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Lloyds TSB online banking, ATMs titsup in server crash

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Not the first time

This is just the latest - albeit the biggest and publicised - in a series of outages of the Lloyds web site, they have also been kind enough of late to cancel direct debits, pay some twice etc etc etc.....

What irks me the most is that despite it beinbg their fault, they never offer any form of monetary return to apologise, yet they are more than happy to charge us their customers, for any mistakes or oversights we make on our accounts......

Is this a case for the ombudsman?

Could Oracle buy HP?


RE Too big to be run effectively

This is so true - look at IBM and how many heads make uop a meetingt o discuss a meeting to met about who gets what share of what wallet and when = pandemonium !

Northamber musters 'cautious optimism'

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Probably the same company

The industry is ruined - he didnt say it wasnt - he said there are positive signs of recovery not that it is all joy in the garden of IT already.

The Reg, obviously like to speak to independent companies, who dont sell out for a quick buck tro the first money bags that come knocking, to companies that have weathered many storms and continue to be a solid bell-weather to the UK IT industry as a whole.

Nicely done David (and Henry) :)


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