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Assange fails to make skipped bail arrest warrant vanish


Re: If he'd turned up in court

So they could extradite him to the US, which thinks its lies and laws apply everywhere to every person in every nation.


Lackey Nation

Filthy truth-hating Brits. Keeping Assange prisoner illegally at the behest of the US. When Uncle Sam farts Britain inhales and asks for a lick.

Microsoft, HURTING after NSA backdooring, vows to now harden its pipe


Auto accidents kill a hundred times the Americans that "tera-ists" do, but we don't blow trillions and shred the Constitution from fear of cars. It's all nuts. Fear is being used to control us and blow our money on drones and crap instead of creating jobs and feeding Americans. This government Totally Sucks.


Snowden is a global hero but is being persecuted by the Obama Administration, which in the same breath, has told Banksters they will Never be prosecuted for massive crimes that nearly destroyed the global financial network, and put millions out of homes and jobs. And oh, they do after pot smokers with a vengeance since they are also such a big danger. Let's call it what it is - the Injustice Department.

Now if the NSA stopped the Banksters from colluding to destroy the economy again, so they could profit from their illegal reposessions as property values went up again, I'd day they might actually be doing something useful. But you'll never see that happening.

Windows NT grandaddy OpenVMS taken out back, single gunshot heard


Re: Won't or actually can't, port?

And note the coincidental use of the word "PRISM" in both cases ;') Looks like not such a useless OS after all. But that depends on who's using it ;')



Funny, I've always felt HP should be taken out back and shot.

Mega squid use HUMONGOUS eyes to spot ravenous sperm whales


How big is the eye of the Goldman-Sachs Vampire Squid? It has to see all the money in all our pockets so it can suck it out of us. Must be X-ray vision like Superman.

Pacific nation prepares to flee rising seas


Geez, one good tsunami and they're out of luck, sea level rise or not.

And I sure am tired of Faux news political BS used to contravene hundreds of valid climate science studies. We all know the motive behind that. Sure, the poles aren't melting - it's all an illusion designed to enrage that fat windbag, Rush.


Re: Think of it as insurance...

Or, Kiribati could be the locale for a really small disaster movie that would gross 2,000 dollars worldwide.


Re: Why Fiji of all places!!

A leader who thinks decades ahead. When have we last seen that in the US? Teddy Roosevelt, maybe, since he established national parks. Too bad we can't import this guy and run him for President. Maybe fake his birth certificate for Real - it's time all the loons had a Real conspiracy to bloat about ;')


Re: What's all this then?

Unfortunately, Faux listeners can't conceive complex ideas such as putting more energy into a chaotic system like the weather can cause more Extremes. So global warming can actually cause more extreme cooling in different times and places. But overall the poles really are melting and it's hard to contravene that. Then, there is another paradox you couldn't explain to the Faux crowd. As the Arctic melts it dumps megatons of cold water into the North Atlantic, cooling airstreams that then drop further South, which may actually cool the Northern hemisphere for awhile. However, when we hit solar maximum in a few years, even that will suddenly reverse. But thanks to climate deniers it will then be too late to do much about the excess carbon burden. The PPM is going higher than ever in human history, and CO2 is an insulator. How anyone can ignore simple Facts like that is beyond me. However, according to a number of studies, Faux news listeners are more misinformed on fact than any other group.

Melting Arctic leads to snowy winters


another topic for hateradio

Oh well, something more for corporate-paid Hateradio blatherers and the climate-denier morons who repeat its memes, to jump on. Science is now determined not by truth or experiment, but by politics


everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it

While everyone is arguing about global warming - largely for political, nonscientific reasons, nothing is done. I have a feeling our descendants will be cursing us, saying "Those a**holes!"

FTC urged to probe Google's Safari-tracking gaffe


Steve's Revenge

Apple's new slogan is "Litigate, don't Innovate," and get your friends in government to take Steve's Revenge.


More of Steve's Revenge

I bet those three congressbums were SOPA supporters since Google fought SOPA (while Apple. Twitter and Facebook hid out) This is all Steve's Revenge on Google, which he talked about before he kicked the bucket.

Ballmer shoots down Microsoft breakup advice



I have to agree on this. I'm not crazy about Msoft, but the "short term stock gains at any price, disregarding Every other consideration" crowd, trained by the Chicago School of Business, has wrecked many a company and just about bankrupted America. They're destructive bums.


Get rid of IE

I just wish they'd drop their rotten nonstandard browser, which is always two years late, and is holding up adoption of CSS3 and HTML5, since they only allow it on Win 7, as a clever marketing move, when every other browser runs on XP. The problem is, half the user base is still using XP, which works fine if you don't give a hoot about the Win 7 glitz. Libraries, schools, and institutions will be using it for awhile. Heck, my old emachines XP machine is faster than a newer Win 7 Dell machine I tried. This means a lot of people will not be able to see CSS3 and HTML5, so webmasters - once again - will have to develop multiple sites like in the browser wars. One for Real browsers, and two or three more for Msofts abortions. Many will just wait until the dust settles and not do HTML5 and CSS3.

Google sued over – yes – Android location tracking



So they both saved a few bucks when Skyhook had a less invasive technology that would have drawn less fire, and Skyhook would have taken the legal heat, while Google and Apple would have had plausible deniability.

These smart guys aren't always so smart.

Beastly Android will batter Apple's iOS beauty

Thumb Down

Apple hate Flash and I hate Apple

Good. I'm tired of Apple's fascist ways. They abjure Flash, a huge standard that I spent time learning, so they can CONTROL ALL THINGS.

Hacker unshackles Kinect from Xbox

Jobs Horns

MicroPower and the CorpaGovernment

Screw Microsoft.

But what bothers me is this business of private companies using the government as a 600lb gorilla to enforce their private concerns. I've seen this with insurers and state insurance commissions, and just lately, PA used Federal money to fund private companies that then enforced the wishes of selected corporations, by trying to intimidate people who lawfully opposed their plans.

Bill would let feds block pirate websites worldwide


Govt - can't do Anything - but steal our freedoms

The scumbag government can't bring back the economy - or start a jobs program - except for Bankster's jobs. But they can bend over and kiss butt to the RIAA/MPAA

But then the FDA, CDC, Interior, you name it, are all in bed with the corporate world. This is no longer a democracy. It's a CorpaGovernment.