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Police radios will be KILLED soon – yet no one dares say 'Huawei'


Re: Push-to-talk latency

Motorola's had that in the trunked radios in the US for a while now. Push the button and either get a long tone saying its not connected or a short chirp that it is and you can talk. Also, why put everything on one device? Radio for talking and communicating, phone or tablet with 4G for data. Spread out the points of failure and such...

40,000 sign petition to oust Rep. Paul 'pit of hell' Broun


Re: Earth is 9,000 years old...

Einstein must have had a lot of dealings with these wonderful nutbars that the rest of my fellow citizens keep electing. "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

Intel, AMD financials: Bad news for Obama campaign


Re: Bane Capitol

Only one thing to that (excluding the ad hominem attack based on religion) is that Mr. Obama made the comment last time around that if he didn't fix things in three years, he wouldn't get a second term. (paraphrasing, as I can't get the chocolate factory or the other one that sounds like a cheap bell tower to give me the full quote from an unbiased source at the moment). I for one believe it's time to start holding ALL politicians accountable for what they promise.

Ambulance dispatch system hit by virus: reports


Wonder if their backup is the same as ours?

I know, at least here in the States, that manual system is a trusty Bic pen and a ream of paper forms. They even plan outages for maintenance to co-incide with the training of using those backups. Slower than the computerised system, and all the nice automatic decision-making stuff doesn't work, but it keeps those trucks going blinky blink down the road to where they're needed as long as you still have dispatchers that know the area and can make the decisions they need to make fairly quickly.

Piracy threats lawyer mocks 4chan DDoS attack


Irony's lost on you, eh?

and don't call me Shirley


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