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Google takes aim at drunken messaging


Flaw in their plans

Think I'm not going to get any emails sent anymore.... can't do the maths sober, let alone "tired and emotional" .

That's a modern British Secondary education for you.

Fujifilm bugs backup tapes with LoJack device


In a parallel world

Hello, I'm from the British Goverenment... can I order tons of these for our IT stuff? We seem to keep "losing" things.

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal


BT stance on Phorm

Got my first "Phorm" call today on the BT helldesk.

There hasn't been any word from above on it yet (there has on every, single, little thing else, like wi-fi's safe, don't mention "watchdog" etc.), so asked for our stance.

The product specailist just shrugged as did the manager, and his manager, who serious aksed why someone was asking about "Porn".

It's the blind leading the inept- if we get a stirring from Upstairs on this, I'll be surprised.

Everything we've heard about this is off El Reg.

Boffins slashed in big-science budget blunder bloodbath


The Call Centre Genius Alliance

"Nu Lab dont want a clever population... they want to stay in power - just look at the dumbing down of everything... so

1) We will have the best telephone call centre staff in the world, cos its the only thing we will be able to do."

Well, my team at a national telco ISP is

2* MEng Mechanical engineers

2* MEng Civil Engineers

A EngD- Electrical Engineer

A MSc Chemsitry (me)

4* BSc Biochemistry

A BSc in Computer Science (who's not "allowed" to use his knowledge as it breaks the rules set by the above ISP)

And a fully trained Doctor (of medicine)

As the Loonies in charge say we need Scientists/ Engineers/ Doctors.but this is the only jobs we can get.

NZ here I come...

Peterborough bloke warned over 'offensive' t-shirt


They stop you if they think it's offensive, it doesn't have to be

Remember during the last football world cup, got stopped by "community warden patrol" (jobsworths) for wanting to go into a pub wearing an england shirt (in Dundee,Scotland).which would cause "a disturbance".

It wasn't an england shirt- it was a USA shirt- never mind it had US on the badge and "AMERICA 06" on the back- they still thought I was "inciting trouble" and would have to remove it before going in.

Shame the pub I was going in was full of Scots & Americians enjoying the game

BT declares ceasefire in broadband speed wars


BT bells and whistles

OK so BT's only offering "up to" 8 mbps (know for a fact that only about 2% of customers get that, but about 50% get charged for the "max" service)

realistically more like 6.5 mbps....

Anyway, the new shiny BT Vision (which incidentally can have up to 3,500 different errors in it, according to BT internal propaganda, sorry, paperwork) needs at least 3.5 mbps to even work (OK, it's just freeview down the phoneline at the moment, but as soon as they can afford it, more channels are planned)

which takes you down to~ 3mbps.

VoiP takes 2.5mbps (miniimum), so that 0.5mbps on a "max" phoneline.

so if you want BT bells and whistles (why ?), better off getting a second line for an actaull internet connection.

oh, and the fair use policy, they haven't got round to putting that in paperwork yet, so it's used as a "cover excuse" at the moment for slow connection.


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