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Bombshell biography: Fearing nuclear war, Musk blocked Starlink to stymie Ukraine attack on Russia

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Lost in translation

Sadly there is no way to properly translate this to English but my favourite Finnish saying is "Ryssä on ryssä vaikka voissa paistaisi" - "A Russian is still a Russian even if fried in butter". Let's just say that "ryssä" is the N-word for a Russian which sadly we don't have in English. Ruskie just doesn't have the same impact :-D

Cops cuff pregnant woman for carjacking after facial recog gets it wrong, again

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Two types of cops....

Type 1 have big hearts

Type 2 have small dicks - or whatever the female equivalent of that might be.

When you encounter type 2 then your opinion the police is forever tainted.

Google Photos AI still can't label gorillas after racist errors

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Racism requires human intent before it actually exists. A computer mistakenly labelling a black person as a gorilla is very unlikely to be a racist act unless whoever supplied the learning data actually specified "black human" = "gorilla".

I get so bored with people spraying the "R" word around as it devalues the meaning for the times when racism truly is happening. People get fatigued with the overuse of anything as nicely described in the fable of the boy who cried wolf.

Cloudflare opposes Europe's plan to make Big Tech help pay for networks

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This old chestnut

"Telcos complain that they end up having to spend billions on new networks, while CAPs cream the profits." - this is the inconvenient truth and no amount of yelling about net neutrality will change it.

Cue a thread full of freetards who have little grasp on real world economics and think that ISP's are all thieves for daring to charge anything at all for Internet access :-D

Dump these insecure phone adapters because we're not fixing them, says Cisco

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Typical Lazy Solution

Yay!! More unnecessary e-waste :-(

I hate this kind of approach to tech that sadly seems to be so mainstream these days.

FAA grounds all US departures after NOTAM goes down

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Feck all aircraft - in the sky :-D

Perseverance rover drops off first sample tube on surface of Mars

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Martian Junkies

Well to me that looks like an abandoned syringe - as seen in many street corners of the British Isles :-D

Senior engineer reported to management for failing to fix a stapler

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"I've built wheelchair ramps. Any idiot can do it."

Am I the only one who sees this person basically providing the evidence (not that it's needed) that they are indeed an idiot? :-D

Airline 'in talks' with Kyndryl after failed network card grounds flights

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Re: Cannot cheat fate

I would LOVE to see the I.T. contractor force Aer Lingus to take credit vouchers rather than hard cash as compensation. The irony would be delicious ha ha

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Cannot cheat fate

Aer Lingus are incompetent idiots and if it wasn't this then something else would soon have come along. Yes I know people will say this was a technical issue beyond their control but it's up to the airline to have a diverse disaster recover plan that is checked regularly for function.

Ryanair are actually running rings around the state carrier which either says Michael O'Leary is doing a great job OR that Aer Lingus are THAT bad!!

During the aftermath of the pandemic Aer Lingus behaved like a bunch of thieves with monies for flights that didn't fly and spent a lot of energy fobbing people off with vouchers that half the time were used to purchase other flights that didn't fly either!!

BT CEO orders staff: Back to the office or risk 'disciplinary action'

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Re: Agreed

"WFH really is a cultural problem and people need to get back to offices with some kind of frequency I believe. If they don't the rot will seep in, new starters will be left dangling, buy-in to the company will diminish."

I agree with this 100%. Thankfully I don't give a rats ass about downvotes because I know you are all wrong and I am right along with the poster of this comment :-P

Spent Chinese rocket booster splashes down over Southeast Asia

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Plenty to see if you squint hard enough ;-)

Just because you failed doesn't mean you weren't right

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Re: Wow!!

Brilliant!!! This comment brightened up my Monday morning a LOT :-D

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Re: Wow!!

I realised that I made a location error after the editing window closed. However the sentiment still stands :-D

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In certain countries those "calibration" officers would be walked around the corner and summarily shot - including the country they were in had it been 1945 or earlier!! So they should think themselves lucky to be in modern day Germany where you just get shouted at.

SCOTUS judges 'doxxed' after overturning Roe v Wade

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This data storage thing..

...is a right old abortion :-D

One wonders how those judges would deal with the above named issue if a loved one (grandkid etc) ended up the victim of rape or had a life-endangering pregnancy. Suddenly the hypocrisy would shine like a beacon.

NOBODY PRINT! Selfless hero saves typing pool from carbon catastrophe

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Taking the biscuit...

HOB-NOBody print :-D

Japan makes online insults a crime that can earn a year in jail

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Re: Online??

I see your point which gives food for thought but what you wrote doesn't relate in any way to what I was asking - which was will this law apply equally online and in real life?

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I read the article a couple of times and don't see anything about whether this law applies to real life also. I mean would you get jailed for saying it online yet it's ok to shout it directly into the face of a person?

I see no need or point for this law as surely plenty of laws exist in regards to someone being "verbally abusive" already. Being online should not even be part of the equation or taken into consideration.

World’s smallest remote-controlled robots are smaller than a flea

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Re: Boffin?

I know I am in the minority here but I find that word "boffin" to be very dismissive and degrading to the scientific community. Used once in a while it is perhaps amusing but here on the I.T. Daily Mail it's overuse is beyond boring.

Yes this post is as much downvote bait as the one I am replying to. "Whatever" is my comment to people clicking that button :-P

Seriously, you do not want to make that cable your earth

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Re: What On "Earth"?

I would point out that you selectively quoted me there which at the very least is unfair. Originally I wrote "Unless something goes terribly wrong then the earth is not powered up in any form".

Of course anything is possible but my gripe was with the storyteller basically saying it was a done deal that things would be blown up the moment the electricians powered up their installation which is in most circumstances totally untrue.

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Re: What On "Earth"?

Red to black, blew to bits!!

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What On "Earth"?

Sadly this story also seems to show up the teller "Andrew" as not being very electrically savvy either....

"...and if they turned on the power not only would the circuit not be earthed, but hundreds of thousands of pounds of computer equipment would go up in smoke."

The second half of this comment is utter bullshit in all but the most extreme circumstances. Unless something goes terribly wrong then the earth is not powered up in any form. Of course this situation would leave a potential disaster to happen further down the road but as it stands that statement is 50% hyperbole!!

Interpol: We can't arrest our way out of cybercrime

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Richard Heads was in my college class years ago. First time they called the register I thought I misheard :-D

Dropbox unplugged its own datacenter – and things went better than expected

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Let Met Just Say...

Worst episode of "On Call" ever!!! Nothing went wrong and everyone was happy ha ha

Yandex speaks out from front line of Western sanctions against Russia

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Re: Not Enough

You are correct in saying that it's not all black or white. However there is a large part of the civilian Russian population who are clearly in the "zombie" category after the brainwashing of state TV etc and they cannot be ignored. Fringe opinion often empowers the mainstream to be bolder and stronger.

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Re: Not Enough

This topic of hating Russians is a difficult one. I see it like one of those many zombie movies - people defending themselves against all those folk moaning "brains, BRAINS!!" mow them down with a machine gun and don't stop to think "awww - it's not their fault really".

Also remember that all the rape, torture, civilian mass murder etc that's happening in Ukraine right now is not being done by Putin or anyone in his close inner circle. That's troops on the ground!!

In a war like this you need to pick a side otherwise sitting on the fence only gives you splinters in the bum :-)

Putin reaches for nuclear option: Zuckerberg banned

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In Other News..

...people banned from swimming in volcanic lava flows :-D

It always amuses me when people ban others from doing things they would never do anyway. Ok I admit that I travelled to within 200km of the Russian border last week but only to see my favourite city who are still actually giving Russia gifts from time to time:


Finnish govt websites knocked down as Ukraine President addresses MPs

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Re: Defense pact

That is really elegantly put. Have a virtual beer on me :-)

Russian media watchdog bans Google from advertising its services

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Re: Fascism 101

The Putin administration even created Hitler youth style camps back in 2005 with the sole purpose of brainwashing teenagers. The name of the organisation is "Nashi" which almost reads as Nazi!!! Maybe Russia is full of mirrors and when they are screaming at the Nazis in reality it's like a dog barking at it's own reflection :-D

A good article on this can be found here:


Debugging source is even harder when you can't stop laughing at it

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I gave you an upvote as I can see exactly what you are referring to. But then again I KNOW that I am the "outlier" so not really suprised that I empathise with you. Over the years I have met some very petty and childish people in the working world. I freely admit to being a bit of a child trapped inside of an adult myself but there are times I see things that make me think WOW.

"Writing software for me was and is also a show of skills and elegance - not a show of how much childish I could be. But maybe I'm the outlier." - this is EXACTLY the way it should be!!!

IT blamed after HR forgets to install sockets in new office

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Re: Watch Your Backs

As my favourite saying goes - "Deputy heads will roll" :-D

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Re: The current poster boy for this being our favourite Russian dictator.

Alongside 2018's confusing word of the year "Covfefe" :-D

Created by our favourite American dictator who is currently on a 4 year vacation

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Re: He who shouts loudest is often wrong

"I do worry, though, at some point someone's going to figure out that I do my best work when annoyed and start exploiting that."

That comment did make me laugh :-D

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Re: Watch Your Backs

It's in the small "fishponds" like I.T. where the poison is most toxic. Once in a while you get to catch the poisoner in the act but usually they are not so clumsy as to leave a trail of evidence!!

As said by others it's the incompetent ones who make the most waves to cover up their mistakes.

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Watch Your Backs

I have found that when you do get the rare chance to peep behind the "magic curtain" and see how things really work it can simply blow your mind. If our hero Steve had not bumped into that guy on the hike and got a bit of background info he would have been none the wiser ever since. What's worse is the world of I.T. is likely small enough that this poison could still do harm at a future time.

In short people can be very dangerous and we should always watch out backs for those willing to lie for a living. The current poster boy for this being our favourite Russian dictator.

IT advice fuelled by beer is the best IT advice of all, right?

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Re: Full Story?

A very cynical reply there my friend - and probably correct as well :-D

I guess this story tells the tale of the straw breaking the camel's back. Or as I often prefer to illustrate that metaphor:


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Full Story?

What kind of a company fires the head of I.T. only for the reason given in this story? So what if that department couldn't figure out what it was and someone from outside came up with the answer. There must be more to it that we are not being told because otherwise that entire organisation must be on drugs or something.

Beware the techie who takes things literally

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Re: No sympathy

I agree with this post 100%. Seems like I am in the minority in thinking "well done Frank" - most people here apparently have more of a conscience than I do in this situation :-D

Apple tweaks AirTags to be less useful for stalkers, thieves

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" All companies comply with legal requests"

That's some good stuff you are smoking there ha ha!

Planning for power cuts? That's strictly for the birds

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My thoughts exactly. This sounds like bullshit - sorry, BIRDSHIT :-D

A time when cabling was not so much 'structured' than 'survival of the fittest'

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Re: I managed to to this with a panel pin

Don't feel bad. I cannot remember things I did 20 months ago - sometimes 20 weeks ago ;-) It's a good sign that you had better things to think about than holding onto where you buried some cable for 20 years!!

Dutch nuclear authority bans anti-5G pendants that could hurt their owners via – you guessed it – radiation

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Pedants or Pendants?

I read that as "Dutch nuclear authority bans anti-5G PEDANTS" :-D

Spar shops across northern England shut after cyber attack hits payment processing abilities

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Re: Anger diversion...

Anonymous Coward burns another Anonymous Coward :-D

When civilisation ends, a Xenix box will be running a long-forgotten job somewhere

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Re: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was more thinking of a response along the lines of a well known phrase ending in "off" :-D

But for sure if you can squeeze some money out of them and can be arsed to do the work then why not.

Max Schrems hits Irish Data Protection Commissioner with corruption complaint

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Corruption in Ireland??!!

How could he suggest that the banana republic would stoop to such low tactics in dealing with these kinds of things?

Bob Geldof says it much better than I could:


Though to be a small bit fair to Ireland I have a feeling Italy would laugh and say "hold my coat".

Oops, they did it again – rogue Soyuz spurt gave ISS an attitude problem

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Re: Previous Incident

"Readers may remember that Russia's Nauka module unexpectedly fired its thrusters upon arrival at the ISS in July 2021.

The space station tilted 45 degrees and required restorative action to resume its intended orbit."

Didn't it turn out to be more like 540 degrees once the dust settled?

Nothing says 'We believe in you' like NASA switching two 'nauts off Boeing's Starliner onto SpaceX's Crew Dragon

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The 747 was an accidental success in that it was only meant to be a stopgap until more exciting projects came to fruition. These projects went the same direction as the Starliner seems to be heading and this meant the 747 became the mainstay.

Ireland signs up for plan to make Big Tech pay 15 per cent tax everywhere

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Major Fail..

..by the author of the article.

"will be required to cough up at least 15 per cent"

The reason Ireland signed up was that the words "at least" were removed from the agreement.

"The proposed minimum effective tax rate of ‘at least 15%’, which was an open issue, has been set to a precise rate of 15% and Minister Donohoe noted the importance to Ireland of this development"

Netflix sued by South Korean ISP after Squid Game fans swell traffic to '1.2Tbps'

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No I am not saying that. But if some greedy pig comes in with the intention of eating until they puke and then stuffing food into their pockets then I would totally support the buffet owner for banning them. Once again I will use the word "entitled" as this describes the category of personality that has no willingness to be reasonable and behaves like it's a challenge. In the past I have described The Register as the Daily Mail of I.T. and certainly reading some of the comments in this thread I feel like got that correct.

Downvote away you Daily Mail lovers :-P