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Jordan mulls mamtastic epitaph


Mine's the snorkel parka...

"Here lies Jordan, the silicont."

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins


Beatrix Kiddo...

...game over.

Turing test challenges spam filters


@Scott Earle

"But there are people like him working at larger companies whose job it is to provide an email service (incoming and outgoing)."

True, but I'd argue that part of providing that service - presumably a large part of a mail admin's job - is deciding what to allow into the networks that they administer. It's their choice, or it's the policy of the company where they work - either way if they choose not to accept mail from certain IP ranges, or which contains the word "aardvark", or on Tuesdays, then that's up to them. Of course if this means that they lose some mail they might otherwise have wanted, then they only have themselves to blame :-)

Once an admin has made that decision, and you find yourself on the wrong side of it, then your options are either send in a manner that they do accept, or ask them to poke a hole in whichever rule you're falling foul of, or live with it. My point was that taking that decision in the first place doesn't necessarily make the admin a pillock :-)


@Scott Earle

"I just hope that any email I send to one of your mail servers is way more important to you than it is to me."

Why's he a pillock? He's decided not to receive mail from Asian IP ranges in the mailboxes he administers - so what? That's his decision - he has to live with it.

His server, his rules...

BT declares ceasefire in broadband speed wars



"...or that I dont spend all my time watching videos at the same time as downloading illigal music."

So in your world, anyone who wants speed is a thief? Go you.

*slow clap*


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