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US govt indicted me because I make privacy tools, says crypto-chat app CEO accused of helping drug smugglers


Re: encryption chat software

how politely you ask :) lol The war is on.


“knowingly and intentionally

How many people have been killed by dynamite? Oh yes, Alfred Nobel set aside money for a prize as pennance.

You get my drift. How about we make the manufacturers of burner phones responsible for every crime discussed on them?

“knowingly and intentionally" is a high bar to prove, and if the feds fail, I hope Eap files suit for malicious prosecution.

As the article suggest, the new US DOJ is cracking down on privacy tools. You can truncate the sentence you published at the word "used."

Thank you,

- Dave


70% of Windows 10 users are totally happy with our big telemetry slurp, beams Microsoft


Re: No need to change the default settings! Erase all of WIN 10

If you really understand video editing, and your hardware, linux is tops for video editing, but yes, it's a learning process.


Re: No need to change the default settings! Erase all of WIN 10

Then you can be a regular trainer for their AI and hand over all of your personal and biological data to Microsoft every time you touch your machine. Great idea!


Re: No need to change the default settings! Erase all of WIN 10

Try GIMP - it also works on Windows so you can try it out, but it works better and has more features on Linux. gimp.org


Re: No need to change the default settings! Erase all of WIN 10

You won! Thanks for sharing the clue only you seem to have. I thought everyone knew about Microsoft subscription plans. They're trying to seed copies of Virus10 on as many machines as possible and deserve a stinging rebuke before the harvest begins.

Why hand over your computer and your personal data to the thieves at Microsoft?


No need to change the default settings! Erase all of WIN 10

The first thing I did with my ASUS laptop - factory loaded with WIN 10 - was to format, wipe, and repartition the hard drive. Debian 9.1 works just fine - I send no data to anyone unless I explicitly decide to, and there is no fee or registration requirement.

Anyone who bows to the illegal monopoly is a fool, and makes the world less safe for us all.

David Roknich

"The future of radio belongs to us"


Cybereason snags $100m from Softbank to mount distribution, tech offensive


Trust software from Israeli Defense Forces?

It would be interesting to know the connection between Israeli Defense Forces and Check Point Software, Palo Alto Network and 'other' corporations suggested in this article.

US Labor Dept accuses CIA-backed Palantir of discriminating against Asian engineers


Re: I can understand a little bit of bias

When slavery was 'ended" and railroads needed workers, many Asians were brought to the US. Since then, California has had a large Chinese population, long before Silicon Valley.

This is purely racial discrimination, and the DOJ Civil Rights division might have had standing, IMO.

I think they stand a better chance than Jeffery Sterling. https://theintercept.com/2015/06/18/jeffrey-sterling-took-on-the-cia-and-lost-everything/


The Old Order Changeth

I wish them luck trying to push this through the courts between now and January 20. This will be an interesting test of the "Double Government" theory. We'll see what types of bureaucratic efforts manage to continue after an election.

Having seen this pattern enough, I really have to wonder if it's just another knowingly futile gesture, of a Democratic administration doing just enough to prove it's Democratic, and not really enough to make a difference.

Obama is the master of duplicity, he has been a wolf in sheep,s clothing from the start, and has done it in style without actually lying (about most things).

Dropbox apologies for clunky administrator account access on Macs


Re: Final straw

I'm not aware of how good their service is - but I doubt it will try to pwn your MBR, and I saw this with DB in 2012, just before the news of yet another Dropbox Hack - they hack 1000s of users, then mysteriously get hacked and all the password are stolen. Then they deny they were actually hacked (as in 2014)


but the latest news puts the lie to their 2014 plea - they were hacked in 2012 and you can check to see if your credentials are publicly available following the procedure given here https://www.troyhunt.com/the-dropbox-hack-is-real/


Dropbox has a Long history of pwnage

Worse than Dropbox hacking your computer is their open (back)door policy that has resulted in regular embarrassments like this one:


By 2012, the regular leakage of user passwords was already an old story. But their business continues to grow, so this time the leak exceeds 68 million users. It's the PT Barnum style of business - if you fail your existing clients, just find new ones. I once had to recover a Mac that had been sadly taken down - watching the boot process, the first thing that came up was Dropbox. This was ca. 2012 - Dropbox owned the MBR and controlled the boot process - on that machine, at least.

Forget Dropbox. Pick an alternative at random from those available - you can't do worse.

Petulant Facebook claims it can't tell the difference between child abuse and war photography


typical fecebook newspeak

The myth of "community" - so commonly used in this era of mass cultural genocide by corporations is particularly insulting.

The future of humanity does not exist within Corporate society. Walk away, create your own, genuine community: define it yourself. Decentralization is our only hope for survival.

In other words, it does not matter to me what fecebook does.

INDYRADIO The future of radio belongs to us. indyradio.info

This Changes Everything? OH Naomi Klein, NO


Re: tl;dr

no, this is junk mail from a denialist troll, not really an article from The Register. I checked the roster, and find consolation the author is not on the staff.


Re: The Register should write about what it knows, this article is a FAIL.

In a left-handed way you seem to indicate the 97% of peer reviewed scientists who have published in the field and agree that the #climatecrisis is real and caused by humans. That estimate has been reviewed several times, and the data seems to indicate closer to 98% upon closer inspection.

I expect to find fossil fuel trolls elsewhere, but please spare The Register. I insist, this topic is a sure FAIL for this venue. Stay with IT.


Re: The Register should write about what it knows, this article is a FAIL.

I don't see that you are directly replying to anything I said.

Please say one thing on point. I did serve, you do not seem to be trying to return the ball, because you came to the court with a stock of rotten eggs to throw at anyone who challenges the economic depredation you relish.

Have a nice day.


The Register should write about what it knows, this article is a FAIL.

This ornate hit piece cites no references, while Klein provides extensive bibliographies from credible peer-reviewed researchers in each of her books.

The logic of the argument that the oil companies are not responsible for the carbon footprint of motorists is severly flawed. They lobby heavily against ever effort for the public to travel w/out the use of individual gasoline powered cars.

One good example of why people are stuck with gas-powered cars is the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Who_Killed_the_Electric_Car%3F

... and with this I shoot down the only argument in the entire 2 pages that might attract support. yes, they are responsible. We could have and should have been using renewable sources of energy while the cost of a barrel of oil was low compared to the cost (in barrels of oil energy) of extraction.

The only reason for the #Climatecrisis is the greed of the fossil fuel industry, and that is why this book is a must-read.

I would suggest The Register stay with it's strong suit hereafter, and avoid topics where it lacks depth and substance.

David Roknich



Google snips Facebook's Gmail line


It was only fecebook, why worry?

Mark Dowling (early comment) sums it up. The pith of the article above is near the end:

"a sweeping picture of who knows who on the internet, a so-called "social graph" that spans 500 million people"

I wonder how long it took for the spoiled brat to figure out what he'd extracted from us.

I do not participate in fecebook, it is absolutely a power grab, not unlike myspace.

I recommend http://indenti.ca - the people's twitter, and diaspora is in the works.

Facebook blames outage on internal config flaw


It was only fecebook, why worry?

they were only down for 2 and a half hours. is that a crisis?

by the way, whatever security problems there are in the new facebook alternative -

diaspora - should theoretically be easy to fix, because everyone insists that the language it uses - Ruby - is inherently secure when properly used, so I look forward to a true non-exploitative Fecebook alternative soon. As for Myspace - I think and international deployment of Drupal 7 with redundant servers is a potential replacement. Drupal 7 is still in alpha, so here's shitspace.org - up and running with drupal 6.19 and sqlite 3.22.x

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create an account and if you want to improve on it, as Ralph to up your privileges

Unofficial fix brings temporary relief for critical Adobe vuln

Big Brother

Warehouse of Bad Code

"Adobe was a pioneer of offloading their code development to India to the lowest bidder."

Ok, then tell me what do they keep in that large building down the street from the Caltran in San Jose?


Read your acrobat docs on a linux machine

this is particularly easy on Ubuntu desktop 8.04.

linux provides several "readers" that require no thought to use or install

just use the default.

Do the Webminimum


GUI is not the problem

All you need is -R on the command line and your mistakes become recursive -;)

If you're capable of this, you're less likely to become an accidental threat.



"Linux is a disaster and Webmin is the saving grace." WRONG.

webmin is useful, but as I indicated earlier, not if you follow the

instructions given by the author of this article.

The correct address is given at the end of the installation,

in case if you do decide to give Webmin a try.

(by the way, it won't install on windoze -;)

Also to clarify the Ubuntu LTS policy:

"A new LTS version is usually released every 2 years. With the Long Term Support (LTS) version you get 3 years support on Ubuntu Desktop, and 5 years on Ubuntu Server."

We're talking about SERVER versions here. Quite a number of the previous posts seem hypothetical, others seem to be thinking more in terms of desktop than server.


Error in the webmin link, but webmin is a handy tool

webmin requires an https connection. the link given at:

"Drop the firewall for just long enough to go here."

won't work. it's always been https://yourserver:10000

unfortunately Ubuntu dropped it from the repos after sarge -

but the "old" repo is updated so just set up a file in sources.list.d

for the old sarge repo

# Webmin packages

deb http://download.webmin.com/download/repository sarge contrib

webmin is not "point and click" but provides a nice overview that you can't get from the command line - and it is very light on resources, unlike windows GUI bloatware

Microsoft shields Russia's refuseniks from police harassment

Big Brother

A turnabout by Microsoft?

The story was worthwhile if only for this quote "we unequivocally abhor any attempt to leverage intellectual property rights to stifle political advocacy"

Wasn't Microsoft all for the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act"? Bill Gates himself testified in favor of it. I wouldn't be sutrprised if his staff wrote parts of it.

According to David Johnson's Digital Media Lawyer's Blog (as of January 2010):

"it can still be difficult to obtain a judgment holding a defendant liable for sending a false DMCA notice."

Which means we have a similar problem in the US.

Will Redmond come to our rescue and make it easier to defeat an unfounded takedown order?

I'm not holding my breath.

David Roknich

Galesburg, Illinois

Google Instant sinks raft of search controls


don't forget to duck, duck -

if you were about to ditch Google, consider


is simple but effective and does not store your search history and/or share it with anyone who asks