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World of the strange: There will be NINE KINDS of Windows 10


Will I get my Windows 10 Pro?

Recently purchased Windows 8.1 Pro based on the promise MSFT made sometime ago about upgrading eligible users to Win 10 for free.

Yet, from this announcement, it looks like they will 'give' it to me just for one year and that too for beta testing. After which I will be forced to pay a fee every year to continue using the 'Pro' features.

Tough Luck if MSFT thinks they can pry money out of me every year for using my computer.

I am happy with my 8.1 Pro. Thank You very much!

KRAKOOM! iPad Air explose in fireball, terrified fanbois flee Apple store


crypto lockers rejoice!

'If you don't pay, we can make your iPad go away!.... Pft..... Into thin Air!'

An offer one can't refuse.

Taking money from an iFan is child's play. Apple does it all the time.

Moody's eyes up Sony's debt: Hmm... junk? Bam! Shares drop 11%


why do we still trust these f***wits?

Didn't Sony grease them enough this time?

Moody's themselves admitted their ratings are merely suggestions that must not be taken too seriously: after the subprime fiasco by confessing that "the bar moves so quickly, it is impossible to predict". Wonder where is that Kolchinsky guy now? Sleeping with the fishes?

It's sad, after all they have done, we still haven't managed to get rid of these ignorant, overpaid pompous gits and worse allow them to offer opinions on how to manage our monies.

Lenovo stands up rinky-dinky new Yoga tablet


Not a Re: Idiot

2 weeks back, was in a local mobile store 'showroom-ing'. Two middle aged men walked in: one drew his VLP (obvious PoS from China possibly without an IMEI) and complained to the drone that it "stuck"and stuttered a lot. His friend joined in the argument that this was an expensive phone (12,000 rupees is no small amount here) and kept asking for a replacement.

The store guy admonished the customer that he should perhaps have listened to him while buying as he had warned that 'Samsungs' 'hanged' at times and how it was always better to go for Apple if one wanted performance from one's phone. The flustered customer somehow saw reason in that wisdom: then haggled and finally exchanged for a supposedly unhangable Apple for 24600inr (400USD for the iPhone 4 16GB, NOT even 4 with an s, just plain 4) after taking a hit of about 75% (consumer protection doesn't apply here in India) and went home beaming.

I walked out in pure awe of the Power of white space and myriad pro.

Samsung Ativ Book 9 Lite: 13.3-inch slimline notebook with a secret


Screen Tilt is good!

Once in a while, if in a foul mood, my 2 year likes to step on the keyboard and push the screen away, much like in the picture.

So far a HP and a Dell have had their hinges broken in a way that they have to be kept permanently open and am unable to source the chassis parts.

So guess this is a feature that I will gladly take.

You're either mighty brave or mighty stupid. So which is it, Twitter?


Where's Marissa when one needs her?

A new, improved, redesigned logo with an appropriately indented ! usually does wonders to turn around ailing dinosaurs with no real revenue or even visitors for that matter into exciting hangouts for yuppies.

At least #twttr has 215 mln users, as per its own estimates ; which must be true. Yahoo! needs them users after all to at least see their redesigned logo.

Btw, sad to see a company that until recently toppled a series of middle eastern govts via twattathons; come down with open arms asking for money from Wall St. types. So much for #VivaLaRevolucion.

Am off to browsing through #NudePhotoRevolutionary for inspiration.

Facebook continues to CONQUER THE WORLD


er.... Plus?

Its established fact that Google Plus has a gazillion users and its growing by billions per month.

Did they all get off before Vince took his screenshot?

Merde! Paris Apple Store in €1m armed raid on New Year's Eve

Paris Hilton

a Million euros?

The million euros must be from a fanboi's perspective.

From ifixit's perspective must have been about 100K euros stolen.

Now am curious, how will apple claim insurance since the insurance people must also be aware of the apple 'premium' MSRPs for its products as against its actual value by components?

Paris, coz she is never fully closed.

Testicle-boiling new iPad ignites fanboi fury


Its a Feature, you phandroids!

Can I patent an iOS App for providing personal heating / heating up sausages? Simply have to put the CPU+GPU in a loop. Am sure the hordes will lap it up at 0.99$ for iPhone 4S/4.99$ for iPad 1 and 9.99$ for HD version iPad 3.

Though I havent actually measured the temp in Hilton scale, my SGSII running Gingerbread becomes alarmingly hot after 30 mins of keeping the display ON even if brightness is like 40% and only the default browser is used.

CA handles La Perla's substantial assets

Paris Hilton

3TB Data.. Wow...

Its not even friday and we are having stories with women flashing their junk.

Is the moderatrix off for Christmas already and LH on duty at Vulture Central?

*Paris... coz I probably have more than 3TB worth of her alone on my PC.

2011's Best... Smartphones


Galaxy SII?

Seriously? Where is it? Is there a page missing from this guide or what? Most other manufacturers were trying to catch up with SGSII for most of the year including the fruit themed company and yet its not featured here.

Is Alun trying that hard to feature in 'Xmas Guide: 2011's El Reg Bloopers' thats gonna come anytime now?



Buy it from Amazon.com?

Seriously el reg?

For a moment upon seeing the above said button, I jumped up and down in joy thinking that amazon has made a rebel iOS app store and so forth. I thought apple's deathgrip problem is now solved with this; while admiring amazon for its ballsy plan to produce an ipad beater and now this. Take that Apple!

So I click on that button with such hope and what do I see?


a bloody floral patterned teen frock. WTF.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Note


Damn you Samsung

Bought the SGSII last month after 5 years with SE K790.

and now they launch this.

Devil manifests in Hungarian bathroom


Look.. there's Wolverine...

a snarling Wolfman in the blue tile diagonally below to the right..

And do i see Gollum(s) in the blue tile... above to the right and below to the left as well? Both seem to be in the process of throwing up - presumably from the sight of laszlo coming out of the shower.

Smartbook done to death by Apple iPad


now, Where do I put my smartbook?

the ipad has virtually knocked my dell mini off my radar. To be honest, I tend to forget that I have a netbook lying somewhere. The ipad does solve my main need from the mini. Casual Web browsing on the bed and couch.

the mini is slow and extremely cumbersome to use with its minuscule mouse-pad. Try scrolling through a popular el reg comments page on your netbook to see what i mean. To connect an external mouse/kb, sort of defeats the portability aspect.

However If i want to get some work done, instead of wasting my time for the mini to boot up and barely be able to run XP without having panic attacks... would rather fire up my 17" monster notebook.

Now why do I need an ipad when the notebook has a perfectly serviceable splashtop OS installed as quick boot? Portability, again.

I tend to think i am like most of the non tech commoners with some amount of dough, limited though, to splurge on these kind of devices. Coz its exactly people like me whom these companies are targeting. Not enterprises, not techies. But commoners.

Now why do i need a smartbook in between a desktop-replacement notebook, a 3G ipad and an ordinary 3G phone when I barely see a place for a smartphone here.

If i were to upgrade, that would be to a 3G phone with a slightly bigger screen - something along the lines of a Dell Streak but definitely never going to be one of those not-here-but-not-there-too 'smartbooks' because my moolah is limited and I want value for what i spend

- coz she sure likes a bit of multi touch!



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