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Segway daddy unveils DIY weight-loss stomach pump


Re: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Really. Sort of a 21st century approach to the old Roman vomitorium. Did anyone check the press release for an "April 1, 2013" date?

SECRET 28 'scientific experts' who Greened the BBC - Revealed!


Proper use of language

Most educational. Now we all have learned that "the best scientific experts" is another way of saying "people who don't know a lot about science". Now we can use this construction in other fields, such as, "The cast of 'Jersey Shore' is made up of the best etiquette experts." Thanks BBC!

USS Enterprise sets out on its final mission


Re: @Heathroi - No, that's Privateers

Speaking of "pour encouragement les autres", the Enterprise's home port in Norfolk is just a couple miles across the water from a place still known today as "Blackbeard's Point", where said pirate's head was placed on a pike after the governor of Virginia sent the Royal Marines after him.

Boffins zapped '2,000 bugs' from Curiosity's 2 MILLION lines of code


Not just Coverity

Other reports listed a whole collection of static analysis tools used, most of the major vendors, plus some NASA homegrown tools. Sourcing articles from Coverity press releases by any chance?

Bill Gates, Harry Evans and the smearing of a computer legend


Re: Koch brothers takeover of IEEE?

Add another layer of foil to keep the evil Koch Brothers rays away. Heavy duty Reynolds Wrap should do the trick.

Amazon cloud knocked out by violent storms in Virginia


Just Amazon?

Seems like about half the world has a data center in Northern Virginia, and came through it OK. Was there some unique combination of factors that hit Amazon? Maybe they need to do a little reliability re-engineering.

Climate-change scepticism must be 'treated', says enviro-sociologist


Grants please

The climate change gravy train is rapidly coming off the rails. Looks like the good professor is trying to get her piece of the action before it crashes completely.

Barack Obama: Bland, predictable and cheesy ... on Spotify


What did you expect?

Of course they're bland and predictable. You can bet the list was analyzed and focus-grouped for weeks to find a list that would not have anything controversial or offensive to anyone on it.

Presidential candidates always release their "summer reading" list to make them look like deep thinkers. This is just a new angle to portray the pres as a cool guy by the fact that he's releasing his song list. Fits right in with the Obama campaign's new collection of fashion accessories by famous designers. You don't expect our politicians to run on substance do you?

Make streaming a felony: Obama


Any questions?

Who benefits from this?

- lawyers and the entertainment industry.

Who were the largest contributors to the Obama campaign?

- lawyers and the entertainment industry.

California's green-leccy price system will stifle plug-in cars


We know what comes next

On reading this my first thought was that CA will just add yet another layer of regulation to "solve" this problem. Apparently they already have, according to post by Sameer: "They install a separate meter at your house, you are billed separately for it, and it is actually MUCH MUCH lower than the general rate on the house ($0.05 USD/kwh for the car vs an average $0.27/kwh for the house in my neighborhood)."

$0.27 per kwh? That's 2X to 3X what the rest of the country pays.

Now your average enterprising Californian will quickly figure out that he can save quite a bit by routing some of that 5X cheaper power to his house, which will require yet another set of regulations and inspectors to make sure your "electric car" connection isn't really running your dishwasher...

Surprise Automotive X Prize winners announced


Winners from NASCAR country

Interesting that both American winners are from the heart of NASCAR country, LiIon from the suburbs of Charlotte, and Edison2 halfway between Martinsville and Richmond.