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Microsoft wades into interwebulator chat about Hotmail


They don't exactly react to input, do they?

“We haven't implemented IMAP since based on the user feedback and usage data, there isn't a large enough need when you look at the other protocols we provide. For mobile – we believe ActiveSync is the best story."

Well that says it all, doesn't it. I use Gmail because it does IMAP. I'd use any stable, robust service that did IMAP, if I could expect it 'd be around to a while. It's what I use, it's what I know works, it's what I want. Hotmail is obviously not interested in my custom. <shrug>

Motorola Backflip Android smartphone


Android 1.5 ...

Not only is Motorola not updating the Backflip, they are claiming that Android 1.5 gives it the "best combined hardware and software experience". So, take them by their word, and accept that this is an outdated device that is lacking the innovations of the last two years, and is immune to future innovations. This is the best Motorola can do?

Microsoft adopts invisible mobile pitch

IT Angle

That's it?

So they've definitely decided to go with this, and not with the one thing they're actually good at, which is more or less tightly integrated business solutions? Well, I'm sure they thought it through very thoroughly aforehand, and it'll all be a roaring success just the way they wanted it.


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