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Day 3 of the Apple vs Epic trial: What actually is an iPhone anyway?


Re: Not locked down to the app store

Ever heard of CEX.......hardly ever bought a new game for my sons Xbox....now try that with an iphone/ipad

Outlook Mobile heads to the White House, passes infosec clearance for federal sector


Re: Still waiting!

You can work around by connecting to shared mailboxes using IMAP - works a treat

Guess who's now automating small-biz IT jobs? Yes, it's Microsoft


SBS all over again

Microsoft used to run the SBS line of servers for about 10 years - this was very popular amongst SMB's - gave exchange, sharepoint remote access all in one bundle and the price was similar to full windows. This had a simple interface so that technically the system could be self managed - but in my experience no body ever did this they still employed outside people to manage the systems.

This offering of Microsofts seems to be a cloud based version of SBS

London suffers from 'sub-standard' connectivity - report


Lack of fttc in central london

I have a number of clients across central london and we cannot get fttc anywhere - the exchanges are just not enabled - yet you see fttc enabled exchanges in Islington, Shoerditch etc, but not the City or Westminster.

To get decent service SMB's have to opt for Efm or fibre - though have had some luck with Relish recently offering 40 Mb over 4g

Remember Netbooks? Windows 10 makes them good again!


Hp Stream ?

do a nice little laptop 10 " screen , 9 hrs battery - £179 of your English pounds - just googled and it can run mint for the Penguistas

Remake, remodel: Toshiba Chromebook 2


puzzled ?

If you are going for cheap and light there are loads of similarly specced cheap windows boxes such as the ASUS X205TA 11.6" (£179) that you should be able to install your favourite distros on .....and they have the correct keyboard layout and 32 gb drives rather than 16. Drivers - not sure about ?

Microsoft dumps ARM for Atom with cut-price Surface 3 fondleslab


Does have its uses

If I was a musician I'be be tempted by a Surface if only for this - Staffpad music notation software


Looks very elegant and uses the pen very well

Thought your household broadband was pants? Small biz has it worse



City of London and Westminster......only ADSL 2+ but Hackney Islington etc all with fttc......my office 100mt from fttc enabled exchange .....no chance

Inside Steve Ballmer’s fondleslab rear-guard action



I really don't understand some of the commentators here - I have a client who has a team of surveyors - they are equipped with hp elite pads running windows 8- they are nice and light to carry - they can easily be held with one hand whilst on site, they support pen input so you can write notes - have a camera so you can snap the odd piccie to illustrate something they see, back at the office the pads sit in a docking station and they use mouse, keyboard and big screen.

The users really appreciate them...lets them get on with their work and funnily enough no -one has complained about lack of a start menu

Holiday HELL: Pourquoi, monsieur, why is there no merdique Wi-Fi here?


wifi france

Mcdonalds is usually a good bet.....if you can cope with food/coffee

Microsoft admits it's '18 months behind' with Windows 8 slabs


Saw my first surface in the wild yesterday

One of my clients showed me his surface pro yesterday - the chap was really happy with it, he had an Ipad but it just did not do what he wanted.

It seems fashionable to moan at MS here , but I quite like what they've done, a very portable device, that has is pen enabled and you can run full office, acad etc. It was a bit bigger than I expected - but is running full ultrabook spec.

Seven all-in-ones that aren't the Apple iMac - and one that is


Re: Sleek Looks vs Servicability

Sorry!!! but Dell offer 3 years next business day onsite support for £60 extra on a £299 vostro - Apple charge £130 for their send back support for the imac


Re: Sleek Looks vs Servicability

For us when something goes wrong - the nice chaps from HP or Dell turn up with parts and fix the kit on site....can't see what is so special about Apples service.

Microsoft parades Windows 8.1, the version you may actually want


Re this is a mean spirited prank

Funny that....... most users I deal with don't know how to launch a program from the start menu. You'll find your average pc user will have an icon on the desktop (put there by the IT chappie) or one on the quick launch.

Q10 India: Another last-chance saloon guzzle for BlackBerry


Best BB ever

Just had a Client almost destroy his Q10 in frustration and go back to his BB torch, no BIS, the hosted exchange supplier is not offering BES 10, therefore roaming data charges are going to go through the roof- Copy and paste has a mind of it's own...........not really sure where BB are going - certainly alienating a lot of their traditional customers.

Handwriting beats PowerPoint's teaching power says MIT boffin


Khan academy

.....uses hand drawn notes for all the maths - seems to be quite effective

Microsoft Surface Pro sales CANNIBALIZING Surface RT


I think there is a Market

For the pro ..that is , just shipped out a couple of HP elite pads to a client, they already had an ipad - it just didn't do what they wanted. The surface pro running on atom seems to work well, quite a smooth os and runs full office and their other apps.

Surface left on shelves as world+dog slurps up small slates


What shelves

Not seen a single surface in any shop in the uk ....if the product is not there no-one will buy it

Windows Metro Maoist cadres reach desktop, pound it flat


Start Menu

Not quite sure what the fuss about the start menu is ....most users I work with don't notice it exists. If the outlook shortcut gets deleted I get calls with "Email has gone Missing" - they don't actually look for it in the start menu.

MS have done a lot of metric analysis and probably saw that about 1% of users actually use it ......and most of those post on El Reg from what I can see.

Phages: The powerful new bio-ammo in superbug war


Documentry on Horizon

I remember seeing a documentry on Horizon a few years ago which looked at phages and their use/development in the USSR and how the west ignored them as they were "communist" technology. An article on it is here http://twistedbacteria.blogspot.com/2008/02/virus-that-cures.html

good to see that there is progress


linky to Horizon

here is that Horizon documentry


Samsung Remote


Unonoficial WP7 one as well

I found a WP7 "unofficial" remote as well - compared it tothe official one I downloaded on the missuses HTC desire and both work well.......Just wish Samsung had a better text input method for their apps and browser....why they can't support wireless keyboards I'll never know.

Nokia exec: Young fashonistas 'fed up' with iPhone



My missus has an HTC desire and hates it - for her it is too fiddly and she gets lost easily trying to find things - she's getting a Wp7 next upgrade

Frenchies, Germans wave fat pipes at embarrassed Brits


ahh well

Wow I qualify as a 1% er - have virgin 50 mb service...the best download test done gave me 23 mbs - not bad

Dell dumps RIM, saves fortune


BES Express ?

mmmm Bes express is only for 75 users.......not really relevent in Dell's case.....and most SMB's I work with would rather have an iphone or android than a blackberry

Youth jailed for not handing over encryption password


Lose the password

What happens if you have a complicated password written down on a bit of paper - then you destroy the paper - ergo you cannot remember the password and the only record has been destroyed - rest of your life in gaol ?

How do you copy 60m files?


Backup and restore

I just use ntbackup to backup to a file and restore to a new destination quick and it should handle that number of files


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