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Ex-Exel president found guilty of hacking former employers

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Joiners, Movers and Leaver processes not effective. A manager could have triggered the process informing HR of the resignation or dismissal of the employee. HR will confirm and inform IT to disable or remove such accounts. Compliance thus require audit trail so disabling the account will be sufficient.

Oh hang on... there was a backdoor right? Is this through external email access or some kind of secured tunnel. Hmm, nothing new here..Oh well, erm, they the organisation may still be compliant with a number of regulations yet these sort of things still happens.

/me ducks again

McKinnon might get UK hacking trial after all

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Good news!

British citizens face justice in Britain. Hope to see this come to an end soon. The next big case will be...? Oh yeah, the wikileaks one. [cough, cough...]

Spooks want backdoor into your network

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And soon

all your network are belong to us. Can we have access to your internal process for defending against attack too so that we can align our process with yours to be able to draw up best practice solution against the cyber attacks that originate from our enemies like "China"?.

This ^ will soon happen.

Last time I read, the backdoor left in Google's network was used by attackers to penetrate their network. I may be wrong here but isn't more backdoors there already?

Bad Appler pleads guilty

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Component from?

Not from DR Congo right?

Spammers exploit Internationalized Domain Names to punt penis pills

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Not surprising

"For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction."

Anyone up for a pint?

Unreleased Lady Gaga songs nabbed in audacious hack

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So what.

These singers were clothings that are next to nudity anyways so this is nothing new. Let this be warning - "all your nude photos are belong to skids".

Wear a penguin outfit and be safe from remote admin trojans aka RAT.

DHS airport spooks stalk star hacker

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Subjects combined reads ...

Welcome to the free democratic republic of the United States..., Land of freedom, That's not Kafka, There's more to Kafka than Gregor Samsa, Glad we got all this hope and change now that Obama's in office, Hope and change? Old times ..., Fantasy Island, Deplane..Countdown, Privacy concerns, Elsewhere. Welcome to the Union of Soviet American Republics, err... States, duh. So charge him, "make it easier for said attacks to be undertaken", @Graham Marsden, @Rolf Howarth, duh to you too , Not too many problems returning. "US border guards have to admit US citizens." Not so, now., Government control, Yeah.., Unless brown citizens are arrested for looking "illegal" and not carrying their IDs., tea party militia versus modern military?, Hilarious!, Shady, Deplane ! , This sounds like The Phil Zimmerman story, deja vu, So Stasi-style basically. On whose side are they? Same Bunch. Whisper Systems - UnTap your phone, Or... , Well..., TSA: Another American exercise in futility , Erm, McCarthyism

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we want to listen in on those customer conversations, and dude is not giving in to that. So we'll be your paparazzi until you falter.

Is it good to be good in info security or be good at bad info security? Anyone got a cleaning job offer?

Chinese ISP hijacked US military, gov web traffic

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It real

Isn't the world new supercomputer owned by the Chinese. You may want check Tianhe-1. If they have the data, supercomputer and technical know how what else stops them.

Is the government in America and UK hear about all these issue or they have secured network so don't give a toss.

Well, let me grab a pint and sit back until the frst interweb war starts. I've saved a couple of machines to play my part. At least to defend my country.

Two Russians convicted as money mules

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The recruits!

...right back to bite you in the back side. The illusion of crime-light at the end of the dark-deeds tunnel.

Former White House advisor wants cybercrime haven crackdown

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@ Tom 38

You got my vote.

Cameron to spend £1bn+ on cyber security

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Yeah right!

"David Cameron will next week allocate more than a billion pounds to a cross-government effort to bolster Britain's cyber security" - and the defense system still get pwnt!

Android phone auto reverts jailbreaks

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@dylan 4

I would guess either HTC or T-Mobile will have the means to allow the user to upgrade their firmware.

The good news is, their "means" will be used by others to "jail-break" the phone.

So all is not lost for the "jail-breakers"


Iran boasts of Stuxnet 'nuclear spies' arrests

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Welcome to earth..

Time to welcome the aliens to earth.

Can I have one of your super computers to install Linux on it?

It'll prevent me getting infected by Stuxnet.


Police charge 11 over Zeus cybercrime scam

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Free internet for crime...

Who did they use to get decent bandwidth?

Don't forget that you don't have to sit in your room anymore to do anything these days. The internet on the mobile devices plus free wifi from even the fast food chain makes it easier.

They're from EU right. So they'll setup a server there and remotely login to harvest their data.

No need for decent broadband at home anymore.

Facebook security team zeroes in on Koobface hackers

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@Warren G

What were you thinking. Social networking site that gathers your private data would surely know everything about you.

Oh! and some users have gone to the extent of posting their DoB, address and family history. It doesn't get any better than this for facebook.

Log back in with the details you registered with, and you'll be faced with an option to retrieve your old account. :P, at least Hi5 has this option for you.

You can run but you can't hide from Facebook now :)