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Microsoft: Don't overclock Windows 8 unless you like our new BSOD


I see a problem with the analysis

The Windows computer that tend to run longest without reboot are in large corporates tending to do one task. Corporate machines tend to be from top manufacturers.

I content that the low BSOD on the above machines is related to how they are used, single task, no games, no stress on the machine, no stress on the OS.

Most white box, overclocked machines tend to be used by home owners and game players. These machines run any number of tasks, some of these tasks (like some games) are like an entire additional OS overlaying the Windows OS.

This stresses the hardware and the OS, hence the more frequent BSOD.

BT Vision beats rivals to honour of being worst UK Pay-TV


BT pointed out

"BT pointed out to The Register that its telly service is dependent on the quality of customers' Freeview reception and broadband, as opposed to the other big boys in television Sky and Virgin Media, who deliver via satellite dish and cable respectively."

Le me re-write that

"BT pointed out to The Register that its telly service is dependent on the quality of customers' Freeview reception and broadband, as opposed to the other big boys in television Sky and Virgin Media, who are dependent on the quality of customers satellite reception and cable."

So what exactly are BT saying here? That terrestrial TV and broadband is crap, whilst satellite and cable is great?

Natwest, RBS: When will bank glitch be fixed? Probably not today


Re: Proof banks are not systemically important

For the fools that don't grasp the problem with bank failures, even "technical" ones like this should read this story http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18547149 and explain to me how workers on strike, unpaid wages and customers not having their orders fulfilled is not systematic failure.


Re: Proof banks are not systemically important

Your level of fail at understanding systematic failure and the importance of banks is breath taking.

But you've clearly either not bothered to read about it and learn, or have chosen to ignore what you've read so there is no point in rehearsing the arguments here for you now.

UK regulator re-opens probe into Google Street View slurp outrage


Re: Get over it

@AC, well you will have to get over that, as that isn't the problem, the ICO isn't excited by that, it's been known all along thats exactly what Google are doing.

This investigation is about traffic on your net being captured, if yours was encrypted your in the clear.

Get over it


Re: Get over it

I agree, if you happened to retrieve an email at the exact moment the Google car passed, using a none encrypted connection over a none encrypted wireless then sure your personal data, presuming there was any in the email ended up in Googles hands.

Whose fault is that? Yours, not Googles, I mean exactly how much useable data could they capture as they drove past? And if your so worried about your personal data being abused why the hell is your entire network so wide open to anyone that happens to be within range of it?

Get over it, I agree.

Google Apps cloud fine print may not protect EU biz


Out-law fail

Who are these out-law guys, increasingly each article I read of theirs is a pile or brown smelly stuff, they certainly cannot read a court paper and understand it to saves their lives.

From the article " Out-Law.com asked Google to provide a copy of the model contract clauses it intends to offer, but a spokesman for the company said the information was not available yet."

So now they are critising something *that doesn't yet exist* *for maybe* not doing what it needs to do.

Pointless, useless waste of an article.

YouView reportedly set for 2500-home pre-Olympics trial


TVCatchup.com anyone?

You guys & gals at the Register really need to catch up with what's really going off in UK IPTV.

TVCatchup.com, the legal service that has been providing IPTV for years to the UK represents a big chunk of IPTV viewing in this country, check out if any ISP's will give you details, but TVC during large sporting events account for a significant % of the total IP traffic moving around the UK.

TVC already provides more channels than Freeview, offers (experimentally at the moment) HD channels and will be providing all the BBC Olympic feeds from their platform.

Just because the BBC, ITV et al don't like to talk about TVC doesn't mean it isn't actually the incumbent and serious player in the IPTV stakes in the UK.

Nordic region, Ireland adopt new 'connected telly' standard


Re: TV

I would have agreed that the out law articles are good, except, in every case where I've had a reasonable insight into what outlaw have been writing, they've been shambolical, this leaves me to wonder about the quality of the rest.

And yes, this article seemed light on content and large on pushing a point of view.

Sky joins BBC for Olympics coverage


Re: Freesat?

From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-17595078

"Mr Mosey said the BBC had agreed with Sky to show the live streams across 24 channels, with more announcements from other providers expected soon."

I suspect it just comes down to who has the capacity to take 24 new channels at short notice.

Big Media drags 142,000 through UK's courts in a year


Re: What a weird system you guys have.....

So either you pay no taxes, or you use all the services provided by your government, national, federal and local?

Either way I suspect your headed for jail.


Re: don't have a telly then

"Be interesting to know the personal circumstances of the “TV license” 74"

Indeed, courts don't lock people up for none payment when the reason for none payment is because they cannot pay. That practice ended with The Debtors' Act of 1869, which abolished imprisonment for debt unless you could pay and just didn't, as best as I know the law remains basically the same today.


Re: I'm all for the licence fee

You what? Since when did Sky produce The Saprano's et al? Get real, that's just content they paid for, and I first watched The Saprano's way back when on C4.


Re: Eh?

You can think that, but that's not what he says at all.

BBC boss confirms iTunes alternative in store


BBC Worldwide has been quitting retail

If you read the BBC Worldwide annual report you will see that over the last few years they have been withdrawing from retail sales environment, and a couple of years ago sold BBC Audio to AudioGo.

Basically, whilst I actually fully support this development by the BBC, about time too I would say, it does however not fit in with BBC Worldwide's strategy at all.

Judge nixes Apple's bid to patent-bash bankrupt Kodak


Whip round for OIN?

Perhaps we can have a whip round and raise money for OIN to purchase these patents. I know they aren't much to do with Linux, but there's anything in there that can make Apple behave it will be money well spent.

Nicked sensitive Avnet server disks sparks ICO probe

Thumb Down

Whilst I'm usually all for a bit ICO bashing, as they are a useless waste of space. In this case I'm not so sure, Would you prosecute a bank that had taken all reasonable measures to secure its vaults, if that self same bank vault was then broken into?

I think not, I hope not anyway.

Chinese woman sparks net craze with virgin website


over 3,000 people reportedly took part in an online poll

wow, over 3,000 is that all thats needed now to 'SPARKS NET CRAZE'

A none story.

TRENDnet home security camera flaw exposes thousands


Andus fail

a smaller subset selected from a larger set.

In both contexts the word means the same.

Some but not all TRENDnet IP cameras

Some but not all furniture

Chinese company demands $38m, 'apology' from Apple



@Sean - You need to study what slavery is actually about, and I don't just mean slavery of Africans in the America's, a horrific, yet small part of what slavery is and was.

Many slaves through history have been able to earn all sorts of things, in some places at some times it has even been possible for slaves to own slaves.

Dumb salesmen are hurting us – Nokia CEO


I don't know, has anyone ever thought M$ might have placed Elop in Nokia just to get someone to produce a WindPho?


Entirely predictable

This debacle was entirely predictable from the moment the Microsoftie choose to put Nokias entire future entirely in the hands of Microsoft, a company which is in decline anyway, a mere shadow of what it once was.

HUD's up! Ubuntu creates menu-free GUI


Video does not download

"In a video demo here (beware – it downloads to your desktop)"

No it doesn't I watched it in place, no downloads to my desktop, and all I did was press the play button.

Amazon Kindle Fire browser hacked for your Android pleasure


Silk like Opera Turbo?

I hope not too like it.

Opera Turbo really messes with location sensative sites and services. Opera Trubo kills iPlayer, TVCatchup and changes the content of BBC News, BBC homepage and many others.

If Amazon Silk suffers the same problem I wondering if it makes investing in a browser enabled Kindle at all.

Channel 5 snubs Freeview HD again


I watch Channel 5 for

Law & Order




I know C5 don't make those shows, they are all bought in, but I like them and I see no more adverts than I do on ITV, and I don't remember them being interrupted for celebrity gossip either.

Thumb Down

Sky piss poor

One of the reasons I stopped my subs to Sky was because I couldn't get over how poor their picture quality was, Freeview wins out in nearly every case (things may have changed with HD, perhaps, but for years Sky fed us crap quality pictures).



Everything has a context, and in the context of TV in the UK, Freeview is indeed free. The licence fee is a tax payable to a government body, regardless of the mechanism you use for watching TV.

So to watch TV at all costs £145.50 minimum, it's a tax, whether you watch online, satellite, aerial or cable.

To watch Freeview costs nothing extra unless you have or want to purchase extra hardware.

To watch Sky costs at least £32.25 pcm to £84.50 which increases if you want or need to purchase extra hardware.

Software bug fingered as cause of Aussie A330 plunge


@b166er, when you say "Why is the flight control software allowed to make a decision to nose-dive without acknowledgement from the crew? Shouldn't that be an out-of-bounds parameter?" you fail to understand what the article said.

The auto-pilot had disengaged, the flight control software wasn't doing much at all.

Netflix UK to stream BBC shows


A TV licence is only required to watch broadcast TV, Netflick don't broadcast.

Microsoft welcomes OSI open source to Win8 store


"@Vic: The GPL doesn't allow you to add usage constraints to code, the Metro store requires that any FOSS code carries the mandate that Microsoft owned code won't fall under that license. The two things are fundamentally incompatible, regardless of any argument over whether or not an app released contains any Microsoft code or not."

@El Andy - MS stipulation DOES NOT attempt to add clauses to the licence, nor does ask the publisher/developer to do so, nor does MS stipulation in anyway constrain how the application can used.

"I recently saw someone about to release a commercial product and planning to offer a GPL licensed version for "non-commercial use""

That says way more about the intelegence of the person that wanted to do that, than it says anything at all about the GPL.

Th faults as you state them, are in fact the specific aims of the GPL.

ICO smacks Welsh council with record £130k fine


giving up their £100k+ salaries

You what?!

From http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/UKgovernment/Localgovernment/DG_073312

"Councillors are not paid a salary or wages, but they are entitled to allowances and expenses to cover some of the costs of carrying out their public duties."

You'll notice that they don't even get ALL their expenses covered, just SOME.

Microsoft to offer dual upgrade path for Windows 8



No, no, she does program in a 21st century language (well if you ignore Frontpage 98 etc) http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2011/07/06/swiss_italian_police_anonymous_roundup/#c_1113062

But lets forget FP98, and bow to her incredible depth of knowledge as a web specialist who sees the web as a "curse" on modern society, and let her rant and froth all the more.


@Clare (Web numpty)

So I had to check you out, check to see if you troll elsewhere.

It was odd to see a web specialist saying the see the internet as a curse on modern society, but when I saw this post http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2011/07/06/swiss_italian_police_anonymous_roundup/#c_1113062 I understood it all.

You "program" in Frontpage 2002 and you think that gives you insight into complex architectures like operating systems, I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.

You do seem real, a single mum with teenage children, you hate porn, supported people who incited violence in the England riots as just being teenagers, yet support wholesale blanket censorship, those last two points, when you really think about it are contradictory, apparently you support full self expression for teens who advocate attacks, but you think the human naked body is too disgusting to be seen, let alone bother to think about people self expression when it comes to the naked body.

But all in all as someone who "programs" in Frontpage 2002, you get no little respect from me when you post anything on a subject that involves any technical aptitude or understanding.


Clare (web ignoranous)

@Clare (fool)

"If you google Unix systems it was developed in 1969…………… need I say more!" You what?! Do you honestly think for one second that code has not been maintain and re-written many times over?

If you honestly think that Unix (and I'm guessing you also mean Linux) today is what it was in 1969, then I think you need to shut your mouth and get some coding experience under your belt, because you clearly have none at the moment.



When Ubuntu asks if its OK to download updates on the internet, you could of course always say "No".

Canonical releases first alpha of Ubuntu 12.04


The bug fix stats are not unusual, and are always close to or at zero come release.

However I am too surprised that El Reg is covering alpha releases, I mean with a production release every 6 months, and there normaly being 2 Alphas and 3 Betas (from memory) plus the release itself, that's an article per month. What's the point?


@Ken Hagan, indeed, but the changes up till the freeze on said release, not up to the freeze on the previous release, what would be the point of that? The LTS would just be the previous version by another name.

High Court: TVCatchup reproduces copyrighted films ... in buffers


@Tom 13 - It is my understanding that when claiming damages one must show harm/damages, this is the very essence of equity law. However that is the not the question here, the claimants wanted TVC to desist from doing what it was doing purely because they claimed what it was doing was illegal.

I'm afraid it seems a demanding enditement on the US system of law that it has become so fixated on money, and not on legality.


@mark l 2 - If this report wasn't so utterly biased, and the source so repeatedly anti TVC, you would almost for certain come to a very different conclusion.


@Lydonator nothing illegal in what you describe, but no thats not what TVC do, in so much as there is no buffering in the way you describe, if you miss some content because you were watching TVC's ad, then you miss it.


Different how?!

@Gordon 10 - if I charge you access to my night club I charge access to my night club, but I don't chaperone everyone in the club and insert words into their mouths.


Are you suggesting

@Norfolk 'n' Goode you say "Are you suggesting that it's ok for laws to be ambiguous and open to different interpretations"

Thing is that is EXACTLY how the law is, UNTIL tested in court, at which time anything the court actually decides it becomes fixed and known - this is the very basis of the common law system.


TVCatchup do not add adverts

@Cameron Colley - The TV streams as streamed by the original broadcasters are sent in full the person watching, no adulteration at all, no adverts.

TVC however, do show you an advert BEFORE they stream, but if you want to watch that for 10 days straight, no problem, and no interference from TVC in the stream at all.


Yet again, TVC beg to totally disagree

Every time you report on TVC you bang on about their court losses.

Every time TVC claim these court cases to be great victories, roll out new services and continue to operate.


[url=http://www.hamlins.co.uk/site/firmnews/Catchup_With_Broadcasting_in_the_Internet_Age]TVC's own lawyers[/url] say "The substantial victory for TVC vindicated the position they have always taken that their service was perfectly lawful."

So come on Outlaw/ElReg, get some real reporting done, I know legal decisions can be hard to decode and can mean wins and losses on both sides, but TVC services grows, expands despite your accesertion that in every rulling so far they have fallen and hit their heads on the way down. Clearly it ain't so, so start doing some proper work when reporting on this issue, or just stop reporting it all together.

Virtualisation: just a lot of extra software licences?


Microsoft crony says

"A colleague of mine recently remarked that x86 virtualisation makes no sense to any organisation that is cost conscious."

Says someone who has never looked at or considered open-source software.

Linux Mint moves to Gnome 3, keeps Gnome 2 MATEy


Very tempted to switch to Mint from Ubuntu.

I've used Unity, and I really don't like it.

The only fear I have is the lack of relative support in 3rd party projects for Mint compared to Ubuntu.

Newzbin2 pirates prepare to sink BT web block


@A.Cow. Blocks such as the IWF have always been circumventable, and anybody that is committed to getting around the blocks will not have find it hard.

The only thing the IWF can ever prevent is the curious and accidental access.

Google in freetard-friendly copyright infringement update

Paris Hilton

They did what exactly?

"The Friday before a public holiday is traditionally a great time to bury bad news. Google chose the Labor Day Lull to give the world an update on its copyright infringement measures. Funny, that."

I've read the article, and re-read the article and then gone through it line by line.

I still have no idea what Google did in its update that is so offensive to rights holders, I know (from the article) plenty about how what they do makes no difference (apparently) but no idea how making no difference got worse today.

Paris because she's clueless too.

London rioters should 'loose all benefits'



Whilst I have no sympathy for these idiots, taking any benefits they receive (although primary school teachers earn wages) will only force them into committing crime, since they will be reduced to crime or starvation.

The idiots need to be punished, but I think we should leave that to the courts.

Sony distribution centre engulfed by fire


SONY not watching TV?

I listened to first hand witness account on the BBC News last night, around 15 youths broke into the centre, and upon leaving torched the place and assaulted the witness by punching him in the face before the thieves/arsonists ran off.