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Recession ending for Western Digital



They bought the company and the name. They stopped using the Maxtor drives aaaages ago. Buy Maxtor, you will get a Seagate drive.

Seagate forced to think about the next small big thing

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plenty of what ifs

Sounds like WD put a tasty press release out there in response to Seagate's published results, I bet Seagate already have the right answer in their back pocket!

WD unfurls 1TB Scorpio



Unlikely. They will 'waterfall' platters. Those that make the grade in terms of available sectors will be in the 1TB, those that don't will probably be used in the 750GB.

DataSlide reinvents hard drive

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Bravo that man, a very interesting counterpoint and one which doesn't nay say, rather it puts the tech in its relevant light.



100 year lifespan? Id like to meet the maker of that gem of marketing BS.

Can Western Digital drives vary their spin speeds?


@Robert Sneddon

Rob, you were right on the money until you talked about SSD taking over rotating media. They will both exist in parallel for many many years. The price performance per GB and reliability will keep spinning media around (yes you are right I said reliability!).

The big money will be in pulling these storage techs together with the controllers and everything else up the storage chain.

Seagate slashes more jobs



Drives dont care about unix or msoft. Get over it.

Seagate's Barracuda goes low-power


@raymond cranfill

If both drives failed at the same time in your Maxtor box why didn't Maxtor replace the box? Did you invalidate the warranty by pulling the box apart? Just wondered. I must say it is very weird that both drives failed at the same time, what are the odds on that?



All component manufactures are being pushed to eco friendly tech such as RoHS, RoHS2, REACH, and whatever else the powers that be deem to limit. So its a case of having to do it. Also, reliability is gained by running cooler which means less power, so the green message should also be a reliability message. I would expect the AFR specs for these drives to be better than the 7200rpm previous generation.

There you go, sometimes you can have your cake and eat it :)

Russian schoolgirl invents inertioid-driven Venus rover


wot no daily mail hoodies?

I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside ...

eSATA: A doomed stopgap?


eSATA at sata3 versus usb3

I disagree, eSATA is becoming more popular. Storage is prevalent in many areas (admittedly less than USB) and eSATA is the native interface - it talks directly with the controller, making it easier to develop for. USB3 is still a long way from being switched on to mass market penetration - eSATA is here and now. IMO USB is for memory sticks, printers, other peripherals and devices. eSATA is for storage because of the direct connection and ease of use for SATA protocols.

When USB3 is up and running, so will SATA3, which is better, faster and with less overheads?


Sony Walkman NWZ-E436F music and video player


@Chris C

HDD based mobile players use the drive very little unless you are changing tracks manually and often (but then its in the hand and not being 'banged about'). The speed of HDD reads means you can read a lot of music and play it from cache. Thus the drive is bursting data and spinning down - making hdd work in handheld devices was a done deal before the ipod, the reason you don't see many anymore is due to solid state price decreases.

If people cared about music and stopped compressing the hell out of everything, hdd players would still be around.

Samsung turns hostile on SanDisk


USA USA USA (repeat to fade)

The US government may have some input to the eventual ownership of this big storage company - my money would be on Seagate, if only the US gov would back their companies in the same way Korea backs theirs!

Seagate CEO cops to sloppy floppy in Q4



I trust it was Seagate that you dealt with direct and not a distributor?

If you experience poor support direct from Seagate I suggest you are in the minority, they do have a very good reputation. Of course YMMV, and you gotta go with gut instinct sometimes.

Paris Hilton

Emotional responses

hard drives always elicit an emotional response - you typically lose the data and that makes you angry. So angry you NEVER buy Seag/WD/Sam/Hit/Tosh (delete where applicable) again.

If you bought a Zanussi (or whatever company) washing machine and it died after 4 years, you wouldnt be as angry that you vehemently would never buy a Zanussi product again.

Fact of life 1 : EVERYTHING fails....eventually.

Fact of life 2 : HDD failures occur because either a) Product quality issues (of which ALL HDD companies have at some time or other - they are highly complex elec/mech devices). b) ESD c) Handling d) EOS e) Act of god.

Fact of life 3 : Contingency plans for all of the above should be practiced.

Paris - Because she elicits a physical response ;^)

Seagate lawsuit targets solid-state drive maker


@Ed Gould

By storage, I mean hard drives. If you have 5 corps that know more than Seagate on drives, please list.


@me >> prev post should read @Doug

Seagate knows storage better than anyone, so putting their IP around a SSD surely makes perfect sense?

Anyways, I wonder who has the capacity to manufacture SDD in enough qty to accelerate the price erosion within a time frame that enables the capacity to continue encroaching upon hdd? Don't forget, hdd capacity growth continues too!


@tony smith

Did the typewriter guys have a patent on the qwerty layout? Maybe the fact that hitting a key no longer had a mechanical link to putting ink onto the paper? No matter.

The techniques in storage however have been patented, some of these are not related to the fact that one solution has spinning platters and one is solid state. Seagate spend more $$$ R&D $$$ than most in storage, if the new kids on the block want a piece of the cake, they need to ask the cake maker nicely:)

Seagate posts good-ish quarter, fuels Wall Street jitters

Black Helicopters


Not another conspiracy theorist? You lot must like back doors.

Its a shame that a consistently well performing company gets smacked by a nervous economy. What has a company got to do?

Micron takes on solid state drives


@ Richard Scratcher

'form factor' term was coined by a historic industry trend for sizes based based around platter diameters, and now governed by a committee of industry members called the small form factor committee.

Turkey probes The God Delusion for 'insulting religion'


@Vladimir Plouzhnikov

Sorry Vlad, the books are far more insoghtful than his 'dumbed down' TV work. In this case you really should read his book before denouncing him. You never know, you may still feel the same way after you've read it......but I dont think you will.

Are you ready to accept that your beliefs may be wrong?

Didnt think so, and the same goes for any religous person.


The book

Whilst I did enjoy the book and agreed with it in the most part - I didnt like the antagonistic approach in many parts. I feel he over used the 'negative sarcastic aspect ' of debunking religious myths. Apart from that an excellent read.


the lunatics are in the asylum

Does morality come from religion? For me the answer is no (hell no!)...for many religious people, the answer is yes. This is a problem, you do not need 'god' to know right from wrong, and you certainly shouldn't base a countries laws on such absurd concepts - unfortunately many countries do and you end up with religious lunatics running the asylum.

Prince and fan sites could unite



Did you read the reviews of his shows at the O2? He is no has been, and remains a musical genius, and a good businessman.

People are quick to have a pop at Prince - they forget he gives FREE music, and was likely the catalyst for many other bands to do the same.

Would you like it if some website posted rude parodies of you or your family? Or someone made money using images of you? Thought not.

Vodafone responds to iPhone rip-off



You guys must have a fotografic memory!

Phlippin eck, wheres my coat and pheather hat?

Man who urinated on dying woman for YouTube glory jailed



It never ceases to amaze me just how low some scumbags stoop. I bet he laughs at the publicity. Even worse are the cowards that stood and watched.

Yet another reason why I want to leave this country. Trouble is, its never greener on the other side:(

Hugo Chavez rails against teen Bulgarian airbags


Chavez a dictator???

Isnt he dedicated democratic socialist?

Many Venez' ppl see him as the saviour of the country. He is no idiot.


Chavez a dictator???

Isnt he dedicated democratic socialist?

Many Venez' ppl see him as the saviour of the country. He is no idiot.


As a funbag man myself....

Yup, 15 is too young. Chavez hits the nail on the head with this one. Maybe they should ban US TV? I'm assuming the nation is glued to reruns of baywatch?

Apple GPS System rumoured to debut in Mercedes cars



iFail or iAmBullshit

Killer Wi-Fi panics London's chattering classes


Hearing routers etc

Any high pitched whine is probably from capacitors or voltage regulators - Ive heard them myself when debugging PCs.


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