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Dixons Group still suffering


My little story (one of many)

About 8 years ago, went into PC world to buy a PCI 56k new modem. As I walked in, I was confronted by a friendly sales chap who asked if he could help.

"Yes" I replied, "I'm after a modem"

"Modems over here" he said

As I was perusing the different modems, both external and internal, the chap piped up and said "So which kind of modem do you need?". I said I needed an internal PCI one.

"Ok, I think there here somewhere" he said. Then, amazingly he asked me "Actually, what's the difference between an external and internal modem?"

He genuinely had no idea. I felt like being a BOFH, but decided to tell him one is external and the other is internal.

8 years on, they're still no better (except they charge you £££'s for installing things)

Facebook takes the Captcha rap

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RE: Adam Williamson

Not sure you got this one did you.

World's Dumbest File-sharer megafine gets DoJ thumbs-up

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How disappointing

I'm willing to put money on El Reg having the headline "Jammie Dodger" ready for the alternate outcome.

The fine is ridiculous. How the record companies get the American law on thier side to this extent is beyond me. *cough*

Nokia N95 update speeds apps with virtual memory

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Works well for me

Speed increase is much better. The maps look a little better, but nothing amazing.

A few annoying bugs fixed, such as the key press skip.

Still no youtube over the n95 as far as I can tell. :( Big annoyance. Now I'll have to do my own happy slapping.

TV heavyweights build on-demand supersite

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Re arf : Anonymous John

I'm not saying there's some good, curious or even original programming, I'm just concerned that we'll get force fed the property/car boot/reality crap. You have to admit, the chaff does outweigh the wheat big style. It isn't a question of taste either, it really is cheap "lowest common denominator" stuff. It seems pretty much everything is made to be accessible by cretinous, dribbling apes. Just look at the poor quality of Panorama, Horizon, etc. It's embarrasing and I have very little to watch as a result.

I'd love to go through the archives of the BBC, when care was taken with programming, but I can't see us getting this. Also goes to prove a point that the best stuff was long ago.

Very few chances are taken nowadays, unless it's a "wacky" variant on a laboured style.

Still, at least TV is a place for all those obsequious sychophants to work. That or politics.

I feel a whole essay coming on so I'll stop now. :)



"an exciting collection of over 10,000 hours of the very best of the UK broadcasters' current and archive programming"

Sure. There's probably only about 1,000hrs of decent stuff between the lot of them. I'd prefer they spent the money on better, original programs than them sticking thier current guff into an ppv internet trough for us to feast upon.

Hitachi 'collision avoidance' bot does a Ballmer at press do


is it me or are those Segway bots

just following the lines on the floor. I don't see this as much of an advance in anything to be honest. They must have been demoing the Tantrumbot-2000 AI instead.

Also, that penguin is ace.

London council to use lie detectors to finger benefit cheats



Now all the social misfits and scroungers can have a free lie detector test rather than having to go on Jeremy Kyle.

"Go on! Ask my Gav if 'e nobbed my sister"

Germans plan 578m-high überpyramid


This is all very nice,

but unless it's a graveyard jenga or kerplunk I'm not interested.

AT&T turns screws on iPhone unlocker


@ Ian O'Friel

I think you may have misinterpreted sarcasm there.

Wii wins console war, market watcher claims


I love my Wii

and I can't wait for a decent game to be released.

Tossfest 2007: are you a hardened open sourcer?


What is this?

A Carry On film?

A special talk on “OpenOffice.org Roadmap”

By Mr. Kay Koll

I presume they'll be off to the "Whippit Inn" after the conference.

Europe's floods and fires snapped from space



Of all the floods around the UK, isn't it typical the Thames was the one to be highlighted.

Not happy with PC World's customer service?


No joke...

About 7 years ago I needed a new 56k modem.

Went in, a friendly chap advanced towards me and the following conversation occured :

Him: Can I help you?

Me: Yeah, I'm wondering where your modems are..

Him: Errr... I think...err... *asks another "IT" bod*..over here.

Me: Ok, cheers. I'll go with this one *picks up an internal PCI modem*

Him: So, do you work in computers then?

Me: Yeah, have done for a while..

Him: Ahhh, ok. So what's the difference between this internal modem and this external modem?

I bet he's working in thier "Tech Team" now..