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In-flight fight for stubborn iPhone-loving teen

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I wonder if anyone has actually put 400 mobile phones in a modern airliner and measured their effect on the avionic systems.

Maybe you should turn off your MP3 player for your own safety. If the crew announce that the plane has a problem I'd like to hear the announcement rather than blotting out the world with a mixture of loud music and Angry Birds.

Ten... sub-£50 budget MP3 players

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Argos Feedback

The comment about Argos is right. I bought an item that was broken. Argos refunded my money immediately but when I wrote about the whole thing (actually praising Argos's customer relations) they wouldn't post the comment. So don't expect even handed comment there.

PS Agree about the Sansa Clip +. Very nice player but get some better earphones.

Cloud Engines Pogoplug Pro DIY cloud box

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Solution looking for a problem.

Why have a Pogoplug running all the time when my domain hosting company gives me 1GByte of online storage? That's a lot of holiday snaps.

@Alistair Stewart

It's possible to mark a folder as shareable and obtain a link that can be used by anyone even without a mypogoplug account.

Nutter repairmen scale 1,768ft TV mast

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I used to do things like that in my youth

In the UK masts only go up to about 1200 feet.

There are two groups of people dafter than antenna engineers. Painters (transmission masts are painted every five years) and stay greasers. The latter are winched up and down the mast stay wires and apply grease to them.