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Compsci degrees aren't returning on investment for coders – research


Headlines about student debt is so often misleading

Many news outlets insist on throwing out sensationalist headlines about student debt. While technically correct that students come out of university owing huge amounts the headlines, and invariably the articles themselves rarely tell the whole story.

Once the amount of debt a student owes becomes so large that they can't conceive any likelihood of repaying it in full then any increase in the size of their loan beyond that lofty height is irrelevant to the student. It simply becomes a 30 year tax out of their pay packet with the unpaid loan balance written off after that time.

Mercedes answers autonomous car moral dilemma: Yeah, we'll just run over pedestrians


'Pranksters' paradise

Given the recent spate of 'pranksters' that think it funny to scare people with clown masks I wouldn't be surprised if, in a world of self-driving vehicles, that these same sociopaths think it funny to deliberately throw themselves in front of vehicles in order to scare the occupants or make the vechicle crash as it avoids the 'prankster' in the way.

If the car puts others before it's own occupants and this is widely known and understood by the masses then we can expect people will cause cars to swerve into trees for shits and giggles.

Perhaps Mercedes have it right?

Wait, don't ditch that IT career just yet: UK vacancies hit 5-year high


Re: Maybe they'll start reading CVs, too ...

I was rather amused when a recruiter phoned to tell me about a job I would be perfect for; it was the same job at the same company I was working for at the time. The recruiter in question did have my CV, which clearly stated where I was working. I was really quite amused by this ridiculous turn of events as it was quite early on in my career.

As time has gone by the amusement has turned to disdain for many of these people who consider recruitment to be an activity which is a numbers.

Daily Mail savages Data Protection Act over stolen dog


He'd have his dog now if he'd reported it

If the guy had reported his dog lost/stolen at the time he would probably have it back by now rather than the police sitting in their office trying to decide who the rightful owner is.

If I suspect something has been stolen reporting it doesn't necessarily mean the police will investigate or even know where to start a search for my property. It does however increase the chances of me getting my property back if it is ever found either as a result of my reporting of it stolen, or any other unrelated police activity that happens to turn it up.


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