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FBI docs out home-brewed spyware probes

Paris Hilton


i'm dubious of this. HAving looked at the more comprehensive article on Wired the FBI are being typically vague. I'd suggest that they infact infected all 33 pages from the myspace group, and by process of elimination found their man.

I doubt very much if thats a constitionally valid course of action.

She knows a dubious course of action when she sees one.

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

Paris Hilton

here's hoping...

TPB use the precedent set to raise a class action suit on behalf of all europeans against Verbatim/ Sony/ Iomega/ TDK/ BASF/ SanDisk/ Hitachi/ Western Digital

Thats before we get to the software people, Iøm sure MS assists in copyright infringment.

I'm quite sure a competant team will have this judge begging for mercy before long. Its not that I agree with what they are doing, but I just don't think its fair or "just" to single them out. Especially when there are clearly much bigger fish to fry.

I bet our Paris loves a big fish

The security expert's armoury

Paris Hilton

great work

thanks for these

(she does great work too)

Uncle Sam buys 20 petaflops BlueGene super

Paris Hilton

imagine a bowulf cluster of those

... no, hold on, wait ...

I'll get me coat.

(Paris 'cos she loves a cluster)

Public support for ID cards dips to 55 per cent

Paris Hilton

let me get this right

They are now saying, no one can access the data, and we don't need to carry it.

Excuse me if this seems a little f'king redundant.

(hilton will never be redundant)

Net think tank: Phorm is illegal


so they'll change the law

to make it fit their aspirations.

Its what government do.

FIPR have apparently even been kind enough to highlight the exact chapter of the current legislation which needs a minor tweak.

I almost want to suggest that we should have kept quiet and sued them into the abyss after the fact.

Swisscom chills to the sound of whalesong


its two pears humping

not much else to say

'Facebook fatigue' kicks in as people tire of social networks

Paris Hilton

i'm glad that mark whasisface...

won't be getting that hugely over-rated sum.

Silly sausage, he should have sold it while it was obviously peaking.

moreover, I'm deeply enjoying the smug satisfaction that a whole slew of these stories are now now going to spread through the outlets, and I'll sit back watching the vacuous and banal gawp in stunned silence, as another of their "it changes everything" slides into the deadpool.

You summed it up perfectly with the whole "log in, spy on a few exes, log off".

the businessy oriented ones are not much better. show me a fully featured IM client

paris angle: vacuuous twat

(extra 'u' intended)

Tag-a-lag: Chip implants mooted for UK prisoners


missed opportunity

the title could so easily have been:

tag a laggers ding dong

/apt get coat

Queen's Speech hits YouTube


re: comments disabled

they weren't disabled at the outset.

i managed to get one in.

it wasn't polite, but it was to the point.

MEPs slate EU's terror assault on our data rights



Anonymous Coward be warned, your cards are marked and your days are numbered! Talk that that is simply not acceptable. Do not pass go, and certainly do not write angsty teen poetry on the back of till receipts whilst working a minimum wage job.

CIA erased waterboarding videos

IT Angle

Check the lifts

Somebody dies in custody. Destroy the tapes. Problem solved.

I bet the CIA check the reg every friday for insight on how to go about covering up such monumental cockups.

In fact, I bet there`s a whole host of terrorists trapped in lifts around Langley.

Google fitted with (temporary) Digg implant

Paris Hilton

this is weak

so we can now influence our own search results.

this idea seems redundant.

Eitherway, i'm not particularly fussed, since I no longer use a google account, and I wont be logging in to adulterate my search results.

This whole pandering to the "crowd" and letting them "vote" is getting out of hand.

next thing you know, they'll want us to pick our governments.

No, hold on...

I'll get me coat

El Reg fires up online standards converter

Thumb Up



any chance we can have a quality metric?

Pentagon: Electromagnetic pulse bombs from 2012


F22 - By Anonymous Coward

What Australia actually lacks is a good reason to buy the kit mentioned in the first place.

just a thought.

21CN: It's not the data saviour


54 kilobits

hah, mine was better. I had 56K.

oh, theres my coat. cabs waiting, see ya.

oh, before I go.

Sometimes, I wish I had no soul, then I could work in marketing and sell all these lies, upto 4x10^6Mb/s with unlimited downloads.

I do feel bad for the ISPs, but they went along with the lies, so really, I don't feel that bad. They painted them selves into a corner. They promoted a business model which was a fabrication.

I've overpaid for crappy service, I've been kicked off ISPs for "unfair use" (that was funny, it was kazaa, BT, and a 33.6K modem)

Quite simply, I'm waiting for the middle class moral outrage while the ISPs play victim.

meh, its one of the reason I left the country, doesn't affect me.

(that'd be the international NIMBY)

Blu-ray outsells HD DVD 2:1 in US

Dead Vulture


all this belly aching is already redundant.

the format of choice is clearly going to be VOD. Its a done deal. the Xbox and the PS3 are more than capable of delivering it. The discs are too late to the game, they are dead in the water.

Only Sky can save digital TV


Yep - what worked for the newspapers

is bound to work for the telly.

I revel in the vast choice of well informed, lucid, and balanced newspaper articles available to me everyday. Not the celebrity pap, human interest drivel and middle bollocks you'd expect to see from a populist lowest-common-denominator-driven model of information provision.

Actually, stop the press, I may have got that wrong!

The RIAA will come to regret its court win


iiiiiin one

that article would have got bully's star prize.

VXers exploit Burma protest to punt Trojan



(nice user name)

I think you've posted on the wrong forum.

<a href="http://www.thesun.co.uk/portal/site/mysun/">the sun, have your say</a>

<a href="http://chat.dailymail.co.uk/dailymail/index.jsp">daily mail board</a>

<a href="http://www.express.co.uk/haveyoursay">the express, have your say</a>

Hope you enjoyed your stay, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Brazil braces for TV soap-induced blackout


it could be worse...

we could tune in every week to find out novel ways to use an electro magnet, or, to find out whether the PFY is still stuck in the elevator (etc etc)...

Home Office pops open ID procurement porkbarrel


I left the UK last year

This scheme was one of the many deciding factors.

I didn't have anything to hide, I'll be honest and open when asked in fact.

However, that doesn't mean I'll endorse a system which will happily shunt my personal & private data around to anybody on a temp contract in any of the massive bureaucracies. I think its a little naive to do so.

I haven't taken a new nationality yet, so I still have the opportunity to vote. Problem is, I can't endorse any of the options available, and in all honesty I'd feel ethically violated in lending my support to them.

Broadband claims mislead on speed


it will allow for broadband speeds of up to ...

... 24Mb

... 50Mb

... 100Mb

... 1000Mb

they can upgrade their network all they like.

I think we all know why the actual speeds advertised can't be achieved, but it will not stop them advertising what amounts to utter rubbish.

Last mile fibre?

Now that would be a network upgrade worth talking about.

Police want DNA collection superpowers


if i remember correctly

the police declined the opportunity to help inflate the database with their own samples.

odd, I can't think why?

Also, what I don't understand is they rarely break out the DNA kit anyway.

If my car is stolen (as is pointed out above) they can usually only be bothered to issue an incident number, even if the car is subsequently found.

I'm glad I left.

Teachers vote to ban internet


school is for socialising not learning

Any middle class parent will substantiate this.

The rise of the private tutor is the key indicator to follow.

If parents can't afford private tution, so be it.

MIT in Matrix 'Crowd Farm' plan


jesus wept!

producing enough electricity to power a <insert punchline>

2012 Olympics logo debuts to whalesong


RE: blow job

it hadn't occurred, but that image is now forever sullied.

thank you.

I shall of course take great pains to inform all and sundry of it remarkable likeness.