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Google goggles with Terminator HUD 'coming soon'



I'd love to tether a pair of these to a digital camera. Would make it much easier to take pictures.

AT&T chief: 'All your iPhone are belong to us'


The Meaning of Sticky...

First article that actually made me sign up to comment on it...

Sticky in the business world does not mean "locked in". If you are stuck in a contract, that is locked in. Sticky means that you have other products or services that, combined, make it less enticing to switch to an alternate vendor. For example, if you have a checking account and a debit card, the debit card is a sticky product, because it makes it less likely you will close the checking account. Real estate is by its nature sticky, because it is a hassle to move.

For business, users may not be able to change their plans. That may be determined by the company. For family plan users, they would have to switch over the entire family, or they would end up paying more across two carriers which--again--may not be an option.

Commend the spin you put on it though. Quite provocative.


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