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123-reg HTTPS fail

Kev K

123-reg HTTPS fail

Heads up for those registering any domains with 123-reg (I know I shouldn't but I am lazy)

I got a DATA VALIDATION FAILED email (wrong postcode for client) thought it looked legit and went to : https://www.verify-whois.co.uk/uk/default.aspx?**removed** and got hit in the face with a not secure - looks like they forgot to renew their ssl.

Spoke to one of their techs but I doubt it will get fixed quick

Hundreds of websites go titsup in Prime Hosting disk meltdown

Kev K

Re: > people in IT seem to think they have it all covered

" If you manage to stick around long enough in this flakey industry you see all sorts of weird stuff."

This with huge great bells on it. $hit WILL happen.

Microsoft ejects DVD playback from Windows 8

Kev K

klite codec pack with media player classic runs pretty much anything I throw at it.

I always have an issue with VLC for the same reason as the above poster. The traffic cone icon really makes me (irrationally I know) hate it

Microsoft to bake Windows 8 in three flavours

Kev K

Windows 8 will be the new Windows ME/Vista everyone knows you jump an edition.

Eleven - if you will - rocktastic music movies

Kev K


Purple Rain has to be worth at least a mention

Hundreds of dot-brand domains predicted

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Im in

If I get .right.off

Sex.com goes titsup

Kev K


Since when - you do know this is Teh Reg ???

Police arrest MD of dowsing-rod 'bomb detector' firm

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Wow if your gonna buy this "tech" then I have a clear tap water like substance branded "Snayke Oy-l" that cures everything from teh bad Aids to dandruft for a bargain price of £100k a gallon*

Where would you like me to send the invoice ?

* Minimum order £10 Million

French court says 'oui' on workplace smut

Kev K


You work for me, you use my IT equipment and my bandwidth to download pr0n. Even though I have said you cant, but its okay as it is "personal".

Hmmm. Not in my company sunshine, and you can put that in any language

Critics aim to sink Titanic ice cubes

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I soooo hope mine

will be here in time for my New Years Eve Party

Thanks for the heads up on this El Reg

OpenDNS taunts Google with real-time directory

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OpenDNS for Home and Work

Home for the kids & for many networks I support to lock out spyware/adware/myfacebebospacebook/pr0n at dns level, and I dont care that they are making money out of typo's - means I dont have to pay real money out.

Cant see me ever handing over more data to Google than I have too.

Adware touts $1 bribe to prospective zombies

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Was just thinking the same


The post is required, and must contain letters.

Helpdesk Heroes or unappreciated geeks?

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Neat file structures

Back in Windows 98 days a client had a top of the range PII 4 or 500 from Packard Smell, Compaq or one of the off the shelf Curry's/PC World/Dixons type places & I was forever being called round there to sort out something that had broke.

This time Windows was doing its no bootable media thing & for once it wasn't because there was a floppy in the drive, fired up the box up on a bootable CD and had a poke around - no command.com, autoexec etc - in fact nothing but folders in the root.

Turns out she had been on a course about directory structures and how it was important to keep all your files properly files away and in a logical order, so all the "funny files" in the root had been filed neatly away in a folder called "Misc".

Bless her.

Virgin Media network goes down down south

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Been getting calls all morning about this, NTL Biz pop servers seem to be down round here - I dont use their mail servers but do use openDNS so havent noticed any issues.

My 50 mb at home seems fine (again opendns and own mail servers) - as a rule I dont have any issues with VM or the NTL Biz service much - I mean MUCH better reliability than BT in these parts.

Abigail's Windows 7 Party

Kev K

More please

that is all

Boxer sets lawyers on Facebook

Kev K


"Lupton Fawcett is hoping to act for other sports stars and celebrities with similar concerns over content on social networking sites,"

You mean Lupton Fawcett is hoping to act for other sports stars and celebrities and facerape facefook while making a "small %" and a name for himself

Blazing laptop of death claims one

Kev K

RE:Re: Ye olde chip pan fire

Need a popcorn icon.

Totaly agree with you but you mentioned "The Peoples Princess" in a way that was not showering her with light and sweetness - I shall now sit back and watch you get roasted by Daily Express Readers, who will no doubt send you to Hull with a one way ticket.

Tesla Model S poses for cameras

Kev K

I call shenanigans

on the photos - especialy the last one on page one by the rear wheel

Photoshop to make it look faster ?

is pretty though

MS Zero-day security bug was two years in the making

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only 2 years ?

*nix last one was 8 years :P

Cops taser naked doorbell-ringing giant

Kev K

Must be friday

Yep - and nearly Beer oclock too

Microhoo deal has a Google escape clause

Kev K

RIght thats it

El Reg in FF with adblock from now on - The last (cisco?) advert that obscured half the text pissed me off and I complained - now this HP one does it again.

Why do you do this ?? why dont you screen your adds ?

Your an add supported site and you piss off your readers with add's that obscure the text.

I refuse to see your adverts any more.

Blade Runner tops sci-fi movie poll

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E fracking T ??

this choice alone invalidates the entire survey


El Reg to launch space paper plane

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Can the "number" on the tail bit / serial number be 0DF0

Im happy donate to any fund to make this happen.

You can call it whatever you want as long as this apears on it somewhere visible

Smut page ransomware Trojan ransacks browsers

Kev K

jumping on the Cisco ad bandwagon

I always make the effort to view El Reg in IE and have even clicked on a few adds that did interest me but that Cisco is getting right on my manboobs now.

IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?

Kev K
Gates Halo

PLEASE Microsoft

Just don't include opera as one of the options of installable browsers

A: It would amuse the hell out of me personally.

B: I wont have to support that buggy pile of shit.

C: It will stop every other half arsed "look at me" (I'm looking at you Real Player - you will be forever blocked at all my firewalls) POS software demanding to be included in the next release of Windows or else it wont "be fair"

Apple must be crapping themselves - cos as their market share grows - they are going to be the next victims of this type of blackmail - cos if M$ cave to it then surely Apple will have too as well

Microsoft signs off on Windows 7

Kev K


I shall be using my technet account and be installing it on a couple of machines - been waiting for this and am quite looking forward to seeing what all the fuss has been about :)

Tasered Oz man bursts into flames

Kev K

petrol sniffing

Is the same as glue sniffing (was popular round here with the chavs in the 90's)

Having seen "youfs" high and/or glue and petrol I would have done the same as the plod and tazered the crap out of him to if he was violent - trust me it is a deeply unpleasant experience to me confronted by some violent, wild eyed, mouth frothing, smelly tosser high on that stuff

Apparently (from mates anecdotal evidence) being high on petrol/glue induces vivid hallucinations and gives the sniffer extra strength - all in all not very nice (and you realy do stink afterwards - there were a few that came in the local pub after a "session" - they were banned after the 2nd time as a health hazzard)

NZ council to scrub Muff Road

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@ dawildcat

HAHAHA - thanks for that - 10 euros and I am a lifetime member of the muff diving club


You sir are a god send - thats birthday pressies for several of my mates sorted

Japanese nuke lab erects 200 teraflop super

Kev K
Black Helicopters

But does it run

[whatever is the new version of crysis]

Unpatched Firefox flaw lets fox into henhouse

Kev K


Or instead of bitching about which is the bestest way of reading the news/facebook you could do what many IT aware folks do - random surfing in FF with adblock/noscript & "trusted" sites like your Bank/Intranet in IE (ALT tab - not hard is it to switch between browsers?), run a (free) OpenDNS account with phishing/malware sites blocked at dns level. A decent antivirus (Avast (free) is my personal choice for home & Trend Worry Free (Small/Medium biz/SOHO) for the office) & if you MUST look for warez/torrents/cracks/keygens/pr0n/stuff™ either use a limited account, a sandbox or a virtual machine (don't M$ offer theirs free now ??)

ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE to spend an hour or so setting yourself a secure system up, you have no-one to blame but yourself if you cant be ar$ed to keep your system reasonably secure.

FFS your reading a IT site with loads of free info handed out not only in the articles - but also in the comments, half a dozen clicks on Google will sort you out.

Back to the article - Ohh another browser with issues - bet your glad you weren't singing the praises of FF in the "IE's knackered" story earlier .... Oh.... Opps, isn't there a saying about pride goes before sticking your foot in your gob or something ??

Browser wars are the same as OS wars use the tools your given and don't click on the "lolz - I saw you doing something stupid in a place you've never been - while you were tucked up in bed with a glass of milk" or the "you have won something" or famous chick with her airbags out" & you know a random stranger is not going to email you a fortune/love letter - you know its a scam & if you click on it your just a retarded moron


Deep breath & Calm


I have been dealing with multiple idiots all day who "know about computers"

Grenade as morons should be made to eat one once in their life

Google Oompa-Loompas dream of virus-free OS

Kev K

Enough already

Google is going to release an OS which may or may not be better than another OS.

We get it.

Orange calls up LG watchphone

Kev K

Hello Orange

I am so moving my personal phone to orange to have one of these.

Want this now

I have been looking for a new toy for ages


Hackintosh maker rises from the dead

Kev K

OSX on VM ??

Just out of curiosity (and being too lazy - errr busy to look it up) Does OSX run in any virtual environment ?

Guess someone here must have tried it

Disney punts hetero luuurv to wide-eyed kiddies

Kev K


Can I be part of the next study that examines blockbuster "Action" films and concludes that men are more violent than women in films (I think "THOSE" kind of films are ballbusters)

Paid to watch films and then report on the blindingly obvious - sign me up

Badgers - because I've not had chance to use it yet - and this is all a bit interwebs 2.0

Designer pitches flat-pack power plug

Kev K

Sign me up for a box load

Thas a way cool idea

Beer - cos I would buy her (?) a beer for such a cool idea.

Someone needs to bring this to market before i fly to Germany next weekend.

(btw dont get the foster parents are dead icon - some film thing ??)

PayPal UK titsup

Kev K

was okay 12:15 last night

when I got a couple of domains from 123 reg & then hit the lazy button cos I couldnt be arsed to get my card out

Nine-ball attack splits security researchers

Kev K

Sod the beer icon

wheres the popcorn one ??

(and wtf is THIS icon for?)

Hydrogen-powered two-seater car unveiled

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@Lionel Baden

You sir, owe me a new keyboard.

Logitech will be fine by return of post please

Oh and a boot would be nice on the car too

Opera to take web back to the old days

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Not on any of my networks


I shall just blacklist all opera sites in my firewalls

Maybe Im stupid but I fail to see how that will make any BOFHs life anything but a nightmare

though I can see the peados rubbing their hands

Fail on so many levels

Webhost hack wipes out data for 100,000 sites

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Christ on a bike

That's not nice.

Even if the service is unmanaged do they not run backups as standard incase of hardware failure ?? I would be a bit miffed if I was a customer there.

I run a vps (cpanel) for some smaller clients & testing think I'm going to check my backups (2nd raid disk) and pull a set down to my local servers "just in case"

There really are some evil people with no fathers out there who probably also have carnal relationships on the maternal side

Fasthosts' email fails

Kev K
Black Helicopters

I bet I am not the first to say

Ohh thats a supprise (not)

Oh sorry this El Reg

I mean FAIL

Plague of web bugs descend on British sites

Kev K
Paris Hilton

might be a dumb question

but don't they teach you to sanitize your data on pretty much day one of the "how to write web applications" class ?

What little I know says that's the first thing you check for (and I'm self taught)

And for every web app I've had written for clients gets sent off for pen tested by a very nice company I know for a "proper" go at breaking it

Seems the bright thing to do <shrugz> though like I said Im self taught but like keeping my customers so what do I know ?

Ohh and PLEASE dont post that XKCD cartoon again - we have all see in about 30 times now and get the joke


Paris as she knows the trouble a decent penetration can cause ;)

Boffins: Ordinary lightbulbs can be made efficient, cheaply

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Me too

I hate the nasty feeble light from these energy saving jobbies - PLEASE Mr. Mad Scientist ahead at warp factor 11 with getting this to market (and I hope you make at least a squillion bucks/pounds/euros whatevers worth anything at the moment)

Cloud power harnessed to dump unwanted Mac apps

Kev K
Jobs Horns


Next week - some other crap how do something equally shyte with a shyte OS

Thanks - for nowt

I shall now return to scanning the site that may have some relevance to my life in the world of IT

UK2 brings support back to Blighty, culls execs

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UK2 = Fail

I would actually rather use fasthosts or 1&1 to look after my servers

& I would also rather nail my testicals to a wall than use either of them for anything

Dutch cat skinner publishes critics' personal details

Kev K
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Hahahahaha "Ohh I am protected by my monitor sitting in my trailer dissing anyone I want

this has made my morning"

While I may not be a fan of this kind of "art" there is never a need to spout hate at someone thinking your safe from comebacks.

Or at least use a fake webmail account/proxy/made up name *cough* or so I understand ;)

Wolfram Alpha - a new kind of Fail

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I love this column

Always makes me smile even if I dont always agree with Ted

More of this please :D

Debbie Gibson battles Mega Shark and Giant Octopus

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WOW. I am booking tickets

for that today :)

Kanye West doesn't have a f***ing Twitter, OK?

Kev K

Have seen the SouthPark epp

And other than the fact he is a rapper still have no idea who he is & have no interest in who he is as modern rap music all sounds shite to me

//feel like my Dad ranting about punk blog

Carphone Warehouse buys Tiscali UK

Kev K
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LOL @ Jamie Jones Post

the thread http://www.talktalkmembers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16829

is absolute class - I shall watch this thread with interest and look forward to Stephen Grays input and fixing

//hugs VM 20 mb faultless pipe