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Guinness to hit three quid a pint

James Brash

It will save 3,000 lives?

Where do they get these figures from? It will save 3,000 lives? If an alcoholic want's to drink they will buy it regardless of the price.

Aussie Sex Party in evangelist head-to-head

James Brash


more like piss to me...

Judge backs Halifax in Chip and PIN clone case

James Brash
Paris Hilton


Assuming the ATM in question had a camera, why can't they check the camera pictures to verify.

HMV keeps Warhammer-ers from goblins

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I bought the collectors edition from HMV and the codes were in the pre-order box? I've been playing since Sunday.

Nokia N96 to land in August

James Brash


In the UK they recently passed some legislation - you can pick up FM transmitters in places like HMV/Dixons etc. nowadays.

See this Register article: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2006/12/11/ipod_fm_transmitters_legal/

Jane Fonda c-word slip shocks US

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The power of the word...

I've never understood this... cunt and twat mean the same thing... however why is one seen as being the more offensive?

Surely all swear words should be placed in the same category 'offensive'... at the end of the day the offensiveness of a word is simply based upon popular usage.

It's the same with shit and crap... crap is seen as the less offensive version, but they mean the same thing! I don't quite understand the logic or the whole uproar regarding this.

Canadian cable giant slips Yahoo! name onto Google home page

James Brash

RE: Google Advert whiners.

Unfortunately its the websites themselves that choose to have google adverts... its not a case of google injecting adverts without the consent of the author. So the two have nothing in common.

Facebook takes the Captcha rap

James Brash

How come...

I don't have to type in a captcha phrase when I add a friend?

Turkey probes The God Delusion for 'insulting religion'

James Brash

Religious Criticism

When Scientific Beliefs are criticised scientists attempt to prove them - why can't religious zealots do this in the same way? ... oh wait.

Orange's Apple deal to bear unlocked iPhones

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Isn't it possible that you could take the firmware off these unlocked iphones and put it onto a locked one... thus unlocking it?

SanDisk goes launch-crazy

James Brash

Poor testers...

"Lasting over 10,000 open-close cycles in their durability testing."

Which poor bastard tests these things?

Space nuke boffin: NASA Moonbase needs nuclear rockets

James Brash

Thumbs up

If they can reduce costs, and make it safe then god I hope they do this... this might actually lead towards space travel becoming more economically and commercially viable for the near future.

Reduced costs for getting payloads out into space means more money for developing other projects.

Day-of-silence protest hits Net radio

James Brash

RE: Who cares?

Unfortunately I can't turn on the radio a listen to back to back trance... I have to be forced to listen to the rubbish inbetween... not that theres any trance on the radio anyway. This is something DI.fm offers me however, they have a sub fee if you want access to the high quality streams, and I'm happy to pay the relatively small amount each month.

YouTube hits iPhone

James Brash

Streaming... on a GSM phone?

I dont quite understand how they plan on streaming video on a gsm phone, it takes about 10-30 seconds often to load a single page of text.

Unless they plan on making the videos available in an incredibly low resolution.

Iran approves death penalty for pornographers

James Brash

RE: Um wait a minet

"you are all beleaving the tosh that W Bush and his government have been saying. At least Iran dosent keep hundreds of people without charge and fly people all over the world to tourcher them. They may flog and kill people for relitivly minor crimes but at least they are charged under a law (No matter how un just) given a fair trial (and yes they are fair)."

The Iranians do a much better job of keeping it quiet.. Also I don't remember the UK having a death penalty for porn in the last century or so.

Book publisher steals Google laptops

James Brash


I dont see what the big deal is about google digitizing books... surely its a good thing. It allows previously unknown or inaccessible works available to everyone.