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Pandora tops 1000 boxes

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I got mine and it rocks!

My Pandora put to shame all my other gadgets, sure the software still needs a bit polishing (not talking about the OS, that's very stable at the moment) but it is expected since ppl are working on it in their spare time :)

If you believe you are a geek and can afford it, you owe to yourself to hop on the second batch wagon (which should start shipping in November if all goes great. You need to be patient though, timelines are not set in stone and might shift, these ppl are doing this for the first time)...

PS: stressing on the correction made by some of the others above:

1. First batch: 4000 units preordered, around 800 shipped

2.Hardware is extremely high quality

3. Second batch preorders are not yet sold out

4. Open Pandora sell a portable micro computer made of off the shelf components and all software on it is open source. Open Pandora do not approve piracy and will never guide you to where you can download pirated software + emulators don't ship with the unit, you will need to download them separately


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