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The A in AMD stands for 'Aaaaannnyway...' Q2 is gonna be good, chip biz vows, after dismal Q1


Well plenty of Ryzen chips supposedly reported going into PS5 for next year so possibly a good reason.

Ecuador says 'yes' to Assange 'freedom' deal, but Julian says 'nyet'


Inside for 6 and a half years?

Considering he has been inside the building for 6 and a half years, he is still maintaining a good amount of vitamin D from natural sunlight it seems. Im sure he has been sneaky in and around Harrods next door for dinner. Doesnt seem the type to live on pot noodle, but i could be wrong.

Amazon Alexa outage: Voice-activated devices are down in UK and beyond


My Alexa would not turn off Radio 4 this morning , so just walked out the flat. Feel like me and Alexa have had an arguement now.

Somerset boozer prepares to declare its inn-dependence from UK


In the future.....

Hoping the future fascist UK has places like Steel Harbour, Cider City, LagerTown. I'll be a resident of Ale Cross. Lagertown would be too gassy for me.

Stress, bad workplace cultures are still driving security folk to drink


I work in brewery IT. Its a pita being surrounded by hectalitres of the stuff.

London Mayor's chief digi officer: 'Have faith and give us a chance'


So this guy plays/played WOW. Elon plays KSP. Next we find out Sadiq Khan plays PUBG

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

South Wales cops crow about facial recognition arrests on social media


If its in use by the police now then your local council and the RSPCA probably wont be far behind in using the technology/footage

Half a terabyte in your smartmobe? Yup. That's possible now



I would'nt want to use a microsd card of that capacity in a dashcam.

Had too many 32GB card fails and become write locked due to overuse.

How many Routemaster bus seats would it take to fill Wembley Stadium?


Surely the true count of seats on a mid 20th century Routemaster is located within the film 'On The Buses'

Openreach boss says he'd take a burning effigy on the chin


For those ultra rural areas then, why do they not introduce internet connectivity via WiFi like other small local providers provide

Capita call centre chap wins landmark sex discrimination lawsuit


So much fuss for 3 months /14weeks

TalkTalk full-year profits rise but shares slump after raid on dividends


Re: growth, cash generation and profit

No news is good news as they say

Biggest Kodi sweep: Brit cops nab five, bag some dodgy sticks


Re: This concerns me....

She won but as long as the broadcast has no pre-recorded footage or any Premier League titles etc can she feel safe. My understanding anyway, and i might be wrong.


4G hits 1.9Gbps


Right well thats all well and good but can we get BT to keep a steady 50mbps as promised and not 5mpbs

EE roaming outage hits Brits basking abroad


Signal was patchy in Ibiza this weekend

Hubble spots ice moon orbiting dwarf planet Makemake


Maybe better if said with a scouse accent

TalkTalk admits losing £60m and 101,000 customers after THAT hack


Job oppotunity at UoM

If Dido is given the boot she will need to move fast an update her CV to apply for that gig at the University of Manchester.

Old boys network etc.

Baikonur hosts satellite laser comms node launch


Popcorn time

I'll get my popcorn ready

Watchdog says yes to BT's EE takeover deal. Shrugs. No 'significant' harm in it


Re: Seems that customer service

I'm just glad I've never had to call them since signing up 2 years ago

Free Wi-Fi for the NHS, promises health secretary Jeremy Hunt


Guessing the streaming of BBC iPlayer/Mobdro will be blocked

Your taxes at work: Three hours driving to turn on politician's PC


Re: This one time...

Better to be a jack of all trades rather than a Professor of one

Virgin Media hikes broadband, phone prices by five per cent


The most basic fibre broadband package they do is 50Mb for £31

How about a 20Mb for £20, or even 10Mb for £10

I dont need 200Mb downstream, and certainly dont want a phone line.

(Moving into my new flat this weekend)

TalkTalk to swallow £35m ‘financial impact’ after attack


Dido cannot give a meaningful answer

And they let her sit on one the BoE Court Commitees. Lets hope she doesnt give any meaningful answers to that also.

Trident test-shot startles West Coast Americans


So where did it land or what was left of it? What goes up must come down.

Surely launching the thing out and back into the Pacific would have been better but as said above, China or Russia might have made a phone call.

UK finance sector: IT security testing 'becoming close to mandatory'


Re: This why we cant have nice things

I don't care anymore. I should have stayed in bed this morning.

I apologise and beer o'clock is in 1 hour.

(This comment has been checked for grammer)


This why we cant have nice things

I seem to remember the government making alot of noise in 2014 about the UK not having enough cyber security professionals. Come 2015 and after 2 (maybe 3 if i include BG) massive IT security breaches (TT & CPW) we still playing catchup and we not got enough cyber security professionals.

Well its the British way I assume, we queue, we crap at football and we crap at IT Security generally speaking. Im off to the pub at lunchtime me thinks.

Find me that Capt JL Picard facepalm image.

* I work in IT Support but losing the will to fight a good fight *

TalkTalk attack: Lad, 15, cuffed by UK cyber-cops


History repeating

Any one know if the teen that got arrested and charged back in 2011 for the Lulzsec/Anyonymous hacks now is working for BAE systems/GCHQ or was a fall guy for that.


TalkTalk attack: 'No legal obligation to encrypt customer bank details', says chief


Holy sh*t. They have no legal obligation to encrypt customers data!!

Can see the CEO and CIO losing their jobs and Talk Talk being taken to the cleaners.

Surely the data protection act must have something they can pin on them here about protecting the data they hold about their customers.

NASA deep space scope serves up EPIC Earth snapshots


Look like it was ripped straight from Kerbal Space Program

Lotus F1: 38°C? Sand in your Vblocks? Must be building a data center in Bahrain again

Thumb Up

thumbs up for the IT bod keeping another business running

Apple hypegasm countdown. What will the new, big iPad ACTUALLY be called?


Well timed event

The author might be lucky and the Apple livefeed might end just as Channel 5 news begins. However both events may involve him with his trousers down

Pale backside of lovely Luna flits past in imagery from 1 million miles out


Dark side of the moon

Is now in the light

Online pizza order saves woman and children from knife-wielding kidnapper


DId the police prevent the pizza being delivered before 30minutes? Therefore was the pizza free. Or did the police confiscate the pizza as "Evidence"

Apple Watch HATES tattoos: Inky pink sinks rinky-dink sensor


So no tattooed, sleeved up hipsters with waxed moustaches were in the sample group for testing the Apple Watch?

Amazon listens to MORE of your private stuff


And there was me watching Enemy of the State last night on BBC3

Followed that up with Skyfall obviously for the hacking aspect.

CIOs: What tech will be running your organisation in 2020?


Agree pretty much the same stuff as got now. Everyone will still be driving cars powered by petrol and diesel so why would computing change so much.

iPhone and iPads will still be being used, Apple may have fixed their iOS to actually propertly work with Exchange and those activesync issues may have been ironed out.

A department within my company may have a VR headset or 3 to use to visualise upgrades and refits that we conduct to properties we own.

I think/hope the cost of printing will come down in the future as technology gets better.

Assange's cop chaperones have cost £10 MEEELLION to date


More sightseeing

Gives me another thing to look at in London next week :)

As there is a Cafe Rouge around the corner I wonder if he has a room service deal setup?

EE data network goes TITSUP* after mystery firewall problem


Re: Oh, dear...

Like banks and car insurance companies, all as bad as each other. Especially when you want something from them, ie service/customer care/the product you paid for

Cheer up UK mobile grumblers. It's about to get even pricier


So the cost of porn on my mobile increases ???

Is that the bottom line here?

Professor's BEAGLE lost for 10 years FOUND ON MARS


Watching from afar

I wonder why, when the security services have satellite based cameras that can see what im eating for lunch these days, that cameras have not been deployed to Mars to watch the locals eating habits at Starbucks Mars

El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.


Re: El Reg Redesign - leave your comment here.

Needs a night mode then. A fellow dark room techie

EMC goes full Star Trek, flops out Vblock-based Federation SDDC Edition


If only they could make the software look like this. What every geek wants in its storage solution


Voyager 1 now EIGHTEEN LIGHT HOURS from home


Its sending tweets so should be good till social networking falls over the Human race moves on to another thing

EE buys 58 Phones 4u stores for £2.5m after picking over carcass


Smash and grab

Seems like a smash and grab by EE and Vodafone

15 MEEELLION malware-infested mobiles worldwide – report


My interpretation

Seems a bit of finger in the air and guess work to me, along with some scare stories and buy our products messages

Tim Cook: I'm NOT worried about CRAP iPad sales. It's just a 'speedbump'


Other applications they can be used for

They seem to wedge the door open nicely in my office

Nuts to your poncey hipster coffees, I want a TESLA ELECTRO-CAFE


Re: Builders don't put up with this shit

The Sun - anatomy on page 3. Therefore, could The Sun be refered to as a medical publication?? lolz

Stick a 4K in them: Super high-res TVs are DONE



Naff all on TV anyway

Plucky Rockall podule man back on (proper) dry land



Cumon Google pull your finger out, no Google Map view, satellite view let alone streetview.

I wanna explore, from behind my keyboard!

I will submit my £10 to HFH via his justgiving account tomorrow (payday)

Rockall batters plucky Brit adventurer


Those seagulls will be start to look awfully tempting soon then



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