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No, Apple. A 4G Watch is a really bad idea


It's Just a Matter of Time...

...Before a wrist device, coupled to gestures and some other tech that has not yet materialised yet (possibly AR/VR soon and "teleportation" much much later) becomes the next de facto "device du jour"... resistance is futile.

Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition

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"Please sir, can I have some more?"... NO!!

Insert most endearing Oliver Twist picture (with upraised bowl held in both grubby hands) that one can find via image search... A picture is worth a thousand words.

Google and Obama: You’re too close for comfort


The Mother of Cretins...

...as an Italian Serie A proprietor succinctly put it, "is forever pregnant", and since that's not going to change too soon, neither will the misbehaviour of the private and public Goliaths that take advantage of our idle naivety.....

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: GORGEOUS FAT pixel density - but it's WASTED


You have revealed a great deal by your post and the up votes it has received, a great deal about this blog and the identity and nature of its readers.

Thank you very much!

Bono: Apple will sort out monetising music where the labels failed


Re: I used to think he was a tosser

LoL at the "10 steaming turds"!

But basically, you nailed the main gripe most musicians have against the iTunes-inspired singles downloading capability, namely the decline of the album format.

The age-old strategy has been to dilute our best offerings with "album-fodder", while releasing singles as a loss-leader to sell same album, which was the real revenue earner per musician. So, while the innovation has sustained the industry with more downloads, the average musician ( including successful ones) has seen earnings drop owing to the increased selection and choice for the buyer.

Tough tacos, I say: Vox Populi, Vox Dei...

Bill Gates, drugs and the internet: Top 10 Larry Ellison quotes


Re: After winning the war with Sun?

... And SAP being caught with their hand in the Oracle cookie-jar and being ordered to pay a billion or more in compensation.

Victory upon victory upon victory, it must be said of this faithful pal of Steve Jobs.


Re: Love him or hate him...

Incompetence is the last charge you levy against a CEO who for the entire duration of his leadership kept the 800lb gorillas of IBM (DB2) and Microsoft (SQL Server) at bay, clearly behind his product (even if not by much), as the bespoke data warehousing solution of choice for the Enterprise...

Oh, and one quotation that was missed out here, by far his best and most hilarious given the jitters it sent down Microsoft's spine at the height of the anti-competitive scrutiny of the US Government:

"It's Humanity versus Microsoft..."

Sayonara, Samurai-Sama.

Question: What do you call the Oracle management after the departure of their long-serving supremo?

Answer: Ronin...

Report: American tech firms charge Britons a thumping nationality tax


Re: I think...

The truth may be that the UK Mercantile Class is much greedier than it is Stateside, and can get away with price gouging much more easily

And, for my money, the people here are more accepting of such anomalies, instead preferring to "curse the darkness rather than light a candle".

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Proof the pen is mightier?


You want to check out the GetConsole serial dongle (wired and wireless) and app for iPad that allows console

connection to Cisco, Juniper, Brocade and HP routers, switches and servers among other far-out-there Enterprise features that will blow your mind.,.


MySpace zaps millions of teens' tearful rants, causes wave of angst


Re: Content you create but don't own

All my playlists, contacts, photos and history are intact, restored within minutes on login to the new MySpace...

But then again, I have not been, like most people, a fair weather friend; I've checked in every now and then, posted, connected, uploaded, created playlists, read and responded to messages.

It wouldn't surprise me that those complaining virtually abandoned their blogs and stuff in the wake of the rise and rise of FaceBook.

Seize your moment, Microsoft: iPad is RUBBISH for enterprise


Re: The 95% Rule.

The sad and irritating truth is that the knowledgeable and fiercely-biased if not downright dishonest 5% hijack the opinions of the mostly-silent 95% majority time and again, skewing their clever arguments to fit rationality to their thinly-disguised hatreds and bias.

It becomes very difficult to discern whether they truly desire to educate us when they let slip all manner of unkind digs to attack the objects of their umbrage, and use the "damnation with faint praise" tactics that we associate with that other unsavoury breed, politicians.

In the main, they come across as paid shills when the reality of enterprise use cases of tablets (see the airline, hotel, medical and music creation industries for examples) multiply on a daily basis. Shame.

Can Big Blue survive another century?


And, for a great Birthday present, dig this...

Ironically, in the week that Big Blue turns 100, it has slipped unnoticed past it's arch-enemy Microsoft in one metric - Market Capitalization.

That must delight the folks at IBM quite a lot.

iTunes Match is iPiracy, claims loopy Oz industry troll


90% of Zip is Diddly-Squat...

While 2% of something is something.

"Bread-head" musicians make this argument all the time, and in a nutshell this is what Apple must have been hammering out to the record labels all this time.

It offers a chance to recoup "lost" revenue in a royalty-like system which is based on the "little drops of water, little grains of sand, make a mighty ocean and a desert land" hymn..

Skype bug gives attackers access to Mac OS X machines



Or BCAM - Between Chair And Monitor;

Or my favourite:

PICNIC - Problem In Chair Not In Computer

Nokia sues Apple in European courts


The Motive is not Money

I've said before, and will say it again: Nokia's motive in suing Apple is not money - otherwise both teams of negotiators would have happily agreed by now on what constitutes a FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) patent fee for technologies infringing.

The intention all along has been to get some form of legal constraint and worldwide sales ban (similar to what NTP obtained in its complaint against RIM in 2006) to hold up the global Apple juggernaut - and even then Nokia may still hold out for unreasonable terms.

What Nokia is looking for is time to play catch up, but instead of moving faster, they are attempting to slow down the opposition. What about Android? WP7? How long can this strategy hold off the inevitability of losing overall primacy in the cellular handset market to the faster and more innovative game-changers in the market?

HP sues Hurd to keep secrets from Ellison

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Infantile Analysis, Dude...

Infantile analysis of a very tense and volatile situation, brought about by a very unwise "boardroom coup".

Things were dicey enough for HP's server business when Oracle acquired a vertically integrated software + hardware giant like Sun Microsystems, what with Oracle database software running mainly on a variety of HP "big iron".

But with the sacking of long-time Ellison pal Hurd who was a key player in the reversal of HP's sagging fortunes, Oracle's prompt hiring of the same man and now this temperature-raising lawsuit, I am starting to appreciate Ellison's comparison of Hurd's sacking with that of another long-term pal Steve Jobs from Apple in the mid-80s.

Equally ill-timed and unwise? I think so: Hurd is just the kind of guy Oracle needs to turn around the hardware division of its recent acquisition. Nice move, HP.

Worse still, the manner of Hurd's sacking is certain to fire the man up to succeed at the task of turning around Oracle-Sun's "big Iron" at the expense of HP. I'm sorry, Ellison's flowery language or no, this is not looking good for HP. More heads will roll, that's for sure, when the dust of this spat clears...

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Agree... and furthermore,

those HP board members that followed this trivial sacking through after the initial charges of sexual harrassment were found to be untenable knew that they had "tipped their hand" and revealed to Hurd the identity of his enemies within HP.

As such, they knew that if he survived the coup and retained power they were "dead men / women walking". Hence the trivial-seeming nature of the expenses "rap" that he was nailed with.

Payout or no, this war is going to continue, and I don't see any fairy-tale "Steve Jobs rejoins a resurgent Apple" ending to this sorry saga. And by the way, my money's on more heads rolling at HP when the dust clears...


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