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Beware the trainee with time on his hands and an Acorn manual on his desk


Re: punchlines

OMG... I can remember what I had for dinner last night... BUT.. WHO WAS THAT STRANGE WOMAN THAT DISHED IT UP ??

How to help a user who can't find the Start button or the keyboard?


Re: Can't click any of the things on the screen

You mean they don't ??

Is that why there is all that paper on the floor ??

Elderly Bletchley Park volunteer sacked for showing Colossus exhibit to visitors


THAT is not the point.. The computer museum is an "add on " to the Bletchley Park experience and should be seen as such.. They might get more visitors if the was a small additional; charge to see it

Forget Mars: Let's get someone on the Moon – NASA veteran


Re: A solar cell factory on the moon...

YEAH... but just think of all the space rockets needed to ship the batteries back to Earth !!!

BT's onshoring call centres scheme continues


Barclays customer NON-service

I recently spent almost 2 hours on the phone, 1st to Dehli & then Mombai when all I wanted to do was ring my local bank! It was only because I eventually got the Mombai man to transfer me to someone in the UK that I got an apponiment ! The last person I spoke to,in Sunderlans was also unable to contact my branch and sent them a fax !. When I eventually got to her the local manager was charming and obviously embarrassed at the failure of their system. It was also clear that I was but one of many ! Staff @ Barclays are not allowed to use email !


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