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Austrian Tor exit relay operator guilty of ferrying child porn


Re: Great

" ISP's should also be liable"

An ISP however is likely to have access to effective legal representation and would not give in at the first hurdle.

HALF of London has outdated Wi-Fi security, says roving World of War, er, BIKER


"29.5 per cent were using either the insecure Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) algorithm, or no security encryption at all ... A further 52 per cent of networks were using Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)"

I find that very hard to believe. In the places that I go there are no WEP WiFis at all. Everything is WPA2, or is deliberately open. FON, BTOpenview etc. I have occasionally made a point of noticing.

For years all new home routers have been set up for WPA2. Many people seem to change their ISP quite regularly and have new routers.

Android mobes outsell iPhones, but Apple gets MORE PROFIT THAN ALL


The problem with being fashionable is that unfashionable is always lurking just around the next corner.

File-NUKING Cryptolocker PC malware MENACES 'TENS of MILLIONS' in UK


I don't want an email client that can run code silently. I don't want email that contains code. It is all nuts.

Natwest, RBS: When will bank glitch be fixed? Probably not today


Hardware failure?

I worked in banking IT (networking) a while back and one thing that surprises me is that this problem surfaced midweek. In my day no changes were made except at weekends to allow plenty time for testing/ backout.

This suggests to me something like a hardware failure rather than an update induced problem. Inexperienced and far away staff then perhaps screwed up the recovery causing further damage.

'Larry and Sergey's HTML5 balls drained my resources'


Compusory balls

I have no issue at all with google providing arbitrary animations to anyone that wants them.

Please however don't make my computer die by diktat.

PC is by the way is not a dinosaur. Laptop, Core 2 duo 1.9GHz, 3G DRAM.

The BuckBalls animation killed it dead. the more recent bouncing balls one is a bit less intrusive CPU wise but looks just stupid.

Of course if the mesage is, get a new computer 'cos we are going to trash the one you have got 'cos we can, then I will find ways to avoid the logo.

www.google.co.uk/firefox does just that.

also .com.

Ta ta google logo - for ever.

The disappointment is that I used to trust google not to get up to such stunts. I laughed at people using hotmail as they waited and waited for the page to load, watched as the CPU shot to the max for tens of seconds, giggled as image after useless and unwanted image crept on to the screen.Then I smugly logged on to gmail and everything I needed appeared in a second or two.

Now alas google has joined the insane asylum. What a disappointment.



There is no one left to trust.


To add to previous comment

I thought the article was about the orange "buckyball" spiraling whizzing logo of the other day. But no, it's a new daft useless whizzer that we don't need.

I did not see this latest one since I switched to www.google.co.uk/firefox as my home page when the buckballs logo appeared and it does not have the logo. The new floating-bouncing-balls one is much less intensive on my PC but still undesirable to me.


CPU sucker indeed

Google have really lost the plot this time. Famously successful for providing what people want, a clean, plain search/mail/whatever page with no stupid bells and whistles they now seem determined to mess it up.

Other Google daftness avoidance options are;-

www.google.co.uk/firefox - No disappeared magic appearing menu, no logo

www.google.co.uk/aol - I forget check it out yourself:) Perhaps no disappeared magic appearing menu, with logo.

Or .com if that suits you.

If I had been smart enough to buy Google shares I would hope I would be smart enough to be considering selling them now.

Google Instant – more searches, less thought


What a joke!

The idea that Google, who recently slowed my computer down to the speed of thought of something less capable than an ant, could provide something of the scope decribed is laughable.

The recent CPU sucking Google logos is I think a clear and unambiguous indication of their priorities. It is not what you want but what they want that matters.

They think they have the right to determine what your computer does, and it is not what you might want it to be doing.

I have used the google home page as my home page for over 10 years (1998/99). No longer. I have no need to dedicate my PC to meaningless trickery. Unless the shareholders can recover control of google from the Teenagers who are running it, they are going to lose their money.