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Wales gives anti-vaping Blockleiters a Big Red Panic Button


Re: rubbish

Dam those people vaping in their cars.

All I can smell is their sweet vapor and nor my DIESEL fumes.

Bloke flogs $40 B&W printer on Craigslist, gets $12,000 legal bill


You lot keep on referring back to that, grow up.

GB was pushed into being a puppet for USA.

Though I would prefer to be referred to that rather then any other connection to Americunts.

Arrests for 'offensive' Twitter and Facebook messages up by a third


Act 127 does not apply to women apparently


A person is guilty of an offence if he—


A person is guilty of an offence if, for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another, he—

Blighty's Virgin Queen threatened with foreign abduction


So there basically asking the UK to buy there car booty as the owners have run out of money.

UK's 'superfast' broadband is still complete dog toffee, even in London


Why do apparently so many stil have issues!?


Virgin, DSL, 20mbps,

was fine, went to upgrade to FTC but they no longer provided broadband in my area, sign up with someone else...


Nr Basingstoke, Hampshire


FTC at 80mbps

connects at 79+

I get and use every nibble of it

I really don't get why I keep on hearing about all these issues, everyone I know, even my dad in a little village miles from anywhere that use to struggle to get 2mb 2 years ago is now blasting away on 10mbps+

I understand people can get 100mbps with ease, our speeds are only slow when compared to Googles rollout

this is far from news anymore.

You Leica? P9 certainly is a Great Leap Forward in imaging... for Huawei


Just got the HTC 530, was a toss up between the P9 and 530, I went for the 530 as I have had a HTC before and very impressed.

P9, car phone warehouse is doing a deal on these at the moment £150

(yer cheap phone but will do until the new CAT smart ones are out)

Free Wi-Fi for the NHS, promises health secretary Jeremy Hunt


unless you are a high end consultant personal devices arnt allowed.

smart phones are, but that's just for GOOD Enterprise.

Consultants bring their Macs in, then go on about how they never have any issues...

yeh as you just connecting to the private wifi side and then loading a TS up to a freeakin windows box to do all your work, so in theory there personal device still goes down when a network system goes down.


Re: Your just a complainer who jumps to their keyboard

yer man, porning, like family guy said, doing a porn, innit lol

the harvesting factor, not my issues, I have never typed my real email address into a system first off, always see what a fake one can do for you... its the naive and gullibility of 'normal users'

whilst you are correct porn is legally allowed, when entering a hospital or other privately owned public area you as a person in that area agree to T&C's.

i.e. we cant ever throw you out of a hospital, but you can be asked to leave, and with the police there;' escorted off site' if you are deemed to be causing issues for other staff.,


Re: Your just a complainer who jumps to their keyboard @patrick_bateman

No contradiction, people are just gullible under the pretence of authority.

a police officer asks for your name, you will give it.... yet if I am not in a car then I don't simply have to hand over that information.

I cant answer for people who don't have common sense or how the world works now...

again, you can type whatever you like in here, it will just accept it, thus no personal information

hay , lets ask for the persons bank cards and their mothers maiden name,

what pop band they like.

they freely give this information over to google, facebook and alike...


Re: As someone who works in IT in the NHS

2. None. that's for the next manager/project guy to work out, as you know they get there big project 'done' and move on then we have to deal with the fallout.

3. so annoying, provide me with an iPad, android devise running each version, they I might be able to support your personal issues. the good old. you touched my phone and now my microwave doesn't work, bloody IT.

People, a real hospital DOEST WORK HOW HOLBY BLOODY CITY DOES!!!!!


Re: Your just a complainer who jumps to their keyboard

I work for the NHS, not Wifi Spark :)


Re: Your just a complainer who jumps to their keyboard

Yes I am with you, think of all that extra patient care we could of provided if we didn't need to put this stupid patient wifi system in.

ha! you make me laugh


Re: Your just a complainer who jumps to their keyboard

because at the end of the day, it comes down to legality. if you actively type something into a box you are aware you are doing it thus, if you start torrenting or porning and they end up blocking you then you complain, the 3rd party service which DOESNT PUSH ADDS ATALL can say be have blocked you because you have abused this free service, you knew about it, so thus your blocked.


Your just a complainer who jumps to their keyboard

No person information is required.

You are just a keyboard warrior that believes they have a point but no facts.

Here at HHFT, we run Wifi Spark, a 3rd part managed wifi service.

Yes there are filters, Yes you cant take them off. Do you want the man.woman sitting next to you in a waiting room to be watching porn on the hospital wifi??!?!?? I don't!

To connect to our wifi, simply enable wifi on your device, select the Wifi Spark SSID, your device will then load a portal page where it asks for a name and email address, here you can type in anything you want I.e. me@me.com. IWontGiveyou@mename.com.

The details are accepted and you are provided free (filtered wifi) so you can view you TV catchup, facebook, ebay, just no gabling, porn or illegal activity.

So are we going to get credit, as our hospital payed for this before this money got handed out.

people go on about filtered this and filtered that and how daire they monitor me.

its not your home, you haven't payed for it

This is to protect not only yourself but the people around you.

Don't moan at something that's is being provided free to you simply because your too cheap to go buy a decent data plan or moaning that this and that isn't good enough.

Do you realise how much patient care can be provided for £1BN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? but nooo, you want your frekin unfiltered none monitor wifi


Google, Facebook and chums launch web blacklist to nail ad scammers



Are they really putting the effort in though, after all, when people have a problem, what do they do.. search about it, searching these days is a term also used for 'collecting user information'

So the link someone clicked on that got made available through facebook creates an issue. the user searches Google for an answer, data collection galore.

All they are annoyed about is there ads arnt the ones getting attention, that's like spam sender becoming an official company, still sending out spam but saying tut tut to everyone else doing it

Scammers going after iOS as fake crash reports hit UK


My Dad

So one day, Me dad calls me saying he has just had a call from Microsoft,

Oh no, I am thinking, wha have you done dad.

Turns out me dad let the bloke run off all the speil...giving the impression he was really glad MS had called him and how devastated he was the he may be running non license software.

As dad was telling me the story I am think, no just no , why did you go along with this dad!?

couldn't stop laughing when me dad turned to the 'MS' guy on the end of the phone and said, " so all this dodgy software you say I am running, oh no, please remote in and help me, is your remote remote program Mac compatible.

lol craked me right up.

Are you a Tory-voting IT contractor? Congrats! Osborne is hiking your taxes


Annoys me sooo much

Why the hell do people in a standard job (PAYE) get arse f****d by all these people going around contacting making all this extra money from tax avoidance and the gov is happily helping them along.

So because I work a standard permanent IT support job in the NHS, all these contractors I am working with are being payed more, know less then me, more attentive to their social life when in work

and when they go one a bigger wod of cash in their pocket.

'Copywrite' unts.

Malwarebytes slurps startup, hopes to belch out Mac malware zapper


Basically, an advert.

Uninstalled Google Photos? Thought your pics safe from slurping? WRONG, bozo


Re: Genuine question

It doesn't ever let you know its doing something you wouldn't want it too.

If you wanted to do it, 'its just apple, it just works'


I get scared when reading these articles,

Someone writing for an IT website cant understand this basic thing.

you know the phone was backing up the pictures before you installed the app , unless you specified it not too

you know everything you type into your google phone is collected by google anyway

you know everything you do, when you do it, where you do it, what you just did last... its all logged and sent back to google.

be surprised about nothing in the IT world.

iPhone addiction will RUIN YOUR LIFE – if only that were true


Where and how do people get the money and time to carry out these stupid tests!?

surly a better test would be to get a phone to ring thats not their tone... i dont care if someone elses phone is ringing or was it just the fact that a phone was ringing!?!?!?!?!?!?!??

tell me


Adults-only Chrome add-on grabs you by the Googlies


and i bet no admin rights are needed to install just like all the other google downloads.

BLOODY annoying to administrate (and before people mention blocking or firewalls, I work for the NHS - talk to a brick wall unless your sucking off some big boss or its an outside contractor getting payed a sh1t load for wasting money and not know what there doing)

ASUS router-popping exploit on the loose


Asus make routers!??

but cant supply a mobo for a product only 1 year old (cheers, not)

Draytek all the way.

BAN email footers – they WASTE my INK, wails Ctrl+P MP


So everyone reading this post is like, yeh, douch, learn how to use a PC, get with the times.

they are right.

Writer needs to know his audience.

and... the legal bit is only required on external emails, so the last hop as it leaves work, put on by exchange.

Exclaimer. nobs work there, unless you pay big money bugs are ignore but the products are good.

Microsoft flings Office apps for Android slabs at world+dog


Biggest waste ever

was the Slate i got.

The apps are just awful

15% of my android apps have a MS cousin, the rest are no where to be seen.

So, yeh, go ahead and make stuff for other people but not your own product range.

Islamic script kiddies aim killer blow - at Bristol bus timetable website


Update your wordpress

they got me with that about 2 years ago, one click plugin update and the whole was covered....

but , this is seriouse......

Dam you karaf timetables!!!!

Bitcoin exec gets two years over illegal Silk Road funny money trading


So the boss of HSB needs arresting...

as My NHS income goes to my Pot dealer, payed in BACS, out in Cash....

same thing innit....

Manufacturers slam UK.gov: 'High speed broadband' rollout is too slow


orignal house, 4mb between midnight and 10am, outside that you cant get past 14kbspeeds.

first house, moved 5 miles down the road. 20MB dsl2.

2 years later i am sitting at 8.9mb down on FTCC.

I cant compain.

Not a loyal follower of @BritishMonarchy? You missed The QUEEN*'s first Tweet


Basic mistake

with the Tweet apparently sent from an **iPhone** as the Queen pressed an ungloved finger to the royal **iPad**.

**iPad and iPhone are 2 diffrent devices...

U2? 81 million Apple iThing-strokers know a place where the Beats have no shame


U2 and apple

So Bono (or Boner - being short for Di*****d) is all about world piece, against hunger, slavery and all that.

So why is he wanting to even be seen close to Apple, surely this is a complete contradiction of what he is going for

ISPs' post-net-neutrality world is built on 'bribes' says Tim Berners-Lee


Basically a toll road

The difference is we already pay through the information we provided to these services.

The name needs to be changed to, (reno911 comes to mind);

So we are petitioning for the net-neutrality law NOT to go through???

Vodafone to buy 140 Phones 4u stores from stricken retailer


Re: the more I read

Yer, seems like this was the plan all along....

a bet a handfull of people gain from this with a fat wad in their back pocket whilst others loose jobs..

oh, i forgot, thats how the world runs...

FU World.

BBC Trust candidate defends licence fee, says evaders are CRIMINALS


I pay £140 a year to sometimes watch the news every couple of days and eastenders 2 or 3 times a month.

Stuff that actually appeals to me or is relivant to my life is aquired through other means.

Drones swarm over bearded Brit billionaire's island getaway


Re: Branson

Started a business out of a phone box and pushed on through life from there.

Someone bought the rights to the VM brand and applied to a cable company,

part of the contract was for branson to appear on things.

he has worked for it.

You are just jealous.

he isnt a nob, he helps people.

if you had the money i am sure you would to (maybe not the help people bit, you sound like a total dick to be honest :) )

Virgin Media hit by MORE YouTube buffering glitches


Re: You get what you pay for


I have moved to them from dsl2 to VDSL (ok so i am right next to the virgin media Hampshire HQ, before that it was cable&wirelss, before telewest....)

and my area doesnt have cable

BT wesbite says i have VDSL in my area, rang VM, they said we no longer support your street)

straight to Plusnet, paying less for BB and line then at VM and getting 3 times more.

projectfreetv works, no blocking like VM

funniny thing was i rang VM to cancel, they just kinda of went, yeh ok, bye then... no why, can we help..... just ok, bye. (i was just expecting abit of a sales push thats all..)

Rack-mount 24TB RAID 5 disk array for $5,000. Let's just check the label here. Uh, it's TiVo


abit pricey, Flexraid and Green WD's with some SAS cards and an ML110G5 from the day and i can pull 3 HD streams with no issues atall, 3 of us in the house, no sky or cable tv. All goooood :)

yer its not massive or superspeed but just like the guy who said about the Ferrari , it does me fine...

I dont know why i was so shocked when my lodger told me his new job was to poll the VirgimM routers every 10 minutes for every requet that goe down teir line , (yeh i knew that bit but)......also one of his daily tasks were to pull the info from your Tivo box's;

What is being watched

what has been watched since last pull

how long each channel

what that channel and program was

adverts skipped

adverts watched

How you skip between channels

times of day you watch

consistancys make money.

i seriously beleive that they will make these devices not show adverts unless you are 'infront watching it' or it just goes into a sleep mode and then plays the ads when your back.

after that they will be sensors inside.

all this to sell your data/info on. My slightly OCD anti controll/higher order / dickheads in business world hating me is really not liking all this Big data thing

let me pay you for the TV i want to watch, i dont give a hoot about downton abbey or that crap.

I will give the companys £XXX a year not to be tracked traced, audited and for none of this crap tv

dont get me started on road tax!!!!!!!! AARRHHHH

You! Pirate! Stop pirating, or we shall admonish you politely. Repeatedly, if necessary


if i did buy it, can i get an instant refund when i dont like.....

stop producing repetative crap then.

At the moment i pay £1XX what ever it is to watch the news and eastenders when i can be bothed a couple of times a week thats it.

No workaholics on BBC

People just do nothing is just 4 episodes....

i dont care about these crappy reality shows, cooking, dancing, badger and all that

Give me 5thgear everyday or topgear (TG, before it stated this entertainment lark, Oi go back to 15 years ago when the Sub' P1 owners club was in the studio with like 20 people and LOADS of FACTS and INFO!!!)

all the music these days is shit, 1 track of an album maybe ok.

in the last 15 years i have paid for both Adele's. - that is all.

why should i spend my hard earned money to pay and watch somthing once. and then have to pay again to watch it again.

My TV collection is only about 5TB but growing of the stuff that I want to watch, and watch again.

I dont want a Tivo that analysis what i watch, when i watch it, if i skip brakes, what i looking at the internet for the same time i am watching tv.....

you could say , ah har, but this is how they find out what i want. no because even then they will chuck in a load of crap that i dont want to make somthing i do appealing, but then that means i am only giving them say 1% for somthing i do want and then 99% for something i dont. Give me 100% of what i want for 100% of my costs.

Music people = stop pushing out the same olf crap over and over

Films = we arnt that dumb that when you change a title or remoake a film from 10 years ago we dont see it as complety diffrent, its still the same!!!!

Tv= i pay my licence and all they give me is crap back

so now it costs me for a half decent internet connection and my own security to view what i want when i want.

the day i go back to legal is the day i pay £xxx for a years access to exactly what i want and no more.

Banning handheld phone use by drivers had NO effect on accident rate - study


put the place name in tht title if its not in the UK


.co.uk being the point...

Virgin Media goes titsup AGAIN. The cause? Yet MORE DNS strife


another router doesnt make a diff....

Draytek 2820, told to use google's DNS

Windows domain, DHCP says use WinDNS, winDNS says use referance Google or a private one.

ANY DNS request that goes up my line, Virgin Media steps in.

Buying a new router wont help.

VPN it

I am moving to Plusnet anyway.

Microsoft: The MORE Surfaces it sells, the MORE money it loses


Re: "If he were to sum up the quarter in two words it would be “execution and transition.”"

And isn't a word, like 'it' and 'a'

A to the L to the I to G!


its just the apps for the ARM, they are just poor, the worst of the itunes and playstore crap.

just RSS mishmash feed programs, and just crap..

where are the wifi scanners, xbmc, plex (free people i just spent 300 on a device that does basic tasks) utorrent remotes, ipcam viewers, lg/samsung tv remote's, eon energy app, bittorrent sync., keepass, squeezer app... just a sample of whats on my android phone.

The design, feel, performance, great!!!!!

I want a pro, but £700, hmmmm

Zuck talks up mobile shift as Facebook money mill rolls on


Another company that is contributing to make this world a little bit more sh*t every day

Bank of England seeks 'HACKERS' to defend vaults against e-thieves


So basically they are saying after the test a month or so ago

they have 20 banks that failed it

Left swipe! That hot Tinder babe is a malware-flinging ROBOT


Re: Nowt to do with age.

AAAHHHH an unscannable!!!!

Microsoft's Windows 8.1 updates also tweak Windows Server 2012


Re: Don't need to reboot each time

Totally correct!

annoys me so much when i am asked simple questions that if you are in this role you should know already or alteast have the common sense to work it out yourself!!

French gov used fake Google certificate to read its workers' traffic


and the problems is...?

So the french goverment want to know what is sent and received by its own employees......

fair game on them.

We have enough trouble stopping people uploading patient info to their gmail acocunts and emailing it home!!!

(yes i know mcafee and other products do document tracking, all costs.....)

Meet the 'KARDASHIAN Phone' – what Apple bods nicknamed the iPhone 5s


is this really worthy of el'Reg?

London Underground cleaners to refuse fingerprint clock-on


Bad comments by people who dont understand and or/ they are just pissed of that their mate 'Dave' cant clock them in when they are running late.

the only issue here which has been risen above is, the way the data is stored once taken, in this day and age, thats the only thing you can argue over.

Good point, link it to immigration, do that for eeeevvery system :)

Get rid of unions full stop, there all waste of time and create hassle and end up with someone trying tpo make a point and then a load of sheep following, this is the job now, like it or lump it.

ISPs set to install network-level smut filters despite Lib Dem opposition


So if these blocks are being put in place.

Why hasn't a system been put in place to stop ever piece of spam/malware/DDOS event from coming up or going down someones line already,

surely stop these first as they have a larger financial and social impact on the world, porn can come second.....

Burger-rage horse dumps on McDonald's: Rider saddled with fat fine


So you cant walk up to a drive thru or use a pedal bike as... there is no pavement and cars need to pull up close to collect there order... is there reason, health and safety

so i can be served on a motorbike, open face helmet drinking my shake or eating a Very hot apple slice....

Ok you say, you wouldnt do that... but you munch on your chips or sip your drink in your car....so.....

come on, lets get a test going, who's got a road legal go kart, quad, mobility scooter, SEGWAY it!!!!????