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Claims of AI sentience branded 'pure clickbait'


generally agree...

... machines are machines.

But i just had to print some pages of some PDFs off someone's OneDireve for my daughter.

We all know printers are sentient and their aim in life is to make ours a misery.

Linux may soon lose support for the DECnet protocol


Protocol wars over?

There was an article in a certain IT news source last week.. I distinctly remember. Google "There is a path to replace TCP in the datacenter"

How a crypto bridge bug led to a $200m 'decentralized crowd looting'


> ...trace and recover the funds.

No-mad, just ge-even

Psst … Want to buy a used IBM Selectric? No questions asked


Re: Hot stuff

Good story. How did the thief get the CP scumbag's admin password? Well maybe it was on a PostIt on the laptop, but I guess stashers of illegal pics are more security concious than regular people, no?

British intelligence recycles old argument for thwarting strong encryption: Think of the children!



>> it should be possible to deploy in configurations that mitigate many of the more serious privacy concerns

this literally means that it is not possible to mitigate _all_ of the more serious privacy concerns.

Java SE 6 and 7 devs weigh their options as support ends


Re: Version numbering still confusing.

The "Java 2" thing _was_ confusing but you're looking back more than 2 decades here. Since then we had 1.5, 1.6, .... and then by convention we dropped the "1." because it was getting retpetetive... not too hard.

Othe version cadences such as 1, 2, 3, 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, (*expletive*), 10, 11 come to mind.

Oracle seeks $1b savings, staff prepare for layoffs


burgeoning market!

"...technology required to build a revolutionary new health management information system in the cloud"

Insert your own post Roe v Wade comment here... i got into enough trouble for a bitter joke about this.

This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15


A Warning

We had a production facility a decade and a bit ago when things were still being made in the UK. Someone on the night shift brought in some sort of homemade pr*n and _everyone there_ had a good ogle at it (i didn't as i rartely had to come in nights!)

HR somehow got wind and interviewed everybody. Some held their hands up and said they'd watched it. Got a written warning. Others said they didn't. Got nothing.

That sums up HR for me.

What do you mean your exaflop is better than mine?


Re: How many values in FP8?

that or 1-4-3, depending on if you're nvidia or not, but I can't remember which is which

Systemd supremo Lennart Poettering leaves Red Hat for Microsoft


Re: A Useful Link ...

Thanks. It says something about the systemd haters that this video has comments switched off.

Near-undetectable malware linked to Russia's Cozy Bear


Well I for one hope that Roshan Bandara finds a job once his CV was widely distributed

Tencent Cloud slaps googly eyes on a monitor, says it can care for oldies


Re: "also comes with an emergency button so it can help users if they fall"

If the AI spots the fall maybe it can then display the 4chan troll face instead of xeyes, for some light comic relief.

Not much of this actually from 'China anymore,' says Northern Light Motors boss


Re: "a 1.5kw hub motor and 48 volt 20AH battery"

No he can't "factor in elevation and luggage" into this, he simply divided "max speed" by "run time at max power". ~1.5kw is a tad more than what propels a sprinting pro cyclist in the last few seconds of a race, at a much higher speed and without the fairing which drastically reduced drag on this thing. At a constant 30 on level ground with no wind, I wouldn't expect the thing to draw more than ~200W.

Up the hill it's harder of course, but you get most of that back when you roll back down. What you have to realise it that a machine like that is nothing like a car, where kneading the tyres alone takes a few 100W because the thing weighs a ton.

Sadly, people who struggle to afford a car won't benefit from a ride like this because they sure can't afford a house with a garage. Same as your average EV, certain lower wealth limits apply. Being poor is expensive.

How did you mourn Internet Explorer's passing?


Re: Amiga 1000 showing an IE logo

nice to see that for omparison. Also shows that there's some skill in a photographer choosing an angle to make the picture speak to the beholder.

Record players make comeback with Ikea, others pitching tricked-out turntables


Re: Digital transmission?

the vinyl and cd "versions" of the same recording are mastered differently, and for vinlyl it's EQ'd with the RIAA curves on recording and playback, that accounts for any sonic differences, with cork sniffers doing the rest to assure the analog signal path's superiority. Oh sorry "analogue" we're being sophisticated here.

AI-driven HR startup snapped up as companies fight to retain employees



Out: Catbert, the evil HR manager

In: Catbot, the evil HR management AI

Salesforce staff back an end to its relationship with NRA


Re: "How do we protect our 2nd amendment & our kids at the same time? "

"Slippery Slope" is a bullshit argument. It's clear that guns make it super easy to kill at a distance, and assault-style weapons make it easier to scale up the "productivity" to a high level.

Yeah you can buy knives here in UK (have to be 18+) and most kids can get one from parents' kitchen as well. But the evidence is clear that _relatively few_ stabbing incidents happen compared to the US. Same with gun 'suicides.

Arming teachers is rubbish too because of the overwhelming firepower of an AR15 compared to Miss Schoolteacher's holstered handgun.

Also: arming teachers is a risk in itself because teachers are under intense stress and sooner or later one is going to give in to the itch to just f**** kill all those annoying brats!

World’s smallest remote-controlled robots are smaller than a flea



just compare these to e.g. a red spider mite: similar in size but the buggers can run about 5x their body length in a second. Their 8 legs move so fast you can't see them when they're running. And all they need is to suck some plant juice to keep going (which can wreak havoc in a greenhouse when there are 1000s of the beasts around)

Foxconn factory fiasco could leave Wisconsinites on the hook for $300m


Re: Giant Ball is Storage

monorail mono-terminal inasmuch as it doesn't go anywhere.

Amazon puts 'creepy' AI cameras in UK delivery vans


surely there needs to be a privacy shield for when the drivers pee in their water bottles?

Elon Musk 'violated' Twitter NDA over bot-check sample size


very good incentive to freshen up my stats knowledge, which is essential in this world of numerical BS.



no, rubbish.

The ensemble size doesn't matter. If you choose 100 _truly random_ users, and "turing-test" them (this test being 100% accurate for the sake of the argument), finding 5 robots, your result is expected to be accurate to ~sqrt(5), no matter how many million users twitter has.

"Lies damn lies..." refers to _improper use_ of statistical methods not the statistical science itself.


1)Twitter has already announced job losses and rescinded recent job offers.

2) Recent buyers of Twitter shares might well have taken Musk at his word. Clearly that wasn't that wise as they are now nursing big losses.

Group 2 gets relatively little pity from here...

Oracle to release on-prem software usage tools to prep cloud switch


> ...Anything you say to Oracle may be used against you in a compliance dispute.

The new Oracle "Miranda warning..." reeled of double-quick at the beginng of a sales call like the statutary warnings in a painkiller advert.

May add: "You don't have to say anything. If you fail to mention something you later rely on in the audit, it doesn't matter because you're f*** either way"

Crooks steal NFTs worth '$3m' in Bored Ape Yacht Club heist


Made my day.

Thank you. I laughed out loud through the whole article, that's got to be healthy.

SpaceX's Starlink service lands first aviation customer


Cabin pressure

What a gem that was: the best written comedy series bar none I think.

British motorists will be allowed to watch TV in self-driving vehicles


In other DOT news, you are now allowed to park your flying car in mid-air above a double-yellow at a height of 15m.

Meta strikes blow against 30% 'App Store tax' by charging 47.5% Metaverse toll


Re: Terrific!

No it's not just you. And yes, I don't care much for people whose own neuro-typical self is the only way of being, and reject anything else.

Still, being autistic is no excuse for being an asshole!

Buying a USB adapter: Pennies. Knowing where to stick it: Priceless


Pest control

I once solved a town-wide pest control problem where a rodent infestation had taken hold to the point of threatening food supplies, only to be told that my highly sophisticated ultrasound based attractant was "suspicious" and "a sub-par effort", in short, the agreed-upon fee was flatly denied.

I did take my revenge on this lot eventually. I ended up with a large family os stepchildren as a result which is a delight is a lot of ways, but proves to be costly now some of them are approaching university age: I do a lot of contracting for Capita Systems to pay for it all.

Man arrested, accused of trying to track woman using Apple Watch attached to car


Apple should do something...

maybe just make the Apple watch 10x as expensive... so only _really rich_ stupid people strap them to a car as a tracker.

Linux 5.17 debuts after 'very calm' extra week of work


Re: This one has lost me!

Yes something like TPM on a stick is it but remember, even if it turns out that someone hacks it and can turn on the paid-for feature for diddly squat, it won't hurt Intell too badly because they hope to milk the large customers who can't afford to be seen to deploy H4xXoR tricks.

Business model Revenue Stream xAAS BS bingo aside: I hate that sort of thing it seems spiteful to actually give some hardware to a customer and say: don't use it it's not allowed, it's MINE!!!!.

It's a bit like Adam and Eve and that apple thing: god's mindset seems inexcusable, it's just a trap. Putting any trust in an entity like that is obviously misguided.

Heaps of tweaks and improvements incoming with GNOME 42


Happy to disagree with the sentiment of this comment section...

Just installed the β of Fedora 36, comes with Gnome 42 beta. Changes are subtle but welcome.

I use Fedora and Gnome for my work machine all day every day, and productivity slumps only for those odd moments when I have to boot into Windows 10 for some reason. The new screenshot tool is good (long time coming...) and I can't complain about the font rendering, all looks fine to me. But then again, I don't even subscribe to the religion of systemd-hating, I just got used to using systemctl/journalctl and enjoy the benefits.

The distraction free / limited user choice philosophy of Gnome's design has its merits, lack of countless hours of fun "optimising productivity by customising every little detail just right for me" aside.

Chip world's major suppliers of neon gas shut down by Ukraine invasion – report


Re: Why do chips need neon?

ArF lasers for DUV (193nm) lithography use it: laser medium is actually mostly Neon by volume, though the actual lasing is done by argon fluoride. The gas doesn't "wear out" but it collects impurities over time (from vessel walls etc) so it's replaced on a regular basis. Fabs have stepped up by installing gas-recycling equipment to capture the "old" neon rather than vent it, but there is still a need for fresh Neon gas.

We have redundancy, we have batteries, what could possibly go wrong?


Re: Almost

slowly draining the fuel tank aside, the other thing weekly testing does to a diesel is wear out bearings etc pretty badly because you're running the machine from cold all the time, when its lubrication system is designed to run nice and hot.

Iran's internet chokepoint caught fire, caused outages


authoritartians of all lands unite...

Iran and Russia a marriage of convenience

Journalist won't be prosecuted for pressing 'view source'


Re: Transcendental question

no, the asserted valuefor pi in Indiana was 3.2, in addition to sqrt(2) being 10/7

Hello Slackware, our old friend: Veteran Linux distribution releases version 15.0 at last


no systemd?

I'm used to it now... no way i'm going to run a distro with clunky and unpredictable /etc/init.d scripting bodge

UK government responds to post-Brexit concerns and of course it's all the fault of those pesky EU negotiators


Re: Arrrgh!!! Can we stop arguing about Brexit, it will change nothing !!!

> Brexit happened

No. "Get Brexit done" was another false promise.

"Get the end of the beginning of Brexit done" was on offer, and arguably got done.

Former Oracle execs warn that Big Red's auditing process is also a 'sales enablement tool'


recursive backronym

O racle

R apes

A resehole of

C ustomer

L ube

E xtra charge

Tesla driver charged with vehicular manslaughter after deadly Autopilot crash


open & shut

ok this case seems pretty obvious: driver not paying atterntion, if he had been, no accident.

But the Rafaela Vasquez case is more subtle: ok Rafaela wasn't paying attention but if he had been, he might not have seen the pedestrian, stepping out of the dark in front of the car. Can't really blame the Tesla for that either. If it had been a human driver it would probably have been judged "accidental".

Snap continues to make a spectacle of itself as it tries to trademark the word spectacles


good point, so really "sanp" being a generic word for this is a similar case to the abovementioned spectacles being branded SPECTACLE

Developer creates ‘Quite OK Image Format’ – but it performs better than just OK


Re: Colour me impressed...

conversely, if the film is good, the quality of the image is not so important. I'd rather watch a decent movie on a b/w TV as opposed to some badly-scripted drivel in glorious HD and 10 bit colour (ok i've never actually seen _anything_ in 4k other so how would i know how it feels... but i doubt it can make up for poor content)

New submarine cable to link Japan, Europe, through famed Northwest Passage


Re: Who are the customers?

Neve underestimate the bandwidth of a 1000ft container ship laden with LTO tapes...

Wi-Fi not working? It's time to consult the lovely people on those fine Linux forums



This is not a computer story but related: my motorcycle was often slow to start, but one day I really tried a long time (kickstarter only) and decided that something was wrong. I walked the machine to the Honda shop which was about 8km away, slightly downhill most of the way thankfully. They flicked the kill switch and off I went, relieved that no repair bill would stretch my student budget.

When product names go bad: Microsoft's Raymond Chen on the cringe behind WinCE


i saw a sportswear shop in Krakow named "the athlete's foot", sadly it was before the days of phome cameras so no pics.


Re: I swear it was unintentional...

what about the Toyota MR2 in France? Is it true it didn't sell well because of the name?

The nub of the issue: Has your ThinkPad's TrackPoint gone TITSUP*? You aren't alone


Had a ThinkPad for years, lately work bought me a Dell portable workstation thing, though initially not delighted I quite like it, (and the leftmost lower key as correctly got Ctrl written on it!): but the trackpoint is USELESS.

Can't adjust to a useful sensitivity level.

The dark equation of harm versus good means blockchain’s had its day


*pure* capitalism

A lot of the harmful stuff we do, in a capitalist society, is because it's *nice* in one way or another. Yes a monster SUV, a cozy warm house, a flight to Phuket or a 12oz steak from Argentina may be horribly bad for the environment, but they are of benefit to the one who buys them, and earn the seller money.

Crypto currency removes the "value" from the equation and just fucks up the world for money, no added benefit in the process.

James Webb Space Telescope may actually truly launch this century, says NASA

Thumb Up

Love it

James Webb Space Telescope. It warms my heart that space technology is _sometimes_ used for the benefit of humanity, rather than as yet another hi tech weapon, space junk comms sattelite network, or a zero-gravity penis for billionaires.

Yeehaw, y'all! Texas done got itself a honkin' new Samsung semiconductor plant


Bulgogi for me every time rather than texas barbecue... maybe a welcome addition to the "BBQ trail"



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