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NO-SH*T CURE FOR BALDNESS discovered by accident

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Black Helicopters

Viagra hell, give me some hair

If you thought Viagra made money wait till you sell the balance sheets from A-B.

Republican reps push for mandatory gun ownership

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Pop bubble

Sorry but we don’t have a National Police, Fire service or Emergency services. Those services are not listed as Federal government responsibilities. Only the Federal Government can make agreements (treaties) with other countries and that the bases of the Border Patrol/Immigration Service/Coast Guard and other similar Federal Agencies.

Utah to honour Browning M1911 semi-automatic

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no brag just fact

I own 3 Dutch Ovens and 3 1911’s, no brag just fact. And I do not live in UTAH, praise the Lord and pass the charcoal.

New Taser made to take down angry bears, moose

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Taser them till they glow green in the night.

Why did it take so long to figure out a Taser would work on Wild animals. I may be an Alaskan but I grew up in a semi farming area. We used electric fences to contain farm animals and they are used to repel Wild animals. So why would a Taser calibrated for Wild animals not work? During test here in Anchorage Alaska, it was found that the barbs needed to be longer or the Taser needed to be a repeater because the barbs would not always get through the hair to the animals skin. In case you are wondering we have had Black and Brown Bears in our neighborhood, and Moose in our back yard (Garden to you). Our neighborhood butts up to a State Park the size of Scotland.

California's green-leccy price system will stifle plug-in cars

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No Volt for Alaska

Volt no vehicle for Alaska or other places cold (-3.7 F at my house this morning). The battery needs to be cooled or heated to optimum temp for optimum performance. Both functions draw down the range of the Volt. The Volt has a 16 kwt battery and we pay $14 per kwt, you do the math.

Half the oil consumed in California comes from Alaska. About half the electricity used in California comes from places like Arizona Coal and Nuclear plants, they are trying to knock down Hydroelectric Dams because they are “BAD” for fish. Whatever you do don’t ask a Californian where the electricity for their car came from.

New Euro multicopter aims bitchslap at American X2, V-22

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Not much new here

Sept 15 2010. Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.’s X2 TechnologyTM demonstrator today successfully achieved a speed of 250 knots true air speed in level flight at the Sikorsky Development Flight Center.

What I don't under stand is the prop configuration. As an ex-SAR qualified Flight Mechanic/Hoist operator on HH3-Fs, ex-flight engineer on CH-54Bs and ex-crew chief on UH-60s those props scare me to death. There are a lot of situations where the props really can cause severe hazards.

The X-2 keeps getting warmed over, I first saw it on the Sikorsky Plant flight line in 1978. I don’t remember what it was to be testing.