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Slideshow: A History of Horror in 20 Scary Games


ok so wheres the game that scared the crap outa me when i played it.. astounding audio effects made this game an absolute pants filler... the game.. clive barkers undying

So, just what is the ultimate bacon sarnie?


thick crusty poppy seed loaf. cut roughly into doorstep size slices. thickly slathered with some quality butter , non of that namby pamby healthy eating spread or low calorie nonsense.. proper salted butter.

several rashers smoked or unsmoked whataver your preference.. these need to be fried in lard.. none of that wimpy olive oil or some frylight rubbish. fry until the fat goes slightly crispy .. DO NOT CUT OFF THE FAT IT ADDS TO THE FLAVOUR. any sauce is blasphemy . we had a colleague who put tomato ketchup on a steak at our christmas works dinner.. we of course had to kill him!. The only Thing that needs to accompany a bacon sarnie is of course a good quality strong pint of dark ale!

Ten... Monster tellies


what size?

whats the point in this when you dont even bother listing the screen size. out of all 10 only 1 mentioned size.. pointless, uesless and uniformative.. and yes how about putting them in real world environment... big sofa, pizza and 4 guys playing MW3 on em.

Father-of-three attacked teen after Call of Duty jibes


personally i woulda gone down there and fragged the snotty little shit. ANd where was the mother while her snowflake 13 year old was playing game rated for 18 and over and swearing and abusing people. probably on her back snorting coke while getting bitch slapped.

First-person shooter swaps guns for cameras


all and been done. xbox game and ported to PC too, a japanese based horror survival FPS where you played a girl who used her camera to take pictures of ghosts.

fatal frame it was called and in europe Project Zero...next!

Virgin demands ISPs end broadband speed 'con'


virgin lies

what virgin so oftern fail to mention is there traffic shaping as they are now calling it. when they annouced 50 meg it was unlimited downloads, no restrictions, no throttling or capping. now all of a sudden with the looming 100mb connection virgin are trafiic shaping anyone who uses p2p or newsgroups, in fact just about anyone and everyone who downloads between 10am and midnight the way its been of late. and that shaping has seen speeds dtrop from 6mb/s to less that 500kbs for a lot of people. and this doesnt go back up until after midnight.

And now virgin are suddenly announcing all singing all dancing 100mbits with no limits. and suddenly 50 is so unlimited anymore.

Virgin are the phoniest of the lot when it comes to net speeds, they promise so much and yet what they give in one hand they take away with the other. recetly they announced on 50 meg the upload would be increased from 1.5 to 5mbs.. and on the other hand said .. but if you use it we'll cap you..!!

waste of time and full of lies are virgin

LG takes Optimus into Android prime time


lg fail

never will i buy LG again, got the horrendous LG GW620, stuck on android 1.5 with no updates and as soon as LG released it they abandoned it like they do with there products and there customers.


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