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Microsoft pulls Windows 11 24H2 from Insider Release Preview Channel


Re: Recall recall as it recalls privacy & security

I was expecting the "recall" pun in the article, if not in the subheader. Was it "too obvious" for the Reg hack?

AI PCs are here but a killer application for biz users? Nope

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Might be beneficial...

I wish i had an AI PC for work.. this one has but a puny Quadro P520 barely enough to run a game at a reduced resolution :-(

As I said: it _might_ be beneficial but not for my productivity

Was there no one at Microsoft who looked at Recall and said: This really, really sucks


apart from the regular "privacy ..." Recall concerns

the simple but useful "show password" button, that you only push when you are sure nobody is looking over your shoulder: that's useless now because you never know when Recall might hit you!

Apple crushes creativity and its reputation in new iPad ad


enough material for a bunch of film students' class projects. They'd better get James McGill to direct.

ByteDance 'would rather' torpedo TikTok than sell it off


bytedance VPN

now there's something that would *really* worry me: a VPN under control company beholden to please the CCP rulers.

As an aside: accessing TikTok via VPN isn't really an option as the *app* will be banned from Apple's and Google's stores. On Android you _can_ still install stuff from other app stores but it's likely not enough to wean american teens off their iAddiction.

Logitech MX Brio 705 – where Ultra HD meets Ultra AI


Also my web cam already offers 100% absolute face visibility, I consider this the absolute baseline functionality of *any* web cam.

Calling BS on this gem:

> Logitech said: "With MX Brio, users experience 2x better face visibility

SAP hits brakes on Tesla company car deal


Re: Tesla warp erp

> Will never understand how it came to dominate the market.

probably to do with an army of sales people, driving around in cars, helps with that.

Apple Vision Pro is creating a new generation of glassholes


Re: if only "Vision Pro" was easier to turn into an insulting portmanteau

You win 1 internet for the day for that: *Vision Pro*stitutes

CERN seeks €20B to build a bigger, faster, particle accelerator



in 2035, a Tour de France prologue purely underground, 280km through a tunnel before they install the accelerator hardware?

Musk claims that venting liquid oxygen caused Starship explosion


Re: Its a Test

>why they didn’t just load a mass dummy instead

they ran out of Elon's old Tesla S's?

NASA, Lockheed Martin reveal subtly supersonic X-59 plane


Re: US Presidential Requirements: Why 35 and Born in the US?

wisdom comes with age like cancer comes with smoking: it's a statistical process and not guaranteed to happen in every case.

Cases where it didn't happen: my cigar-smoking heavy-drinking uncle of 82 years, and DJT.

Silicon Valley weirdo's quest to dodge death – yours for $333 a month


Thanks, I'll self-identify a milli-millionaire from now on

Why Nvidia and AMD are roasting each other over AI performance claims


>Nvidia's HGX platform meanwhile tops out at 640GB.

640GB RAM should be enough for everybody!

Japanese brewery using generative AI to dream up new beverages


> ...Thankfully the results will be tested by humans before being foisted on the public.

Not necessary: AI can generate consumer feedback more efficiently than focus group, survey etc... that's so last centrury!

PLACEHOLDER ONLY Someone please write witty headline here


Re: For dev eyes only

I added a "I'm feeling lucky" checkbox in a dialog for ourt internal software which can speed up your workflow a lot by performing checks giving only a pass/fail but not persisting any detail as to why. Works great because 90% of the time people already know it's going to pass.

This was supoposed to get a "proper" name before it went into production but of course did pop up before users' eyes. We were informed that is "unfprofessional", and the checkbox is now called "Quick mode" and nobody understand what it does.


Re: Sudden Impact

You're going to need a need a bigger envelope for doing calculations on the back of.

Is little Timmy somehow fixed in space and manages to stop dead a 500kg bot doing a runner's pace while squishing just 25.4mm?

If Timmy _is_ fixed in space by having his back against a wall, there'd be little chance of survival.

In a more realistic "inelastic collision" crash, 15km/h is typically survivable, the deadly threshold being somewhere in between speeds being considered in heated welsh debates.

Your password hygiene remains atrocious, says NordPass


Re: For best results, use a password generator that can give you a long, random string"

so you're saying I should not use "letmein" any more but "keepothersout" is more secure? Ah, i get it now.

South Korea opens the door for robots to roam among pedestrians


Re: Sudden Impact

You're going to need a need a bigger envelope for doing calculations on the back of.

Is little Timmy somehow fixed in space and manages to stop dead a 500kg bot doing a runner's pace while squishing just 25.4mm?

If Timmy _is_ fixed in space by having his back against a wall, there'd be little chance of survival.

In a more realistic "inelastic collision" crash, 15km/h is typically survivable, the deadly threshold being somewhere in between speeds being considered in heated welsh debates.

It is 2023 and Excel's reign of date terror might finally be at an end


Re: Great. We're getting there

Arguably dd/mm/yyyy is just almost as boneheaded as mm/dd/yyyy. My colleagues in Taiwan use yyyy-mm-dd regularly, that makes good sense as it sorts correctly, Excel date conversion or not.

'Small monthly payment' only thing that stands between X and bot chaos, says Musk


Re: Updated version of the "Fletcher Memorial Home"?

> (We need a Toxic Environment Icon)

there you go sir

HP reveals bonkers $5k foldable tablet/laptop/desktop


so it's kind of the same as the Thinkpad Carbon X1 fold, just a smidgen larger. And you can have one: Lenovo seem to have run out of the things, which indicates that they didn't sell well.

Stoner Cats NFT project declawed for being an unregistered security


very interesting IMDB ratings histogram... 4.7/10 does not tell the whole story.

37% 10/10

37% 1/10

with very little in between... must be that it depends if the viewer is sufficiently stoned

Airbus takes its long, thin, plane on a ten-day test campaign


MAX anyone?

I wonder what awkward engineering choices had to be made here, in order to sell this modified plane as "more of the same" into fleets without having to re-certify their pilots?

Oracle disappoints market with revenue miss as Ellison hints at Azure database move


Am I reading this right?

actual quarterly sales: $12.45 billion, up nine percent year-on-year.

Analysts' expected sales $12.47 billion.

difference: 20 million

Stock market reaction:

9 percent share price slide, wiping around $30 billion

Note: I hate Oracle just as much as the next guy, no tears shed.

Guy who ran Bitcoins4Less tells Feds he had less than zero laundering protections


not SBF

so here's one who did at least serve his customers(*), rather than pissing away customers' hard-earned FTX-style.

(*) albeit their business not being guaranteed 100% above board.

Intel NUCs find fresh life in Asus, but rights are 'non-exclusive'


pushing PDFs

am i missing something here? is this a legit IT industry use case or just Vulture derision for regular office dronery?

Largest local government body in Europe goes under amid Oracle disaster


Re: Equal Pay

Yay, if they had those £800m they could even pay Larry with the change!

Farewell WordPad, we hardly knew ye


Re: Just the text

>15k vs 4k is a fart in the wind these days.

So you'd give someone £15k for £3k and a fart? Where do I apply?

With email, sending attachment more than 3x oversize is a lack of courtesy, unless excused by ignorance



It will show a unix text file with line feeds correctly, whereas notepad shows a useless single line (that may not be the case in recent versions but I'm talking about the ancient stuff that lives on our "production" machines, computers that came wired up to expensive tools & equipment which is still n 27/7 use and can't be replaced without risk)

That's about the only reason it's being used here, but beware, it might decide to write a funny invisible first byte to designate a character set, an evil Windows hack that has buggered up automated workflows here in a not immediately obvious way.

I have met people who swear by it as the "Word Processor that does all I ever need", and that's a fair point really. Not that these will likely upgrade from W7 or W2k or whatever they're using

After injecting pop-up ads for Bing into Windows, Microsoft now bends to Europe on links


Re: "reduce task switching across windows and tabs to help stay focused"

"focused" as in "focused on making money for Micro$oft"

Budget satellite drag sail shows space junk how to gracefully exit orbit


Re: Retrofit?

Thing is, it's quite hard to find and get to those defunct satellites in orbit.

May I quote the venerable D Adams:

“Space is big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist's, but that's just peanuts to space.”

Controversial Chinese drone maker DJI debuts a cargo carrier


It might have much more payload capacity than a swallow but it can't complete in other ways: travelling over 300km a day for weeks at a time to migrate over 6000km, literally never landing while feeding and sleeping airborne, and being powered by little insects. Drone tech has catching up to do in some respects.

Biden urged to completely cripple AI chips to China


Re: That's not how IQ works

Where did you get the idea that IQ works? It's completely wrong.

Goodbye Azure AD, Entra the drag on your time and money


find ${SRC} --exec sed -i -E -e 's/AD/Entra/g' {} \;

what could possibly go wrong?

Man who nearly killed physical media returns with $60,000 vinyl turntable



Also known as "Orthogonal layers of beech placed under extreme pressure" by certain kind of suckers.

Liberté, Égalité, Spyware: France okays cops snooping on phones



what happend to the aigu on spywaré, overzealous spellcheck?

Two new Linux desktops – one with deep roots – come to Debian


I did own a copy of Nextstep 3.3 and ran it on my tricked-out 16MB 486 but when linux grew up some in 1996 or so, I switched over to red hat then debian. I used WindowMaker and was all excited about GnuStep in the early 2000s but kind of turned away from it when other things came up... Nice to see it's still alive. And I do appreciate the NeXTStep look, and still think the vertical menu in the left corner is the correct idea, and miller columns for browsing hierarchical structures, are good. I wish Nautilus had miller columns, I think I'd used them as default probably.

Quirky QWERTY killed a password in Paris


Re: All your QWERTY belong to us...

Yes all very well. My brother's in Germany and not an expert but has Mint on some ageing laptop, ran into trouble when during a fault at an early stage the machine hadn't loaded the German key map yet, bu t his root password had symbols from the german keyboard, GAAAAHH!

I advised to stick to letters/symbols that are common to both US and German keymap for a root PW....

Time running out for crew of missing Titanic tourist submarine


Re: putting in perspective

*money* being the operative word.

I hope the passengers' estates will be on the hook for all the rescue effort expenses, once they have given up, or succeeded.


Re: Dieseling

The air bubble will heat up a lot as it reduces in size to 1/300, but the millonaires' bodies inside are nigh on incompressible (just as if they were ordinary people) and they won't heat up much. The sub is only 6.7m long on the outside so a very rough calculation gives me 20m^3 air volume, in all you have less than 30kg of air in there, if that gets hot it's barely enough to cook the bodies to "well done" let alone burn them up. Thin dry combustible things like their clothes might burn (silk doesn't catch fire easily tho) but not the bodies.

SAP admits HANA Cloud makes for multicurrency messes



no wonder, since an anagram of S/4HANA (=siahana) is: Asia? nah!

Intel to invest another $25 billion In Israel


Bottom line

Corporation care little about their investment going into a brutal apartheid state with unsustainable water habits that deplete the region, as long as the subsidies keep rolling in.

ChatGPT can't pass these medical exams – yet


multiple guess

60ish percent -- hmm. How high is the "tick boxes at random" score for this test?

Ubuntu 23.04 welcomes three more flavors, but hamburger menus leave a bad taste


not a burger

it's a hot dog menu: and the 3-dot icon is just an end-on view of the same delicacy.

India calls for all mobile phones to include FM radios


Re: Still waiting for DAB+ in my smartphone

> DAB isn't known for.. well, anything good.

In fact it's an anagram of BAD

Microsoft cries foul over UK gaming deal blocker but it's hard to feel sorry for them


Brexit and the Tories are terrible but the "my enemy's enemy is my friend" logic doesn't always work. "Brexit", "Tories", and "Microsoft" all score high on the "terrible" scale, but playing one off against the other is a transparent ploy.

It was funny hearing the MS big cheese cry crocodile tears on the Today programme though.

UK consortium bid for NHS data platform falls at first hurdle


Another brick in the wall

..or whatever metaphor is most useful for this: the process of the Tories hollowing-out of the NHS to the point where they can say "well it's so f***d we might as well replace it... oh whaddoyouknow i happen to have some friends who are happy to invest in a privatised health system!".

Euro privacy regulators sniff Italy's ChatGPT ban, consider a pizza the action


Still wonder...

can Google resist the data-slurping urge to somehow use people's interaction with its LLM to somehow be used a s training data?

Or was Tay's swift descent into a Godwin's cesspool enough of a cautionary tale?


Re: Extreme Right or Left Politicians...

> And you yours by ignoring the "extreme left" part...

Hmm just because their flag is red and one of the Cs in CCCP is a leftover relic from 1948 doesn't mean the Chinese government is "left" in any meaningful sense

Microsoft promises it's made Teams less confusing and resource hungry


Re: What the hell is shimmering?

Simmering, as in "chips frying": that was my true experience, my work computer (Dell workstation laptop with Fedora) used to go 100%CPU / fans whining, regularly at 4pm, with Teams being the culprit. Not sure what was going on but a "kill -9" would always sort it out.

Was the official "Teams beta" (rpm or flatpak, can't remember) from Microsoft at the time.

Now using the "PWA" in chrome, works pretty well. Compared to the "Skype for Business" we had before, it's light years ahead.