

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The real story here is Qantas calling their mechanics engineers - this will come back to bite them in the ass at performance review time when all the mechanics demand engineer pay!

Titanium carbide nanotech approach hints at hydrogen storage breakthrough

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Re: It's not just the storage

Unpressurized flammable liquids do not become bombs when punctured or impacted. They are also not embrittlement time bombs waiting to go off - and a high pressure rupture would likely result in an explosion 9/10 times because hydrogen is so easy to light off. Modern steel and plastic tanks take a huge amount of abuse and don't require scheduled hydrotests that the tank would have to be completely removed from the vehicle to perform.

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Downvote: why do artists deserve or need a posh paris/cornwall office rather than working from what is no doubt referred to as their "home studio" ? You are clearly from the Art Dept!

Intel accused by distributor of breaking promises, shipping subpar enterprise-friendly Falcon 8+ drones

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"Available through our distributors"

Yeah, that Stampede place still has loads of 'em!

China's Chang'e 5 probe lands Moon rocks in Inner Mongolia

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Re: Wait


Oculus owners told not only to get Facebook accounts, purchases will be wiped if they ever leave social network

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Just further proof we Citizens should have struck first against the Corporates, before it was too late!

Disgraced cop, 55, spared prison term after admitting he abused police systems to snoop on his girlfriend's ex

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Not proportionate at all!

The police have an obligation not to do these things - the punishment in this case should be the same as what a civilian who hacked into the system and did the same would face. 20 years? 30? A civilian certainly would not get mere community service. This is an outrage. Government employees and police should be faced with MUCH more severe penalties rather than the obligatory scot-free package. In the first place, part of the supposed qualification involves specifically knowing these things must not be done.

Uber allowed to continue operating in English capital after winning appeal against Transport for London

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Re: I wonder whether this has anything to do ...

If only there were some way to make the judge honestly represent his reasons and not give utter bollocks in his summary? I've read a lot of these that can't pass my 8 year old's BS test.

Astroboffins reckon evidence of Martian life has probably been destroyed where liquid acid flowed on the Red Planet

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He is completely full of it! Just because the acidic fluid was carbonic acid, it's no longer acidic? Who is this jumping clown?

And it's off! NASA launches nuke-powered, laser-shooting, tank Perseverance to Mars to search for signs of life

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What is lightweight teflon? I'm only familiar with the ordinary kind which is considerably dense for a polymer.

MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs

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This is what powers the analytics the police are using for image recognition?

Tesla sued over Tokyo biker's death in 'dozing driver' Autopilot crash

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and it's totally their fault that this group of idiots illegally stopped on the inside lane of a motorway too!

Five-a-day energy drink habit turned chap's eyes yellow, urine dark, caused anorexia

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It's the chemicals!!! It's always the chemicals, you can't trust anything that clumps together like that! I've never felt better since I started the Dark Matter Diet 2 years ago! I lost all my weight!

Boffins one step closer to solving nanoscale computer challenge

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No, surely if there is to be a new spec, it must have rounded corners, no?

Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer's iPhone? Let's fix that

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I think the here is that they have a court order to tell them to make software and what they should have is a contract. The court order can be used to make someone surrender or destroy atoms but I've never heard of one to make something. That amounts to slavery.

Work on world's largest star-gazing 'scope stopped after religious protests

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Re: Until I Read...

Not only that, but the US government has a long standing and absolute policy on not giving in to terrorism. So now the only possibility is to build at least two such telescopes, right?

Pimp your TV: Goggle box gadgets and gizmos

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Some of these devices cost more than my van did, with a govt safety on it. Those speakers at the beginning seem like especially poor value.

And +1 on the slow TV gripe. On my generic DLED TV I have plenty of time to imagine some 80's transforming robot separation and recombination sequence going on inside.

Nano – meet her: AMD's Radeon R9 4K graphics card for non-totally bonkers gamers, people

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The price is all wrong here - it's obviously not that great of a cooler and it's an underclocked Fury chip. It should be cheaper as with any lesser product. It's not like it's smaller because of anything but the size of the cooler and reduced power requirements really. I mean, come on. Enough BS. Specialty form factor? How about Reduced Net Cost?