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London's Winter Wonderland URGENTLY seeks Windows 10 desk support

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Re: Just...

Seems sensible to me :)

Whew! How to tell if a DevOps biz is peddling a load of manure

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Re: DevOps...

Don't you mean DevOpsOrrhea2.0

This entire subject was a whiff of Web2.0 BS about it.

Ninten-DON'T: Wii U bomb blows Mario Kart giant off track – but new console promised

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I want Majoras Mask II, not a remake (well ideally both, redo the first one and a whole new game opens up!)

Dixons Retail and Carphone Warehouse mull merger

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The Link

DSG have been here before, not sure how this will be any different, expect a sell off in 5 years....

Gaming's favourite platters get another stir of the pot

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Re: No Luigi Love??

Perfect train game for the commute, loving it... Just had to look up where the A-3 Boo was :) thought I'd looked there already.

Yes the 3D is sometimes a pain, like all 3D games (i.e. move your head without moving the console all goes a bit blurry,) BUT still, this is great, probably better than Mario Bros. or Mario Land (my other two fave 3DS games.)

Nintendo Wii U Review

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See title

Clouds gathering on horizon for software devs, say wise men

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old news

This story comes alomg every few years, normally along the lines of drag and drop software, mashup systems etc... will take over the world and BAs/FAs will develop everything, devs will all be out of a job. 15 years ago when I started I was told this, then it was VB and now its SaS.

Trust me, I'm a computer: Watson takes on health care challenge

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Taking the egos and hangovers out of the equation

Sounds like a good thing to me, replace the very fallible system (a human doctor,) with a slightly less fallible one.

All hail our robotic (well medical "expert system",) overlords.

Travelodge admits hack

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They do this because some BA believes that if want convince (i.e. not having to re-enter card details,) rather than security. Additionally card details (though again which card details are relevant,) for tracking usage of cards in the case of fraudulent usage or charge backs.

That said, card details should be stored in a PCI-DSS compliant store, so there should be no way of accessing the card data via the payment solution, just a reference token.

Apple will 'own games industry'

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Oh and TV will mean the end of films as well I heard....

3DS bothers buyers with black screen of death

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Released Too Early

Missing features (i.e. web browser which is coming soon,) and failing UI not what I expect from Nintendo, I guess they have now also joined the club of ship it out and we can fix it later.

Though that said, first thing I usually do when I get new hardware is check for new updates, which fix the product.

I floated a site into the cloud, and it didn't rain down in chunks...

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What planet?

Having worked on a number of e-comm websites for high street retail customers, I can say they ALL used Java at some point and all of them could look at using the cloud (in fact I did a little POC using amazon at the last one, though using their S3 service.)

So yeah lots of us produce web sites that people want/need/use in java.

EA dubs Nintendo Wii a 'legacy platform'

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Bah 3 posts I must look like a fan boy

I agree, I worked with a bunch of game developers a few years back (not long after the PS3 came out,) and as far as they were concerned if it didn't have 7.1 surround sound HD output a controller that no one but a real games geek could use, they weren’t interested. The idea a game should be "fun" seemed a long, long way down the requirements list.

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sorry your right!

Must try harder.

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Errrr.... Title?

Was this a case of "What rubbish can I say to get EA in the press?" Currently the best selling console is "legacy"... Or could this be sour grapes that EA have failed to produce a decent Wii game yet (though to be fair no 3rd party, with a few odd exceptions, Capcom? have produced any decent Wii games).

NO-SH*T CURE FOR BALDNESS discovered by accident

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...chronically stressed mutant mice

I for one welcome our chronically stressed mutant mice overlords!

Nintendo disappoints over 3DS battery life

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One of the BIG plus points the GB/DS series of handhelds have had is the battery life... Oh dear Nintendo :(

Top Ten Retro PC Games

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Bards Tale! Spent hours and hours on that one....

Google's 'copied Java code' disowned by Apache

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Could just be some tided up de-compiled code...

Intel trials downloadable CPU upgrades

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Hack Time?

So do we start the stop watches now to see how long before it's hacked?


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