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Pandora tops 1000 boxes


A couple people mentioned 4K pre-orders...

Of which I'm one, and still looking forward to my order delivery.

There are a couple forum scrapers out there - of which Alec's Craig Stalker(tm) is one of the better in my opinion - that help immensely with the project updates. The team's been fairly forthright, and delays for quality control, Volcanos, the whole paint the case or not debate, original Nub company failing, etc. have spawned the 2 Months joke that has sadly remained true to this point. Certainly we've had more info from them than from any commercial manufacturer I could think to mention, and they've been great about addressing any hardware issues that have cropped up. It appears we're actually at the 2 month mark now, especially with actual units out in the wild and most of the manufacturing demons tamed - now where's that wood to knock on.

The main use of this handheld is definitely gaming - be it homebrew, ported games like Descent and much of the Id library - still need the resource files for the games - or emulation. But it's powerful enough to run most desktop apps - if slowly in some cases. Probably OpenOffice and Firefox fall into that slow category. A trimmer browser would probably benefit most.

HOPEFULLY almost as soon as batch 1 is done they'll start producing batch 2. Don't know when they'll start taking orders for batch 2, or how large that batch will turn out to be.


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