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Prosecutor won't resign over lewd texts to 'hot' crime victim


Likely no iPhone

I agree - he should be removed, but there probably isn't and iPhone. AT& T has terrible coverage in Wisconsin. iPhones only work in the major metropolitan areas and Calumet County really isn't so much.


He is on his way out

Sad that this is what the world hears about Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's governor (and former state attorney general) has vowed that the Calumet County AG will be removed from office. Last night the press issued a call for complaints from constituents so the state AG's office could start the formal process of removal.

A $350,000 house in Calumet County is likely a well-kept 4-bedroom either on a few acres of land or on a lake - not sure how that compares to Britain (or NY).

We are not all perverts here despite the AG, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein. Really.