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Electrocution? All part of the service, sir!

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"Today's story comes from "Thor" (obviously not his name and a sign the Regomiser has watched too many movies in lockdown)"

FWIW, Thor is quite a common name in Scandianavia, even (slightly) increasing in popularity.

And no, it's not connected to either paganism or superhero movies. People just like it as a traditional name.

Abracadabra! Tales of unexpected sysadmagic and dabbling in dark arts

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Re: Couldn't close filing cabinet.

The one next to my desk does work exactly like that. Which is super annoying as, when left alone, the bottom drawer has a tendency to roll itself out just enough to activate the lock.

Through many dangers, toils and snares.... SpaceX to send amazing GRACE to spaaaaace

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"The pair measure Earth’s gravity field by detecting minute changes (down to a micron level) in the distance between the spacecraft caused by anomalies in gravity."

I'm guessing that the crafts are affected by variations in gravity, not just anomalies.

Score one for the bats and badgers! Apple bins €850m Irish bit barn bid

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Why do countries want to host data centers anyway?

They are a huge drain on space and energy resources, and don't offer much in return when it comes to employment. Once built, I doubt it takes more than 20 or 30 people to run it.

BOFH: Give me a lever long enough and a fool, I mean a fulcrum and ....

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My Gods...

Even knowing that it was a joke all along, I could feel my hands aching to slap that twat across the room about halfway through the story.


That virtually impossible classic compsci P vs NP problem is virtually impossible, say boffins

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Re: To P, or N to P

> I think that's just the article author talking.

Quite possible. It's also possible that the algorithms presented in the Wiki article and the one referred to by the article are different - the one referenced in the article may be smarter, but still hits a roadblock at some point.

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Re. That virtually impossible classic compsci P vs NP problem is virtually impossible, say boffins

>Therefore I'm not sure what the actual problem under discussion is here - I wish El Reg would write clearly.

The very first sentence of your link states the problem that the article also refers to: "These brute-force algorithms to count the number of solutions are computationally manageable for n = 8, but would be intractable for problems of n ≥ 20,"

In the words of the article: "The researchers found that once the chessboard is larger than 1,000 by 1,000, computers can no longer cope with the monumental number of possible squares in which to place a queen."

India sets June 5 as the day it will join the heavy-lift rocket club

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Geostationary vs. LEO

Offhand, it's a bit odd that the article describes the launcher as being for geostationary placement of satellites, then goes on to compare it to other launchers' LEO capabilities.

Is this a solution to Trump signing away your digital privacy? We give Invizbox Go a go

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Re: It might be good, but...

You're wrong, The only instance of the word 'paranoid' in the article is here

Alright. The article does say:

if you choose to use Invizbox's VPN, you are essentially trusting them completely with your privacy.


We wouldn't go so far as to say the system is NSA-proof (what is?) but if you are serious about protecting your personal data ... – and you trust the VPN provider to be true to its word ...

So if you are as paranoid as you say, then the article arguably tells you quite clearly that this product is not for you.

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Re: It might be good, but...

In fairness, the article does state that this product is not for the paranoid, so it may not be for you.

Really, it's about whether you trust a company that has no interest in protecting your privacy vs. your trust in a company whose existence is dependent on doing just that.

Bloke accused of Linux kernel.org hack nabbed during traffic stop

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Re: Proportionality

If the judge thought he'd get anywhere close to 40 years, he wouldn't have let him get out on a 50k bail.

About a year plus/minus some community service sounds more likely.

Behold, Microsoft SQL Server on Linux – and a firm screw-you to Oracle

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Re: Too louses

Oddly enough, that's exactly the word I use for people that will speak up on the matter without any context.

Personally, I've saved two companies about 100k EUR/year by analyzing their database usage and recommending they go with MySQL/MariaDB instead of their blind use of Oracle for their address books.

Another death in Apple's 'Mordor' – its Foxconn Chinese assembly plant

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No, I haven't the faintest idea why I'm commenting a story that's more than 6 months old either

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Where I worked until recently, we were "resources". I suppose that's one step above stats, still quite far away from being considered a human being.

Official UN panel findings on embassy-squatter released. Assange: I'm 'vindicated'

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Quite legal to Sweden.

Illegal because the Swedes have shown many times in recent years that they are quite happy to hand over anyone that the US asks for - including their own citizens.

The whole thing would have been over a long time ago, if the Swedes had guaranteed that Assange will not be handed over to the US. That they haven't done so tells Assange all he needs to know.

Americans care more about EU data protection laws than the French

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" which is more than can be said for the French. There have been fewer than 10 downloads from France."

Perhaps people aren't downloading it because those who are interested got the pdf version several days ago and are reading that on a proper screen rather than a phone screen?

Cure for death (by PowerPoint) emerges from Japan

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Easiest way to avoid DbPP...

At our company, the Exchange server and all Outlook clients are set so all appointments have a default length of 30 minutes rather than 60.

Presto, productivity up by some 2-digit percentage.

Best shot: Coffee - how do you brew?

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Re: Madam Blå

Why would the article include mention of a product you haven't been able to buy since 1966?

BOFH: You can take our lives, but you'll never take OUR MACROS

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"Steering a luser to use Access. No way that is going to end well."

And then ... give him admin access to his own sharepoint subsite...

I saved Pinterest's business and all I have to show for it is a t-shirt

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"Pinners" - really?

"Pinheads" more likely

IBM PCjr STRIPPED BARE: We tear down the machine Big Blue would rather you forgot

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Re: Floppy drives

"nor was the 1.2MB drive that the reviewer got in his machine ever offered by IBM

Are you sure about that? I know it was a long time ago, but I remember having an IBM PC-AT back in the day."

I'm referring specifically to the offerings for PCjr.

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Re: Floppy drives

"Ah... as someone who actually used the floppies of the era (on IBM PCs, DEC Rainbows, Apple IIs, and others) I can say that the 360 kB drive was NOT a single-side drive."

As someone who actually owned a PCjr, I can confirm this. Also, there was never a single-sided drive configuration nor was the 1.2MB drive that the reviewer got in his machine ever offered by IBM. This must be a 3rd party product.

Muslim clerics issue fatwa banning the devout from Mars One 'suicide' mission

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"But now the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment (GAIAE) has issued a fatwa forbidding devout Muslims from taking part."

Without seeing a translation of the original text, I doubt that very much indeed.

Fatwas do not forbid anything. The provide an opinion on what the holy texts say, but no concrete instructions to do this or the other.

(no, there never was a fatwa saying to kill Rushdie. There was a fatwa saying his text was blasphemous. Then there were people who, based on that, put a bounty on his head)

Bosses to be banned from forcing new hires to pull personal records

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Re: Explanation?

"You talk to the Department for Work & Pensions. It is ILLEGAL to discriminate over the fact that you WOULD NOT break the law."

Much as I understand you're angry, violating a website's T&C is not breaking the law. It's breaking terms of a contract. There's quite a difference between the two.

Snowden journo boyf grill under anti-terror law was legal, says UK court

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European supreme court

When has the European supreme court ever concerned itself with state/citizen relations? Shouldn't a journalist know better?

(I ask this fully aware of the number of times this fine publication has stated that the European court of human rights is an EU institution...)

Google, Apple pop a cap in that Flappy Birds crapp app flapp

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Re: I've never heard of such a brutal and savage injustice

I've got to admit to a certain degree of fascination at the amount of effort that people are willing to put into telling the world about things they don't care about.

Virgin Media's 'little(ish)' book of deals contained BIG FIBS, rules ad watchdog

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Re: ASA - still a waste of space

The fines themselves are laughable, that's true.

But ASA gets this mentioned in the press. Which teaches people to be aware of the small print and other little things to be aware of in future advertising. Making it harder for cretins to try and pull similar stunts.

Not perfect, but not completely toothless either.

Good news: 'password' is no longer the #1 sesame opener, now it's '123456'

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create and forget

"Avoiding the use of easily-guessed passwords is simple enough if users employ a bit of creativity and standard best practices, such as using hard-to-guess mnemonic device and mixing letters and numbers (non-sequential, obviously) in their passwords"

Based on an el reg comment some 12 months ago, I started using KeePass. Haven't looked back since. It creates, stores securely, and makes it easy to re-enter passwords in websites, etc.

Alternatively, of you suspect you won't be using the site very often, just create a bogus password and forget about it - when you come back in 6mo, it's much easier to have them send you a reset e-mail.

Boffins baffled after Sun fails to fry satellites

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Re: Scientists! Repeat after me: We don't know

"There's a certain hubris to a lot of so-called science. The assumption is that we can explain everything - or that we could, if only we got enough research grants."

Only idiots that still haven't grasped what their 1st year science teacher tried to explain to them about the scientific method will expound such drivel.

Doctor Who writers Neil Gaiman and Terrance Dicks talk to The Reg

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Re: @Mahat And his biggest writing influence is...

"The young Gaiman was a model $cientologist:"

Yes, let's all judge people on what they said as 7-year olds, 45 years ago.

Can't stand the heat? Harden up if you want COLD, DELICIOUS BEER

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Re: a simple thought experiment

"The tap water tray freezes faster every time."

What effect does the heated tray have on the experiment? It's not just the water you're freezing now.

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Re: a simple thought experiment

Uhm, right.

Now, do you see that rabbit and that turtle at the starting line over there?

Laptops Snowden took to Hong Kong and Russia 'just a decoy'

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Re: Apprasals

The first attempt at character assassination backfired, when the gubbiment brought up his stripper girlfriend and his less than perfect people skills.

So now they take a long-term tack, where they let out a bit of detail at a time, slowly eroding his character. People won't notice that as much, and it's much more digestible for the media to copy/paste such "reasoned" descriptions instead.

ECHR rejects free speech plea over offensive online comments

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How many expletives

am I allowed to use while pointing out to journalists who still haven't gotten around to the fact that the European Court of Human Rights != EU ?

IPCC: Yes, humans are definitely behind all this global warming we aren't having

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Re: Climate is more than the surface temperature

"Don't you see the sliding slope here?"

Yes I do. My reaction was to the implied flat-out denial that global temperatures have risen. Temperatures *have* risen and the *climate* is warming up. Even if the *weather* isn't. We are in agreement. (I think; I suspect that your 3rd paragraph is lacking an important "not").

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Climate is more than the surface temperature

"The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says its more certain than ever that humanity is warming the planet dangerously - despite the fact that a long-running flat period in global temperatures is well into its second decade."

and this, of course, completely bypasses one of the main conclusions of this year's report: That the oceans have heated up considerably, the consequences of which not many are able to able to understand.

Breaking news, literally: Syrians joyride New York Post tweets, Facebook

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NY Post doesn't care

If someone else wants to bother making up the newsies, I'm sure the staff at NY post don't care - that'll give them some pub time. Whatever the SEA comes up with, it's bound to be as trustworthy as any of the other drivel NYP pushes onto the world.

Facebook's request to the flash industry: 'Make the worst flash possible'

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Re: I'd buy that

(something caused that to get cut short)

It would make the missus happy too, seeing as how much closet space would be recovered.

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I'd buy that

...gods only know how many GB cold storage I have sitting around in my closet, on spindles that are old, slow and outdated - but I don't dare throw away, because I might need that data someday.

It would make the missus happy too.

Man who pulled gun during chess game surrenders to robot cop

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Re: Not very impressed

In all fairness, a robot can - if used correctly and in the right circumstances - significantly reduce the damage to property and bystanders.

Kaspersky plans source code reveal to avoid Huawei's fate

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Re: No complaints

Just remember that you're dealing with a guy who thinks that the internet gives people "too much freedom", and doesn't want you to be anonymous - http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/07/kaspersky-indy/

CRUNCH: 'Drunk' chap cuffed in high-speed car nookie prang rumpus

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Who had the wheels?

"The other half of the beast with two backs and four wheels,..."

Which half had the wheels? Or were they equally distributed? Inquiring minds need to know! For science, obviously.

Raspberry Pi puts holes in China's Great Firewall

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Re: Seems like overkill

Now you just need to do the same on all your other devices.

And those of your friends, too. And repeat the exercise tomorrow when you're somewhere else.

Or you could bring your little bag of a cable, a dongle and other gubbins wherever you go.

Did Kim Dotcom invent 2-factor authentication? Er, not exactly...

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Registered *where*?

A bit confused. Are the dates mentioned US-only? Not that I imagine Ericsson et.al. would fail to register in both EU and the US, but I still think it's relevant information, especially with the mention of the EU patent office.

Microsoft and pals: Save the global economy by NOT ripping us off

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...unless you already have SOME of their software. In which case you have probably signed an agreement to the effect that they can turn up at any time to perform an audit.

IT bloke publishes comprehensive maps of CALL CENTRE menu HELL

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Re: Seven years?

Man needs a hobby.

Prankster 'Superhero' takes on robot traffic warden AND WINS

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Good rule of thumb: If you expect your liability insurance to cover your actions, your plates must be visible & attached. Considering the number of accidents people make in a parking lot, this is probably a very stupid plays to make those kinds of tricks.

Congress asks Google to explain Glass privacy policies

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Re: Are congress stupid, or just paid to ask these questions

"Google Glass is no different except you don't need to take it out your pocket"

Which is a pretty big difference. At least you have a pretty good idea if someone is taking pictures of you with their phone. With glass, you'll have to assume that you're being recorded at all times.

Is that the kind of world we want to live in? I'm not so sure.



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