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2012 Games Preview


I would have to agree but let me play devils advocate...

Looking at the budgets some of these big hitters have you cant really fault the designers / publishers to milk them for all they are worth with each console generation.

Uncharted / Gears / HALO / COD - all have massive budgets, some to challenge the biggest films in hollywood... I am sure I read that the first Modern Warfare (the one that innovated) had a similar budget to Titanic (i cant check this due to the over zealous internet filters at work) checking Wiki it seems thats around $200m.

Bearing that in mind, launching a new IP is somewhat a gamble, especially when doing something completely new where you dont know the target market.

I am not saying dont innovate, instead look at using the other distribution methods available to you... Child Of Eden was a brilliant game, whilst being pyhsically released went on to do exceptionally well when offered as a digital download. Not everyones type of game but its one example of many, for more just look at From Dust, Limbo etc.

Anyway, on a slightly different note cant we all please stop talking about the next gen consoles... yes the WII U will be coming out and yeah, it will (probably) have better graphics that the current gen HD consoles but unless they have good third party studio support (this is Nintendo remember) it will still just be the usual Zelda, Mario, Wario, Luigi games so not that much of a game changer. The lack of information at the moment just compounds my view on this.

The current (HD) consoles still have loads more to offer, the recent XBOX dashboard update has brought full kinect functionality to pretty much the whole thing with more apps to come along. The PS3 is still under-used, even Naughty Dog have said that whilst all processors are doing something they can still optimise their code further so expect good things from The Last Of Us (hopefully 2012 release)

Soundfreaq Soundstep Recharge


I apologise for my ignorance

But couldnt we just have a 3.5mm adapter that sits on the the standard apple plug? They way anyone with that port on there phone could use any portable speaker designed for an iThing?

BBC bigs up iPlayer for TVs and consoles

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Very Nice

For one thing it doesn't run it in the god awful nearly as bad as iTunes PS3 browser so it doesn't crash every 10 seconds. And that means 720p.

Layout is really nice with both PS3 six axis and the bluray remote working great however some nice animated transitions would be nice. Settings also allows you to keep "HD" option on so if its broadcast in it, you get it... Top Gear looks pretty good as much as Clarkson would in HD.

Success for Aunty this time.

EA reloads, aims at Activision, goes for headshot


Oh behave

As title.

"Konsole Kiddies" (myself included however at 30 years of age probably dont fall into the "kiddies" category) ARE proper gamers and I would challenge you for reasons counter to that.

Yes the controls on a PC are immensely more responsive than on a game pad, however all other users on your chosen game console are using the same method so this brings a level playing field. Yes, graphics are superior for most games on PC but look at the cost of this. Would your PC from 5 years ago still be able to play CoD/BF at a decent res/speed?

Knowing that my console at purchase was going to be able to play every game released for it over the next 5-10 years with no upgrades required means I can just buy the damn thing without looking through a list of tech specs.

Also there are the platform excllusive titles which sometimes force your choice.

Different stokes for different folks eh?

Go and find another bridge to hide under.

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Hope it works

CoD very good as it is could do with a bit of competition to kick it up the arse.

Anonymous hacks Sony PS3 sites


36 for me...



Patent row gets Playstation 3s banned from Europe



No comment on the Play TV thing as I dont have it.

But, SONY gave you a choice as to whether you loose linux or not. If you want to keep Linux thats fine, its your console to do with as you want. However, what SONY did do was remove access to PSN which is a software service provided by SONY hence they can set (and change) the rules how/when they want.

All* these linux moaners I just dont understand, from what I have read the PS3 isnt the best Linux machine anyway without giving you access to the juicy bits underneath... the only reason I can see you would ever use this is to run massive calculations which then surely, you couldnt give a rats ass if you got on PSN or not?

Stop your moaning, save up a couple of hundred quid and go buy a basic box to run Linux on - it will do the job much better and its yours to do with as you want.

That is all.

* Last count stood at 27

PlayStation hacker defiantly posts 'bible' following police raid


Not 100%

But possibly not, from memory the PS3 was able to play PS2 games due to the Emotion Engine chip being included on the mother board which also appeared in the PS2, this has now been removed.

Cant see why they cant do it in software though, then again... its a lost revenue stream where they can just churn them out on PSN for a few quid a pop.


Read the manual..

Title says it all, you dont own it... SONY's IP.


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Just in time

So glad you did this review, played the demo last night and seemed alright with the 2 tracks on offer.

Best to wait for Motorstorm me thinks.

Court orders seizure of PS3 hacker's computers


As someone above cleverly said...

Do what you want with the hardware, its yours you bought it. The software however is still the property of Sony and breaking this is against the law (and should be in my opinion).

And around games being expensive, take the movie industry as an example. The recent COD game (or MW2 i cant remember) had a similar budget to Titanic. Personal tastes aside people pay between £10-£15 to watch a film at the cinema and between £5-£20 for the DVD/Bluray is purchased when it comes out.

Now take an average price of £40 each game I think its very good value for money, in fact I would say its better value for money than watching a film. Include MP games and the value for money gets even better (if you play these).

Think what I am saying is the game industry market is growing but is still relatively small compared to the movie industry which can take advantage of economies of scale.

The whole "games are too expensive" argument is null and void, take it into the realy world and think about it for a bit.

Angry Birds 2 shots spied on web?


Watch out COD

This shaping up to be the biggest franchise In gaming.

Ten... fitness gadgets


Missing some?

No EA Sports Active 2?

Publisher takes swipe at StarCraft II game mod


Scum of the earth

Yet again the News Corp / Rupert Murdoch of the gaming world spits its dummy out again.

God I hope this company goes the way of the Dodo but unfortunately with the stable mate of COD under its wing its not looking likely.

Called 999 recently? They've got your number


It wont even help...

I live in the same village where Fiona Pilkington lived and she repeatedly phoned the police to tell them what was going on.

The data capture side is already there, we have been doing it for years. At some point these system will need to be joined up to offer a coherent glance at a full case/supporting evidence.

However, with the state of our governement getting the go ahead to join these systems whilst still keeping public confidence would be very difficult.

Sony streams music subscriptions to TVs, Blu-ray boxes


On the PS3

What will happen to Vidzone which already provides this for free with a fairly decent catalog and sometimes irritating but overall fairly good UI.

Sony Ericsson to brand PlayStation phone 'Xperia Play'?


Or it could be...

SE's version of Apple's Airplay?

Ms. Gates: 'Bill does not use a Mac'



So whats iOS?

Mafia II

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Check out...

Either of the uncharted games for a good story and decent controls system.

The 2nd one got nice visuals too.


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