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Microsoft trousers yet more royalties from Android gear


I'm pretty angry with the local newsagents. I might go in there, rob all his stock and hand it out to my mates. Take that evil capitalist pig.

You sir, are still a common thief. No matter how you justify it.

HTC Radar WinPho 7.5 smartphone


But where to get one anyway?

From the high-street, it only looks like Orange is stocking this and it's Titan big brother. Well, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U do as well, but out of the operators it's only Orange.

Telling in itself perhaps?

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car

Thumb Up

Here is my title. Functional, at best.

If this could come in cheap enough, it'll be ideal for me. Just short enough to squeeze in the garage with the weekend car, and it's only got to contend with a 10 mile round trip commute, apart from 60 miles on weekdays.

Shame it will inevitably cost a lot of money, but get it under £15k, I'd be tempted. Novelty value mostly I expect, it would surely be cheaper and better for the environment to just run the current car. Or get a bus pass, but I'm not that desperate.

UK student hacker sentenced over gaming Trojan

Black Helicopters

lucky escape

Nope, it's war now.


There are probably lots of helicopters flying around right now. But they're very stealthy. And they've crashed one.

Game stocks shops with Tesco 3DS consoles

Paris Hilton

The odd digit goes here

I can't work out if this is brilliantly devious or scummingly naughty. Seen a few people come out of the local Game store, wonder what they'd think if they knew (assuming it happened here of course)...

Paris, because I've seen her get screwed too.

Videogame TRAINS TERRORISTS, yells pundit



Just how much training do you need to blow yourself up?


Gates Halo

I'm fickle... I got one...

I was intrigued yesterday so popped into the local town centre to see what was on offer on launch day. Turns out, the only company (that I tried, so not t-mobile or three then) with any stock was O2. I had a play with the phone, thought it was good on the surface and at the very least didn't annoy me, so went for it. On the whole, I agree with the review. I've had it 18 hours now and it's not crashed, so doing better than my old WM6.1 device. A couple of niggles though - the Xbox Live Extras app doesn't work, Zune wasn't the cleanest of install experiences, and it doesn't sync with outlook. What I should have done was sycn Outlook contacts to Windows Live and it would have gotten them from there. I guess I'm in for a venture into the cloud world a bit earlier than I was anticipating!

To summarise - good effort, shouldn't be written off yet, but the novice IT user could perhaps have had trouble getting it all set up on the computer.

Capgemini pushes efficiency limits in Swindon data centre


our survey says...

South Marston, local rag gave that away a while ago:


Russia's Cold War raygun air fleet back in operation - reports


That's all well and good...

... but when will we get sharks with frickin lasers?


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