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Tiny Robot Smartphone: Invasion Earth 2016 – prepare to be facially recognised humans


I totally agree

And unless its impractically expensive will be getting one

El Reg celebrates Back to the Future Day


That reference

Stop changing the past, break the cycle Marty, Rise above. Focus on ties

Patch NOW! Microsoft slings emergency bug fix at Windows admins


Good to see

After a run of Unix and Mac (related) security failures, Redmond coming back strongly showing everyone who's boss in one of their historically strongest areas.

iWatch watch: Apple tags sales bod from luxury Swiss watch firm


Re: A luxury iwatch

I agree, hardly scientific but this guy also agrees with you


Gran Turismo 6: Another glossy, gorgeous Mario Kart on steroids


Waiting for Multiplayer...

has been an irritation and cant agree with the reviewer. A group of us play the multiplayer weekly, which is still great; nice to have new handling physics and courses. Having to spend two hours + racing against the tragic AI when we were all trying ot get online so we can actually play against people did not add to the experience

I personally havent found any of the recent GT's without a wheel and pedals worth playing...

Emotional baggage


Samsonite Network bag

May not fit your lunch but this has far and away been my favourite laptop bag, freakishly light, handles tablet, laptop and kindle as well as paperwork and chargers separately.

Level of protection is only just sufficient but of the ones I looked at it was by far the lightest (I think without the shoulder strap its a bit over 200grams) which for a 'briefcase' bag is important.

My job requires bunny ears so cant have a rucksack....

Ten... stars of the Geneva Motor Show


Re: Oh dear

I would of thought (could be wrong I am no engineer, or at least not that kind fo engineer) that as its designed to be 'wind cheating' that the design shown is specifically based around this concept rather than aesthetic tastes.

Reg Hardware Awards 2011 Winners


I would say: Zen

Zen internet

They are expensive and cap download but its by far the least heinous ISP I have ever had to speak to and they let me use the Router of my choice (that really shouldn't be a plus but Sky and a couple of other ISP's won't even consider it even if you are happy for them to not 'support' your router).

Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition Android tablet



This is actually me

With the exception of the MP3 player and that was close run because the amp is so pony in my phone:

I'm not saying Giles is uniformly right just that it is a valid choice....

Laptop bags: 15-inchers


Samsonite Network laptop bag 15.6

Personally for me has been a very good balance between weight and protectiveness (400grams and fits an MBP like a glove).

I cant realistically use a rucksack as I work in the city, so good to have something which is not adding much weight to my left arm on the commute.

Rainbow Islands

Thumb Up

there were 10 levels...not 7

This was my favourite arcade game of my youth, mainly because it was fantastic value for money once you got any good at it (over an hour for 10p!)

If you got all diamonds on each of the first 7 levels it opened up another 3 (sets) of levels.

Also if you collected all the diamonds in colour order (not easy) on a set of levels you got a secret door in the big baddy room which had a permanent power up in it (fast run, double rainbow, quick rainbow etc)

Favourite level...difficult to say, definitely not the arkanoid level though, that was a pain in the neck.

A rapid first hands-on: Nokia’s Windows phones



I thought people didnt like macs because they are overly expensive for indifferent hardware and insufficiently customisable for certain uses?

Its got to the point where I will use one for work (previously the home of Windows) as cost is largely negated as I wont personally be paying and being able to customise what is essentially just a thin client with storage is irrelevant....thanks to only having to use browser interface apps and RDP.

And I get the shiny!

Forza 4


Both of them are about as realistic to the experience of driving

As call of duty is for firing guns......

Firefox devs mull dumping Java to stop BEAST attacks


Kind of agree

To be honest I do exactly that, use IE for work apps and Chromium or Firefox for personal use.

I dont curse the use of IE though, if only because I've been involved in testing and only having to do regression and UAT testing (internal company apps) against one browser on one particular version is infinitely preferable to trying to do it against an ever changing background.

WSUS and IE make it a doddle to ensure you are consistent across your environment.

'Maybe' IE is not the best browser but its not about 'bad decisions' its about your TCO and aggravation levels...

Lady Gaga loses squatting complaint


Going out on a limb here

But I stongly doubt lady gaga has even a passing knowledge of this incident.

No more than any CEO of a multi-million pound organisation is aware of the companies domain name snafu's going on and quite possibly less

'Spend my time trying to outdo the meat dress or talk to a lawyer about domain name ownership...what to do....'



Or were you going for something a bit more sweary

Microsoft merges Windows 8 with Xbox Live


It's generally considered..

The functionality and quality of online experience is generally considered to be better on xbl than psn (technically not socially, having to listen to american children complain about 'them arabs' etc is just as heinous on either platform). Better chat functions, better development libraries have generally resulted in a more reliable online experience (black ops release for example) and there is of course the not having your security provided by Mr bean aspect as well.

However I personally use PS3 as that's where my friends are but I'd happily pay as going online to repeatedly shoot your friends is easily worth 40quid a year....

Sony: PlayStation Vita will win gamers back from tablets, phones


Sadly I agree

Meh, PSP is still on of the biggest sales platform for games in Japan.

Almost certainly the Vita will die in europe and probably america for the reasons stated.

But as long as the Vita gets Monster Hunter and a few other key titles, it still wont flop, at least in the far east market.

And if it makes money not a failure right>

Google Books spanked by Amazon Kindle

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Xbox 360 outsells PS3 2:1


A new level of fanboi-ism

I'm not sure the register forum wil be able to cope

Gran Turismo 5

Paris Hilton

Yeah gotta love that

Negative comment about GT5 = Shill to Microsoft

Your opinions can only be bought and sold whereas my feelings for GT5 are pure I tell you!

Paris for the pure feelings rather than bought or sold of course

Flatscreen makers fined €649m for price fixing


Depending on when you bought it...

Its probably a Samsung Panel (it was actually a shared venture between sony and samsung but used samsung R&D so is generally considered 'samsung's) and therefore price fixed....

Sony however do some of the best post processing....err stuff, which is why it appears a 'quality product'. Although they now have so many different series it can be difficult to tell.

Bravia series incl but may have expanded from: G (U B P T S) D V W X

Flame as its a contentious subject for some

LG kicks off work on quantum dot TV


Excuse my ignorance

But isn't 'confined in three spatial dimensions' slightly redundant

Is there any physical object which isnt confined in three spatial dimensions?

Reg Hardware Reader Awards 2010



Home product of the year: PS3, overtook my 360 this year as the most used console and still the best upscaling device I have ever owned

Work product of the year: Blackberry, still the best mobile device for business in my opinion so much easier to manage than the selction of toys on the market: iPhone/Android (possibly Win7 as well havent used one yet)

App of the year: Swype, has vastly improved entering text on a mobile device for me (I love my toy android for personal use)

Rust bucket of the year: Playstation move, really sony the best you can do is a direct copy of the wiimote + glowing ball?

Gamers demand CoD: Black Ops money back


yes and no..


So, more of a pig to code (which Sony admit) on but its getting easier.

Also, for online there was better, wider, coherent libraries for online development for XBL rather than PSN making it substantially easier to code for this requirement (I dont know if this is still the case).

Power wise

I believe I remember reading that raw polygon creation Xbox 360 wins but given all the clever stuff in the CELL processor (PS3) means it should always be able to do more onscreen than the 360 can manage, which at the end of the day is what counts.

Apologies for slightly less than definite response but given the level of fanboi feeling on the matter its very difficult to find any 'facts'. A lot of the stuff out there is about as reasonable as a Tea Party activist on Obama.

Best Buys: AV Receivers


It may well be the best

But that Onkyo is one horrible looking piece of kit, looks like it belongs in the movie adaption of Clckwork Orange

Dirty PCs: How much filth can you take?



You're wearing her skin while you type that arent you?

Project delivery for modern PMs


A big chunk of our many, many PM's time

Seems to be spent trying to protect themselves from the other PM's who re busy trying to offload scope or spread the love, sorry blame. So even the relatively benign, 'solution focused' PM's get sucked into the maelstrom of fingerpointing and whining.

So basically if they could stop just being such a bunch of backstabbing c**ts, who actually try to work with the other streams, we may actually achieve something.

Top Ten Arcade Classics


Man I loved bombjack

I still know the correct routes for the bombs on an unhealthy number of the levels

Tron discs was good, the other ones not so much

Ghost and Goblins also win (if painfully difficult in the arcade)

Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV


TV meh, video games win however.

Agreed most of the TV content is extremely weak, but have played a few games (demo's) and for a couple of them its a huge improvement (GT5 for example)

I would expect it to become the defacto for Gaming rigs at least even if it never truly materialises for TV

We spent how much?


You missed one thing

The inevitable political trick of adding more scope to justify the increased cost to ensure we are caught in a loop of:

Needing more money > Offering additional scope > This causes further delay/cost > Need more money

Otherwise Kudos, it was like being at work

Intel melds football helmets and supers


If you think

Taking the faceguard off would them hitting each other so hard

You are sadly mistaken, linesman would simply use it as an additional weapon on those pretty little QB's :)

Google Nexus Two 'lands November 8'


Galaxy S

had mine over a month now and tbh was also concerned with the build quality, especially the plastic rear.

However so far, unfounded, its got Gorilla glass like everything else and despite 3 drops to the floor (gym floor so not conrete, but not carpet either) and a mauling by my kids not a scrach or mark yet and no wobbly connectors etc........yet

Virgin Media begins 100Mb upgrades


Like the idea

But there support was so unbelievably poor:

When my line kept flapping they assured me it was due to sofware on my PC, took them weeks to agree to come out and fix (wasnt software on my PC causing the link between the local exchange and my router suprisingly).

Also after moving house and they being unable to supply at my new location tried to charge me for the rest of the contract because they were unable to supply, had to take them to small claims in the end....

Anything that makes sky look good is pretty frickin poor

Sony soars, sinks, soars on Apple buyout rumor



Just to be clear here, I play my PS3 more than my 360, so kind of on your side (and my children play the wii).

However Kinect is a truly different feature where as the move is essentially a hi-def wii mote and nun-chuk. If they can make that stick (very arguable at the moment, granted) I think that will push MS further ahead

Also I think they are fairly even on the old exclusive titles (at least in terms of sales). And frankly Im not a fan of the exclusive game thing anyway, its a gain for nobody except the hardware producer.

Gosling blows lid off Jobs Java nonsense


Extremely accurate header

For the rest of the post you made.

Just how special are Power Users?

Thumb Up


Developers....wanted powerful workstations not a problem, gave them (4core/12Gb/RAID1 x2),.

But we take aware their VM development environments (ESX) as they should be able to create the VM's locally and use the same DB Tin they had before

has actually reduced our support overhead as they can now fanny about with their own machines rather than constant additional requests because they keep breaking/forgetting what they have/wanting config changes on the VM's they had been allocated.

Power users for the win in this case

Medal of Honour


Im going to have to agree

MoH is more fun than BBC2.

I never found the multiplayer feature of BBC2 though, unlocked on newsnight?

Philip Green discovers ugly truth of government incompetence


Which works great....

For homogenous goods, Paper, printing cartridges and laptops are not.....

You are always going to have to balance the gains of centralisation (economies of scale, leveraging suppliers for loss leaders etc) against the cost (time/money/human resources) of putting an additional step in the procurement process (which centralisation inherently does).

I think there should be a good calculation for this per product

Essentially your variables are:

Percentage advantage of centralised purchasing

Time sensitivity of procured product (how many days do you normally need it in - lead time from supplier)

Complexity of product/chance of incorrect ordering i.e. number of variables per order

Cost and quailty of additional person required for centralised purchasing role (hours required annually/cost of resource)

Total expected expenditure on product annually

Not all details can be known exactly but must businesses that have been running for some length of tile should have an approximation

You should then be able to make a tipping point suitable for your organisation to either centrally purchase or leave regional/departmental.

Sussex police try new tactic to relieve snappers of pics



so legally the police can remove the evidence of themselves (possibly) commiting crimes with the full backing of the law?

Particularly thinking examples such as protests where 'overzealous' crowd control may be questioned


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