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HP won't ship PCs with Windows 10 preinstalled until mid-August

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Given that Microsoft spent $2 Billion on helping Dell go private again I'm surprised at the lack of a Dell 'built for Windows 10' PC launch.

Dell themselves could do will the boost and having a platform built to make the most of the OS would have made sense for Microsoft I'd have thought.

The free OS update approach is odd from a company who makes money from software. It always made sense for Apple for who shifting hardware was their goal but for Microsoft it seems to be a desperate attempt to restore credibility which may work if Windows 10 is good but ultimately puts them in a difficult position because doing this sets a precedent and users are going to expect future updates to be free too.

I can only imagine this is to keep users on Windows so that they can continue to sell Office 365 subscriptions.

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Re: Omnishambles coming...

Most users? Interesting. Can you link to the survey that shows this?

Ransomware crims drop Bitcoin faster than Google axes services

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Small companies

A lot of SMBs and the crappy MSPs that do their IT wouldn't know a good backup methodology if it bit them square on the arse. They are the bread and butter to these criminals.

Microsoft to offer special Surface 3 for schools

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Back in my day...

...you were lucky if you got to the single Acorn rather than the BBC Micro machines in the class. These young whippersnappers have no idea how good they have it! #SeriouslyOldMan

Apple: We could expose our WHOPPING 12 INCH iPad - but it's not real

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So that's the level of innovation is it?

A bigger screen? It's like the MHz wars of the 90's all over again.

Also are Apple really going to copy the Surface3? Because that's just dominating the market...

STOP! Pebble Time: New color watch clocks up $5m on Kickstarter

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It looks impressive

But how essential is it? I mean I can't imagine living without my smartphone but I'm finding it hard to believe that this device or the Apple Watch for that matter, trancends the category of 'niche non-essential gadget'.

How do people here feel about the previous version or alternatives like the Moto360?

LinkedIn values your privacy at ONE WHOLE LOUSY DOLLAR

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Once again

This shows how little some companies think of the people who's data makes up the meat of their business. If they had been robbed of access to actual physical items the furior would have been greater but because it was 'just' data there appears to be less concern about the seriousness of the breach.

Wake up! BlackBerry QUIETLY updates BB10

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Re: There are still Blackberry users?

You too sir. I have a distaste for the Blackberry but I am not against others using it, just surprised people do given it's lack of stand out features.

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Re: @ The Funkey (can't spell) Gibbon: There are still Blackberry users?

I'm well aware that my handle isn't spelt correctly. Have you also sent an email to Flckr and Netflix to point out their egregious spellings or have you worked out that in the Internet age sometime accurate spelling is sometimes sacrificed for uniqueness?

I wasn't actually berating people for their choice in device, just surprised given how Blackberry have been sabotaging their own brand and producing uninsipiering products for a while now that anybody was interested enough in them to part with actual money for them. QNX licensing aside they aren't exactly providing much competition to the other players in the market, something the stats bear out.

But don't let that get in the way of a bit of self-righteousness, eh?

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There are still Blackberry users?

Really? Wow.

What's the hot domain dot-news? Er, it's .news

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Oh goodie

So many new domains to buy to protect your brand and with so many of them being relevant too! I look forward to being able to type Apple.news or Apple.ninja and have it redirect to Apple.com.

This launch really is creating a wonderful new future for the Internet where lots of individuals can have meaningless domains with 'Under Construction' banners on them, just like the mid 90's.

Sony's super-frumpy SmartEyeglass goggles are $840 Google Glasses

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That video made wearables look about as cool as herpes...

SCREW YOU, BRITS: We're going through with UK independence ANYWAY – Scotland

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It's all a bit meaningless

After all Tuvalu have more country specific domains out there than a huge number of other countries. It doesn't mean anything about them as a country.

So what if .Scot is in use, ultimately it makes no difference.

A cookie with a 7,984-year lifespan. Blimey, Roy Batty only got 4!

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All this talk of cookies...

...has made me hungry.

Ugly, incomplete, buggy: Windows 10 faces a sprint to the finish

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Re: Oh No!

Wins how? Windows will still be the de facto standard for business.

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Re: looking for apps

Always somebody from the Linux crowed around to suggest that they did something first\quickest\best.

Of course even if it's true they totally miss that because nobody in the Linux sphere can agree on anything (Apple = Desktop, MS = 1 Desktop, Linux = 8+ desktops) and so they remain at the fringes of the mainstream. My 6 year old son has used iOS. Will I ask him to try KDE\Gnome\Unity\Xfce\MATE\Cinnamon\Xmonad? No. Is he missing out on 'superior performance and features'? Maybe but then again maybe it doesn't matter if those features are hooked into such a niche OS.

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Microsoft shoot themselves in the foot...

Microsoft shoot themselves in the foot by insisting it is possible to have a universal OS for desktop and touch. Has there been a better time for Linux to capitalise on the weakness of Microsoft's offering? No. Will there be a swing towards Linux? No. Why? Because no corporation with significant funds stands to gain from Linux. This is why it will ALWAYS be the fringe OS and Microsoft can move from blunder (ME) to blunder (Vista) to potential blunder (10?) without any serious challenge to it's position in the desktop market. Apple are happy with their elitist niche they've carved out, who else wants to be in the OS market? Nobody. The potential of the hardware we have is shackled to the imagination of Microsoft's engineers and marketing teams. It took the emergence of iOS and Android to show that Microsoft needn't be the only game in town, that there could be innovation in the OS market, now what is needed is somebody to challenge them in new markets but to take them on in their own back yard. It won't happen any more than Linux can get a coherent act together either but I can dream...

Ordnance Survey intern plonks houses, trees, rivers and roads on GB Minecraft map

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It's fun.

Icahn trousered $700m from Netflix stock sale?! Er, it would appear so

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Rich man makes money...

Woo yeah. *yawn*

Microsoft plugs Xbox One consoles into its cloud - what could go wrong?

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Re: Super Computer?

Run SETI@HOME while shooting aliens on-line for an irony achievement?

Send dosh (insecurely) via email, Jack Dorsey's Square tells punters

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You're kidding, right?

This is either too early or too late for a April Fools.

Cannabis can CURE CANCER - cheaply and without getting you high

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Maybe, just maybe, this explains Keith Richards longevity. Then again...

Assange: 'Ecuadorian embassy staff are like my family'

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Re: Deluded

Speaking of deluded...

"that would not be even a punishable or fine-able offence in the rest of the civilized world."

You don't get to select the rules you live by, the countries In large parts of Africa homosexuality is illegal. This is a morally repugnant and regressive set of laws that would not be even a punishable or fine-able offence in the rest of the civilized world. But if you go to Cameroon and have sex with your same sex partner and are caught, then you don't have much right to complain, that's the law. It might not be morally defensible in the eyes of most people but if that's the rules they have chosen to set you have to respect them.

Assange has to accept he has committed a crime in the country where the act took place. Unless he thinks he is above the law...?

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"I assume the Swedish case will disappear of its own accord in due course,"

Sure, because two women who accused you of rape will just wake up one morning and think "I'd quite like to be arrested for making a false accusation and spend the rest of my life vilified by other women for making up a claim that I'd been raped thus causing doubt for the next person who comes forward."

No Julian, this isn't going to disappear, you are just kidding yourself. Face it you are either going to have to live in that embassy for another 30+ years or you're going to have to be a man and fight your way out of this situation.

PLEASE let us build Fruit Loop Central, Apple begs Cupertino City

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Black Helicopters

Is it me or...?

Is it looking like the top of a massive Mac Pro? Could they be building the biggest super computer ever?!?


Oz bookshop to deliver by drone

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Re: cool.

Exactly. There is a website the once started by delivering books and branched out a bit and they've done ok. What were they called? Oh yeah, Amazon. :-)

Control panel backdoor found in D-Link home routers

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"Welcome to my world, insect."

Murdoch calls for world+dog to 'expose' Google

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It's not as if anybody in Murdoch's empire has ever cynically deleted voicemails on a phone of a dead girl thus making her parents think she is alive, is it? After all that would be really evil, no?

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Re: I don't want him to do a Maxwell

Andy Coulson is going to get John Culshaw to impersonate him and do his time under then name Mr Coulshore? The devious bugger!

Assange: 'I'm fond of your work, Cumberbatch, but let's leave it at that'

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Re: It's a movie

Not the ultimate truth, no .That would be impossible. What I think it will do is bring up the subject of Assange's ego which is uncomfortable for him and is at least a facet of the truth that I think his is 'uncomfortable' with.

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ASSANGE: 'I'm fond of the truth but only when it's the truth I approve of."

Regardless of what WikiLeaks did or did not do Assange has a very different stance on truth when it comes to himself. Strangely he quite likes to control what is or isn't seen as true about him and seems to value privacy.

Facebook RIPS away your veil of privacy, declares NO MORE HIDING

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Would I miss it?

I wonder how much I'd miss Facebook if I closed my account. I get the feeling it wouldn't be much. What frustrates me is that there are pictures of me with the ex-wife out there that other people have taken and I'd quite like to see gone but I can't ask them to get rid of them because it'd look bitter and petty. So even if I leave it's too little too late for at least some of my data. :-(

NHS tears out its Oracle Spine in favour of open source

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Can anybody explain to me...

Why Open Source is automatically fêted as the best solution with little or no opposition? Surely there are as many terrible Open Source projects as there are great ones? I'm not saying there *are* or that FOSS\GNU\GPL\whatever is bad just that I'm surprised how many people seem to assume that it's the right choice because 'Oracle = Bad and FOSS = Good' without seeming to question if this is truly the case.

Brew me up, bro: 11-year-old plans to make BEER IN SPACE

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Re: Interesting

My God, Richard Garriott de Cayeux! I wondered what he'd been doing since he gave up trying to replace WoW...

Instagram: You'll LOVE our 'enjoyable' new feature. Yes, it's adverts

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Whatever happened to...

Having a business model that worked and then building a rep on it rather than having it the other way around?!?

Samsung: Sod off Apple, we've made gold mobile phones for way longer than you

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Samsung vs Apple!

It's like Coke vs Pepsi but with 100% less Michael Jackson (sadly).

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Re: Not unlike real gold

Mechanical property advantages, no. But there are certainly advantages to using it such as it being a highly efficient conductor and the fact that it doesn't suffer from corrosion.

Well that and showing the owner of a gold phone as somebody with immensely poor taste...

Full Steam Ahead: Valve unwraps plans for gaming hardware

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Linux based AND upgradable?

What, Steam are going to write a driver for every bit of hardware on the market? No? Then it's doomed. There isn't a disto available that 'just works' (dons flameproof suit) and all that will happen is that users will install SteamOS on their Franken-PC and then find that there isn't a SteamOS or Linux driver for their specific hardware and that's game over.

It's Moblin\Maemo all over again...

Fanbois shun 'crappy plastic' iPhone 5C

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It never ceases to amaze me

I never understand why people want to be 'first' with these things.

[OldMan] Back in my day we called 'em early adopters and they worked out the bugs for the rest of us, hehe![/OldMan]

You thought NFC tags were Not For Consumers? Well, they're in Maplin's

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I don't suppose...

NFC could be used to set phones to turn off, say in a Cinema or Theater?

New iPhones: C certainly DOESN'T stand for 'Cheap'

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Neither of these make me want them and that's a problem for Apple as their business is driven by desirability.

It's the software, stupid: Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch bags big apps

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Other than pretending to be Dick Tracy...

... I am not seeing much use for this. It'll be gathering dust in the cupboard next to the pager, Flip video camera, Apple Newton and Zip Disks before too long.

Microsoft buys Nokia's mobile business

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I love how everybody seems to think that this is one big conspiracy rather than a company that made a number of miss-steps despite once being a leader in the market being eaten by a partner.

Nokia are just Palm all over again, it's not like this story is without precedent.

Choppers coming to take away the nutters (hopefully).

Myst: 20 years of point-and-click adventuring

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Myst was the game Michael Bay would have made...

Full of the best effects achievable but utterly devoid of any content of any note. Lucas Arts games didn't look this good but they were far more entertaining.

'World's worst director' plans Snowden-inspired movie comedy

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"Children getting shot? that's comedy gold!"

*Shakes head sadly* Oh dear.

Microsoft takes second run at platform cloud

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Re: I'd prefer the term 'Faffing'

"VMWare are likely to end up as a niche player"

Care to put money on that? I don't disagree that there is a fight in the marketplace but unless you can see the future, I think you're prediction of marginalisation of VMWare seems a little premature.

Hey, Bill Gates! We've found 14 IT HOTSHOTS to be the next Steve Ballmer

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This is the perfect time to split up

Microsoft should consider having separate companies that focus on their own strategies. Trying to make everything have one interface (Surface, Windows, Phone and Xbox) has looked forced and unwieldy. The best thing they could do is separate certain arms of the company (Phone, Windows, Xbox) and get the appropriate leader for each.

Nintendo is FLATLY UNHINGED: New 2DS is a handful of game

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It also won't fit in a pocket. The mis-matched screens are more prominent now and the whole thing looks like somebody at Fisher-Price threw away an idea and 'Ninty' (hateful word) dusted it off.

I hope this crashes and burns and Nintendo actually start to try again....

Bit9 hacked after it forgot to install ITS OWN security product

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Oh bravo!


Montana TV warns of ZOMBIE ATTACK in epic prank hack

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And then I thought, 'Wait. What if?'”

Yeah, what if?!? Imagine if THE LAWS OF PHYSICS WERE BROKEN! Dumb ass! :-D