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Pirate Bay struggling to get on feet after DDoS to the knee


Re: Strange thing is.... you're lying

STOP i am having to stab myself in the leg to stop my head falling off from laughter.

1. Torrents are the best way to download distros ? bullshit

2. I need to download new distros every day 6 times because it's cool? bullshit

3. PIRATEBAY is the best place for torrents.? bullshit

4. PIRATEBAY is the only place for torrents.? bullshit

Virgin Media cuts Pirate Bay access for millions of punters


dont let the door hit you to hard on your way out

ah more freetards making money by creating a platform for thieves, Of course it is all about fighting the good for TPB nothing to do with cash, fast cars and big houses.

Eh rage against the machine so long as they get their cocktail's served on time by the butler.

Millions face Megaupload data deletion by Thursday


No i can't see ben

Ben i have fired 1 person in my time for being privately prosecuted, and just like other companies it is in the T/C's and if you dont sign them you ain't got no J.O.B, i remember a certain Senior manager being rocketed out the door at HP for plugging in a usb drive with a cheeky copy of MS select software on it.

Any hint of it and PR and HR take the crash postion, turst me.


El Reg i love the white papers...but when did 4chan invade

Got to agree Steve plenty people here seem like they can’t read, but is like most of the topics about piracy on this forum

Step 1 read headline.

Step 2 rant.

What i find odd is the reg users are meant to be professional people who work within the industry but reading the nonsense posted here i doubt that very much, so what people using a dodgy site are about to lose their stuff..Tuff.

Piracy is one of the biggest burdens on the industry it destroyed the early computing market before the IBM PC rose up, everybody i knew with an amiga or like had every possible piece of decent software out there but had purchased none of it, i remember que’s of 50 or more at street markets buying bundles of discs of pirated software and by the bucket load for pennies.

Everyone knew the main purpose behind MU was to facilitate the hosting of stolen material for others to download/Stream for free that’s how it made its money, denying this just makes you look stupid so anyone who had material legit or not stored on MU knew the risks and the fact the MU could only offer the service because of the cash it made from piracy kind of makes you an accomplice after the fact.

All this stuff that media is to expensive...well don’t buy it that is how market forces work, but downloading it illegally then ranting about how about companies or governments trying to take action is Big bro gone mad is laughable at best and probably best kept to purgatorial shit pits of the socially challenged like 4chan.

In my business and most companies we have done work for like HP, Computacenter etc ., anyone caught with illegal software or prosecuted for offences privately will have their employment terminated as we are all members of FAST.

I am struggling to see anyone who would try to claim they are in anyway a professional with the sector defending criminals like DOT.COM.

And jemma honey put me on ignore that way you might not need the pills.

US entertainment lawyer casts doubt on Megaupload case

Paris Hilton

missed your porzac i see..no sharp objectd around are there

well i have Phd mines is the one on non linear optics, Jemma maybe if you had put as much effort into being a student as posting that huge wall of text you would have one too.

I am 40 yrs old have 3 kids and run my own business (software), and it is I and market who says how much my products sell for or what value is attached to them not you, if it's to dear for you get a proper job and stop scrounging.

Oh and I am scottish too, i fear for the health of the nation if your are a recent product of our education system, i work my ass off constantly so do my employees you are just a freetard taking up oxygen. But I see that your point is everybody greedy, corrupt and lazy apart from you...eh they pay for stuff and work hard to achieve it .

I would love to take apart your post but it is just mindless gibberish..are you paris by any chance


jemma when you get all growd up and that and join the adult posse....

Jemma how would you feel if you worked your but off for a Phd , sweating blood , sleepless nights and years of hard graft, then just as you submit your work you're be told someone else had already submitted that body of work identical in every way word for word, and they accepted their work first and yours becomes void.

Of course the other person just pirated your work...but hey that’s cool in your society beacuse you say


I find your attitude simplistic and child like and far removed from the society and technical systems behind it, just like my 13 yr old nephew’s friend who told me how he was the Foo Fighters greatest fan then proceeded to offer me a DVD with all their albums on it...woo some fan.

The reason some software is so pricey is because of the stupendous level of piracy in the wild, not just having to charge more because lost profits on pirated copies but development cost of adding DRM and other unneeded code just to try to thwart piracy...And honestly it is more about damage limitation most companies now are just happy with stopping piracy during the first few weeks of release let’s face it so long as sites like MU exist and greedy little people like yourself they have no choice. And as you seem to have the business of a house brick i won’t even bother to take apart your comment on mark-ups.

1. DRM










All of the above are not caused by big business nor goverments or slimy shit buckets like dot.com...they're caused by you.

so now you have made your bed lie in it....should be a natural for a student.


you can type that shit..but boy does it sound stupid when you say it.

Mike don't be a child and turn this into linux v's windows i am sure you can find plenty of silly little forums for that.

The point is valid, the vast majority of the public who download warez are not exactly intrested in fanboy flag waving or linux most think a distro is a 70's themed night club that servers food and they want the best product they can get and through the path of least resistance. Not everyone yes but just the vast overwhelming majority do, usenet stats, Bt stats etc all backup it up there is only one silly person in here.

The point still stands why would the majority of downloaders/leechers even bother with anything other than top quality safe products why take on the hassle of actually trying something new or moving out of your comfort zone, if you think otherwise then then you being naive.


once the 5 tabs of acid wears off you just had....

"piracy, under no circumstances, not now, not then, and never in the future has no impact on the sale of the items which are pirated"

Paul once you land back down on reality I suggest a rethink, This is gibberish of the highest order Sites like Megaupload have destroyed plenty a SME business and sent numerous one man outfits to the wall, years ago we did a bit of a fact gathering exercise when the Game Far cry was released at a retail price of £24 IIRC per unit and it sold 730,000 units within four months of release.

Good show you say , well within 3 hours of the pirated version going online there were 33,000 irc gets , 40,000 seeds on Torrent sites, tons of spots on FXP boards, ftp sites, usenet...etc. All in 3 hours, there were more pirated copies within the first week than legitimate copies in four months, no much of an effect.

But here is the real funny thing fat gimps like billy bunter aka fat ass dot.com who make wads of cash out of it, i've heard people say yeah but i used MU legit , just my personal files. The only reason MU could offer this service was through the money it made through piracy whether directly or by round about means.

If you want to play a game, listen to a song, watch a movie, use a piece of software, buy it. All this diametric garbage them us, reminds me of the winace v's winzip fiasco ..Let’s not deal with facts there to inconvenient.

And Paul if you think my product is too pricey don’t buy it, but stealing it is ok.. I really want 458 spider guess it’s ok for me to steal one because i can’t afford it right or should Ferrari knock £120000 of the price just because i can’t afford it.

You be pissed if EMI or EA were stealing £100 per month from your wages before you where paid, but when the shoe is on the other foot?.

A thief is a thief .

Megaupload kingpin found in panic room when arrested, say cops


mad is a good opener for you name

@mad mike

he has broken laws in all countries and sony got away with nothing they got caught, if you think copyright holders using DRM questionable or not is anyhting less than a counter action to things like MU then you are far from reality.

Without one we dont need the other, i have spent 25 years of my life building up a business through uni, high intrest loan for startup, years of late nights and no holidays to create software and applications only to have a fat gimp like dotcom create a platfrom for distributing my products for free and making a ton of cash from products that rightfully belong to me, and to rub salt it the wounds i have to read all this " them and us" rubbish just another excuse for freetards.

This crap about US or Big Business or other goverments pushing big brother on us is a somkescreen most companies hurt by piracy and copyright theft are small to mid size companies unable to fight any fight against it because they don't have the resources, some have to watch their lifes work collapase before their eyes because of theft they can't do anything about.

and it is not the US goverment or Big business that is crippiling these businesses it is YOU and sites like MU.

the only person morally bankrupt is you, which do you choose the hard working coder, programmer or Media company that produce the product you use, listen to or watch...or some greedy fat criminal who thinks he can make a huge profit selling other peoples hard work.


silly people in large numbers just like a panto at christmass

dotcom was a greedy gimp, I don't get all this solidarity as if megaupload was anything but a web2.0 warez site.


So because you once bought a mcdonald’s burger back in 76 that entitles you to free mcdonalds for life ?

And knowing of dotcom’s loves he is more likely to have had a picnic room the a panic room, it is sites like Megathiefs that allow governments to create draconic internet and copyright laws that will affect us all, of course dotcom was just a bedroom warrior fighting for the freedom of expression against the tyranny of corporate repression, or maybe he was just a greedy gimp in a mansion with a pile of fast cars trying to make money out of other peoples hard work who wouldn’t care if the whole net crashed so as long he gets his penny’s from his so legit site.

I just don't see why people are defending MU it did everything it could to promote the fact is was pushing copyrigthed material and making huge amount of cash out....did they give any to you ....no, where doing they doing if for the people..no for the cash.

Wake up the enemy is not in front of you he's "Behind you"....

Duke Nukem Forever dev slams unfair reviews


DNF was less than impressive, humourless and void of anything one could call atmosphere,.

Here is one for brian "if DNF was released 10yr's ago would it still be as crap"


Good rule to follow here is brian , if the majority say it is crap then more than likely it is crap.

Valve admits forum hack exposed gamers' privates


"We don’t have evidence of credit card misuse at this time. Nonetheless you should watch your credit card activity and statements closely."

Reading between the lines " they stole our Database but we dont think they can crack it...we hope"

From what i have been told steam forums/steam/steam works all had the DB's accessed , and the hackers had several days access before the forum defacement which may not even have been the done by the same culprit or culprits who accessed the DB's.

Again on the romour mill they think what happen was the original hackers posted up the hack on a certain altogether dark place once they have finished their business and a another less talented individual used the info to gain access to an admin account details for the forums.

Steam games forum down amid hack fears


so it is Vb, still much the same as UBB( it dont take 3 days to fix) and i told you it was more than just the forums.


mm odd how they say "intruders" plural, and odd how this is not all over the news A DB with over 30 million users and the CC infromation, passwords etc stolen.

Most likely the DB has got good encryption and will take a while to break..but i see trouble ahead.


is that and elf in my soup

It is a little more than just an admin account hacked, we ran a UBB with over 2000 active users , steams UBB is a custom jobbie with a huge user DB and Forums DB beelzebub himself would get brown trousers at maintaning.

It does not take 3 days of down time to sort out a busted admin account, even a full restore to before the time of the hack does not take 3 days of downtime granted the Steam Users forums are a humongous tolkienesque purgatorial shit pit of the hammer Legion v Trolls but the Dark Lord Himself Newel will be cracking the whip at his minions for more than just pizza and doughnuts.

The black gate is closed for now and just goes to show you what one little hobbit can do.

Steve Jobs named most influential game guy – ever


steve jobs! who the fuck is he ?

4chan founder bashes Facebook, Google+ on identity


freud would love this

Are people so scared of their own individuality they can’t express it without hiding behind a shinny shield of 1's and 0's.

Jake is still a very naive young man i would love to hear his definition of experimentation, does that included racism, bigotry, trolling, spamming, hacking and a whole host of other rather infantile ways people try to reach out over the net.

So anonymity is going to help teenagers develop when there is no consequence for their actions brilliant why didn’t someone not think of that already !.

22,000 'freetards' escape Hurt Locker piracy suit


Vitriolic garbage with a plot right out of the uwe boll manual of rubbish, still the director wares a skirt so oscar time.

Maybe some of those freetards just settled out of court to aviod being name as having watched this B moive.

Serial Web2.0 investor pumps Twitter valuation to $8bn


not for profit should be a charity

can anybody sense another bubble is about to burst 26bn for Alibabas IPO and now this, how much does twitter loose per month now .

Murdoch muscles BBC out of Formula One driving seat


direct your anger at the right target

not much point complaining here,


is the best place to complain to such an undemocratic body like BBC

RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s'


Rarely Edited Garbage.

this is a silly story gone wild the Simulators that the PAF use where updated with the typhoon profile (only climb rate, thrust, turn speed and gun characteristics) will trying out the PAF F16 profiles against it they managed to down a few typhoons.

The Typhoon profile was taken straight for Jane's and programmed independantly by PAF avionics techs as a pet project, just like the heathrow simulator that ran XWING.

And i have shot down a blackbird with a Xwing glad you guys did not hear about that the mind boggles at the headline.

Through what seems to be wishpers and extremely poor investigation be some this old story has once again new legs , tomorrow's article will be "man forced to marry goat" exclusive or "60 US. RANGERS killed by talilban in Counter strike soruce shocker".

This story is few years old and a subject of much humour in RAF.


cut and paste reg, fancy hang some wallpaper at my house

Let me clarify this story, 3 PAF pilots while using a SIMULATOR managed to shoot down 3 typhoon on guns only portocol.

End of Story.

What next Al Qaeda beat the U.S Marines (at L4D2).

Comcast 'Tweetgate' apology thrown back in face


Regs is going fleet street ( aye fleet street crica 1899)

Principles make you a prig do they maybe the Reg editorial needs a revamp to put it politely. The reason you can publish articles about what you want and how you like is because people where once prigs who stood up for their principles of free speech.

Refusing the cash was the right option, but here at the Reg it’s seems hard currency matters more maybe you guys should look to see if any lobby groups are looking for an internet mouth piece as you would fit the bill quite nicely .

Another nail in the Reg’s reason not to read coffin, thanks guys

SCHEITERN: Scientologists want to friend schoolkids on Facebook


simply no

sure while we are at why not give the nazi party or al queda a facebook page, i mean why does gorbels not have a profile it is free for all right and the man is entitled to his opinion right?....

See what i did there

Wind power: Even worse than you thought


living near a rather large so called wind farm

Well firstly Wind farms are not exactly green take the large nasty whitelee winfarm in scotland with over 140 turbines built on moors,

1. each turbine takes up 2 acres of land with a big nasty concrete base which destorys 2 acres of peat moor which is rather good at carbon absortion x 140 leaving the windfarm with a huge carbon footprint.

2. from my window i am lucky to see even half of the turbines turning at any one time and even then the ones turning and not turning at full power.

3. the effect of local wildlife like hawks and kestrels plus other non predatory birds has been devastating.

4. also the infrastucture required to take the power to the grid is not the most pretty nor is it cheap.

5. even those in charge of the farm are admitting it will produce only 30% of the estimated total planned for during developement.

And all this in one of britian supposedly windest spots, time to wake up and see windpower lobby for what it is bloated self intrest groups funded by the very businesses tasked with building wind farms, sophistry i tell you thats all it is.

London man gets 5 years for YouTube terror videos

IT Angle

internet v's old media

I find this whole topic odd how would we feel if this was done with old media and passed to the Public Domian, obscene publication ,public disorder, breach of the peace, this whole internet freedom garbage is for the misinformed and deluded.

every forum, social networking site , blog even this old rag the reg is all about the opinions of whoever controls it and what is allowed to be discussed is up to those in charge, why do we feel the internet is some how different ?, you can be convicted of hate crimes, stalking, pedophilla,fraud, libel online or offline.

would this story have had a different taste to it, if the man in question was white and a member of the kkk and propogating racism by unploading images of the executions of people of a certain race of skin colour or any of the other actions the gentlemen in question had taken but in a racist theme rather than religous.

German Foreign Office kills desktop Linux, hugs Windows XP


duck quickly, and tin hat and flak jacket time

shh batcow your going to uspet the linut gimps on here and they will hunt you down like the heretic they will see you as.

I wonder how many of the halfwits on here do more than a helpdesk function at work or work in no related I.T jobs,and god i am bored someone please flame me to keep me awake or post a reply which does not reek of pre pubencent fanboism in a black and white rubber suit.


linuts, mactards and windows lickers

big deal somebody or some group chooses an OS or estate enviroment not to your paraniod tastes..so where is the fire again, yep thats right in your mind.

I mean imagine choosing the best model for a particular situation. I.T madness i tell you

Don’t Look Now hailed top Brit movie


Give me a cup of Ealing any day

the best films are the most popular anything is just personal preference even if it is a tiny group of misanthropic industry insiders, take the vitriolic unrealistic garbage that was the hurt locker was seen by few liked by less yet it got the nod for the best film ?.

The best films are the ones we can all agree on the films that sparked the imagination of the majority, it sad that we only get bombarded by Hollywood as there are some great Asian and European films we miss only to get the hollywood rehashed versions indiviuals like quentin tarantino have made a career out of it.

NY hookers cross street from Craigslist to Facebook


people pay good money for it

what is this story about all i see is blackberry adverts is this phishing site or just a golden shower

Mexican woman gets litigious on Top Gear's ass


we know

they are all comedians/ entertainers personally i dislike both bill hicks and frankie boyle probably for the same reasons you dislike the TG terribad 3, but hey because you like Bill hicks it is fine for him to do a one man show where he hammers mexicans but a 3 minute poke in TG is to much for you?

double standards.

Top Gear is as much a motoring show as I have got news for you is a hard hitting current affairs program it is all comedy sarah even if you don't like it.

Thumb Down


Dear sarah

So why is it that it is ok for russell brand, bill hicks, frankie boyle etc to give a a 40 minute verbal rape aimed at a nation, but if a cupple of middle class white chaps in loafers do it it is racist, they never once refered to colour just a nation and they have said worse about us scots or the french.

But yes I still think they are funny and love the show, you know what you are getting when you tune in so suck it up or turn it off.

The media make me laugh when top gear went to iraq they where not inbeded in a 40 vechile road trip or handing out press releases from men in shiny boots and short hair and they tried to show Iraq as country filled with people not war ...but hey bet you did not write a story about that.

Antique Nimrod subhunters scrapped – THANK GOODNESS!



british engineering is getting a bad name here, it is not the engineering that is at fault just poor choices by the top brass, the sparrow missle = crap , the dart = crap , fibire glass boats and cheap flash protection = dead saliors, the first SA Rifle = make a mistake cleaning it back to factory and jamming bob marley would have been proud off i could go on and on .

Nimrod where sub hunters, which is absolutely pointless now , russia cant afford to keep many subs going and the one that are out there are likley smuggling if the reports are to be believed.

our Navy is shit and outdated the falklands higlighted that as well as our weak airforce which could only must 20 planes on a support ship which is not a carrier, no wonder 2 chinese diplomats turned up at No 10 2 weeks after the falklands with a little message " come 1999 we are taking back hong kong by any means"

my favorite f'up is when they bought the apaches they built custom hangers for them at a huge cost blast proof etc. only to find out with the radar beacon on top they did no fit , so they used the car park beside the base instead and moved the car into the hangars.

we are moving in the right direction kind with the carriers and new aircraft kind of...

Mid-Atlantic Ocean temperatures peaked in 1998

Thumb Up

It is not denial because you question theories based on findings

bad science is bad science, like the email debacle or what was called "climate gate" they used different figures for a small section of data beacuse the last 20yr's of tree ring data does not correctly represent the actual climate data during that peirod.

So if the last 20 yrs of tree ring data does match the climate what does it say about tree ring data that sometimes is does not truly represent the climate, rather than answer the question why the data sets dont match up it is ingnored thus bad science not a conspriacy.

Same here the data confilcts with climate models rather answer it they will ingnore it with rough guesses as to why the results are what they are and thus bad science.

I agree humanity is effecting climate change but so are many other things and until we take all the data into account and don't ignore data that disagrees with a personal thoery , it does matter which side of the fence you sit on bad science is bad science.

Gates, Woz, and the last 2,000 years of computing


late reply

Eh i would beg to differ mr coward, the market has to be taken as a whole and I bet i owned more amiga label units than you did, the aga chipset for instance although head and shoulders above what ibm offered was extremely costly to manufacture and new models like A600 where a step back.

IBM killed off all the other manufactures and nearly even killed apple,I am sorry if Fanboys can't face the fact that Amiga brand was doomed blaming CBM management or tramiel depending on which side of the fence your sitting is pointless both just like amstrad , apple and the rest failed to Understand the Impact IBM PC would have on the market.

The Atari v Commadore again is mute both where to busy wrangling and worring about each other to see they like others had failed to see how the market was developing. the Amiga 1000( most agree was the high point) although years ahead of it's rivals like the A range was extremely costly to manufacture leaving tiny profit margins the busines model was unsound before any court room saga's.


the amiga was dead before commodore ( in fact it killed it ).

piracy was a different game back then and cant be compared tto the current market in anyway the problem was not the usual crowd, everyone ran dicky software even large comopanies I.T was a dark art then and copy protection was ethier nonexsistent or extremely simple.

Companies nowdays still make bad desiscions but have the soft cushion of "funds" , i mean Apple also nearly went to the wall lest you forget and i bet your not going to says jobsie or woz are bad management .

And MS near bluner with dos remember the DOS ENG carry on, but the silly folks at IBM saved bIlls neck. Even when the WWW kicked off MS were sleeping netscape showed that.

and it was 94 we are talking before CBM went under and so did the rest though apple just survived IBM had finished of what piracy had brought to its knees and the sutpid A600 design was at market so it killed itself in a sad way, gamers went console and geeks went PC.


They all walked the plank and not in a quantum way

The amiga , atari st and all it's counter parts amstrad, commadore and even the early apple where all killed by piracy not bad management, our local street market use to have pirate software for sale openly from multipul vendors sometimes months before official release dates and not just games.

Even EMF who used the atari st because of its better midi port admitted to using less than legal music apps, so if even the people who could afford it where not buying the game was a bogey sadly no matter how bad board room decisions where.


Shiver me timber's for a phreak like Woz

Ah Woz I remember ( yes i am old and can remember things before yesterday) when the BBS was shitz and interthingy was just a little sperm and egg and things like fido net where the place to be and a hacker just meant somone who hacked away at the keyboard to make the machine do what you wanted it to do well sometimes anyway.

Woz sold blueboxes back then and not fruit he was also a phreak of the highest caliber and a member of group who shall we say liked eye patches...odd how apple developed though considering Woz's background.

Bet that is not on his C.V.

Shut up, Spock! How Battlestar Galactica beat Trek babble



The first 2 series where good T.V after that it got marred in right wing religous garbage and the ending was rather poor.

pss Ron there is no god

Times celebrates disappearing readers

Paris Hilton

Even Paris can spot a loser this big

And how much does the new shiny advertising campaign cost promoting this new service before they where paid for ads , now they are paying for them plus minus over 20 million users.

if they had charged say £10 per user per year at 22 million x that would have paid the bills, but the £1 a day you have got to be kidding

Power grid scare stories a 'bunch of hooey'


Batteries not included

having a bit of industry knowledge these so called boffins are funny it is not terrroists or disgruntled 4chan nublets we have to worry about, it is capacity the UK power infrastucture is balanced on a knife edge and a surge in demand could do more damage than any outside attack.

Most european power grids are ropey at best each helping the other in times of need it would not take much more than a prolonged nasty winter of more than 3-4 weeks to outpace supply V'rs Demand or sever agreements between member states.

God help us if we lost a whole power station.

Windows to Linux defections to outpace Unix shifts in 2011


Mic put a trench in there mate.

My god a story in the most commented section that is from this century and does not require a time team dig.

@ I mean more linux than unix ...and solaris is such a cheap choice(sarcasm alert)

Stuxnet 'a game changer for malware defence'


cut and paste does not make one right or smart steve.

Lets break it down for the less techie out there steve what is the result of said code change .

Sitting in on a DFID meeting last month as an advisor i bet i know more then you ....and we are learning all the time.


fresh air injection

And prey tell Steve what did the injection do ?....what was the effect of the cause other than a proof of concept.

Speculation is you're game.


come on , show yourself what are you scared of Mr AC

As of now it is in China, India, Pakistan measures where taken in several of the 17 or so infected plants to remove CD and USB infections from the equation yet they where still infected the commonality is the infrastuce used in all plants coming from a certain "soviet design".

Stuxnet is the most complicated piece of malware to date and it is by no means finished, no one yet truly knows how SCADA systems where infected in all plants or if Stuxnet actually trying to re-code anything.

We now know several methods of how it infected other pc's on it's network , but as of yet no one is really sure how the SCADA systems in certain plants got infected.

There the truth they Don't really know ....unless you do ,then prey tell.


It is not the father that scares me , it is the son of........

Wether it be nublets like 4chan or nation states like Israel, Stuxnet was a targeted attack and that is the worrying thing in this whole saga is the ability to target aspects of a nations infrastructure.

The reason behind the "it must have been a nation state is" this attack required forward intel before stuxnet was primed, zero day babies are nothing new and can be bought on the open market or sold on to the very target they are designed to exploit.

Stuxnet was different in that it required a very intimate knowledge of the Iranian infrastructure on various levels not just SCADA systems.

And if you think this was passed on by infected USB sticks then your as gulible as the media who swallowed Iranian state press releases.

Stuxnet looked like a live test for something bigger and that is what has peoples knickers in a twist.. "What's Next"

Can Windows Phone 7 help Microsoft come from behind?


Go on sell it to me then.....waiting for the pitch.......still waiting

It is killer apps MS needs to work on , take apple the Ipod is a locked down player with not the best audio format yet is is the market leader because Itunes/istore is the killer app and the same model has been applied to the Iphone APP Store which every body and the uncle has copied, all the while the Iphone is actually a bit of a shit phone.

So lets not get confused or locked in a Betamax vr's VHS its not about what is actually a better product technically is the applications or software properties which will sell it.

look at the Iphone most people you talk to think it to be the market leader in smartphones and have never heard of Symbian. Blackberry had enterprise level email, the iphone had the app store, what will MS have an OS and how many devices.

Symbian is the daddy at the moment and MS look to be copying that model but I am not sure if that is yesterday game....

Foxconn faces leaked report of worker abuse, violence


hypocrisy international has so many members.

kill a whale or build a new road, plan a new airport and we are all up in arms ...however kill and abuse workers in a factory in china making our gadgets ..how cares as long as i have got my iphone to keep up with greenpeace and amnesty international tweets.

Dont ya just love being connected.

Ubuntu 10.10: date with destiny missed


morons but not from outer space

I suggest you not try to use any flavour of linux..if you have problems with windows that require it to be re-installed.

Computacenter wins bus contract


One way ticket downtown driver please

well now that they're being third party dog's in larger contracts to the likes of cap gemini etc who beat them in the tender process then get them in at reduced rates...they need all the help they can get.

And maybe a free bus pass or two since the CEO's helicopter got sold.

Pentagon out to 'destroy' Wikileaks, founder says


when is a donkey not a donkey when its an ass......

who cares about assange to be honest wikileaks could do without him, but could we do without wikileaks.

I remember watching the leaked vid with 2 chopper pilots on a jolly killing a few journalists then maiming some children and slapping themselfs on back about it. powerfully sickening viewing but it needed to be seen.

If a policeman pull out his gun a shots a civillian he a murderer, if a solider does it seems it is all ok even if it ingnores all the ROE's in theatre.

wikileaks should be exposing as much as possible when ever possible...but early retirement for assange would help



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