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Amazon’s shares slashed as profits drop 73%


"I have already got a kindle fire for my reading and watching, and got many apps like aneesoft video converter to convert videos&movies for it, and now Im considering to buy another for my Mom"

Lemon, you already have one, is your name Lemon Bezos or something??? it doesnt get released for another month?

US lawmakers eye internet 'kill switch'


Hmm China anyone.....how about..

So the US wants to get control of teh internet

Step 1 get a kill switch

Step 2 shut it down whenever they feel like, and they dont have to tell us why on "grounds of national security"

Yeh...So anyone fancy moving their internet infrastructure to Ireland....we need teh money..and we wont care what you do...Lots of farms here with big barns could house all teh cisco stuff in the world!!

Ireland can save the internet!

UK tech retailers are rubbish


old news

I went to dixons to buy a displayport to hdmi adapter for my laptop. They tried to sell me as solutions in no particular order, a usb cable (as thats probably what I meant), a hdmi cable (as the port is nearly the same size its probably what you need), a DVI to hdmi adapter (as DVI is the latest tech and displayport is an older tech I guess), a HDMI right angle adapter, etc

Even though I spelled it out for them they had not a notion....not a notion...i explained and they insisted i was wrong...even involved other staff...I left in the end

Job application scam fleeces company of $150,000


erm..paranoia much....

Thats one way to do things...or just completely disable all online EVERYTHING and only do things in person..maybe only accept payment requests cast in stone!.....Or there is another way to avoid this...don't be an idiot on the web maybe...but hey... that's just my idea :D

SWAT team besieges Illinois school in 'butt dialling' incident


Paranoia Americas greatest threat

The downfall of the US and its ilk will not be from terrorism either internal nor external, it will be down to paranoia. The fact that people have commented defending the SWAT teams response says it all...IT WAS A COMPLETE OVER-REACTION FOLKS!!! There are no excuses for their response.

Bill would let feds block pirate websites worldwide

Big Brother

United States of China anyone?

So the state is going to stop you accessing sites outside the state on the grounds they might corrupt you...Hmm this is done somewhere else......


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