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Oregon hit with federal subpoena over failed healthcare website launch


Re: "Politicians Waste $240M in TaxPayer Cash. Government wants to know..."

I thought you were being a bit harsh. That's until you mentioned Hollywood...

Nintendo says sorry, but there will be NO gay marriage in Tomodachi Life ... EVER


Re: They have learned actually

Just an observation to your comment: I would have thought that the liberal countries are those targeted by game makers. Europe and the US - I believe - are a bigger market than Iraq, Russia and Uganda.

However, when it comes to the spirit of the article, I don't really see it as a problem worth worrying about. Millions of people, me included, can't be grateful enough to the creators of gaydar, scruff, grindr and the likes. Do they have a straight section for straight people? They don't. If that's a bug or an intentional choice, who cares? It doesn't exactly discriminate in a way that makes some people's lives more difficult. It is not somebody's human right to be able to recreate themselves in that game. Reviews can be found online and purchases are often informed ones, there is little excuse for being outraged by such trivial issues. If somebody doesn't like something it is often enough to vote with their wallets rather than organising campaigns against everybody and everything.

I'm also vegetarian ( I know, I know ... ) but I have never thought of writing to the prime minister asking for steak houses to publicly apologise and have at least 50% of their menu suitable for vegetarians. I'll leave that to those irritating vegans :-)

The verdict is in: Samsung to pay Apple $120m chump change, but gets tiny rebate


Re: Wait a minute...

I hope that the biggest part of the compensation comes from the quick links part. Otherwise virtually every company that offers a public toilet is in trouble. The primary school I went to, 32 years ago when I was 6, was already infringing their patent when it came to opening the bog door. Same with every airline I've been on. Good luck to them then!

Oh Sony. Have we learned NOTHING from SuperAIT?


Re: Release it asap

localzuk, even if they offer support for X number of years, and make X a reasonable amount, few people will expect them to exist that long.

Brit IT workers are so stressed that 'TWO-THIRDS' want to quit


@ Lost all faith...

Apologies, have an imaginary pint. It's on me :)


At times because of management's bad choices, not always because of the job

I definitely considered quitting a few years ago, before I became self employed. I worked on a project which had very interesting technologies involved and could have easily been delivered long before the deadline. But a few people's decision to chuck every possible framework available on the Internet in it made it become hell on Earth. Any simple database SQL query had to be programmed using XML or Java annotations because Hibernate HAD to be used. Which added complexity and verbosity, and a magic touch of worse performance. All so that any variable with the same name of the corresponding table could be automatically populated - even if you didn't need that specific one. Bit of HTML and Javascript? No, too easy, let's use GWT instead. Nightmare to just pick up Javascript widgets already available for free, nightmare to code and - at least at the time - crossbrowser compatibility. Hard to control the HTML generated so to adapt it to most browsers, spent weeks on trying to make it work on most browsers, final result: more and more browsers dropped from the list of the usable ones. Something which I found even harder to understand was the use of Spring everywhere, and integrating it with Hibernate and GWT even if they could have both done without. Files and files and files of XML programming, and use of strings everywhere instead of normal object instantiation. Every syntax error - even typos, which Eclipse would have immediately highlighted - became a treasure hunt hidden within a 60cm runtime stacktrace. And worse performance because of the use of Java reflection. That was 2010 and I am still traumatised enough to type all that just to get it all - once again - off my chest. A colleague resigned saying that, after that project, he would have appreciated the joy of selling balloons outside the circus. So it's not always the work that has to be done, but the magpie management which wants to use every possible shiny acronym under the sun. Rant over - apologies.

Groupon plans MORE losses next quarter: Will lob wads of cash down marketing's maw


Re: Make some mopey?

Typo. They fixed it now

Getting documents all too easy for Snowden


Re: wget - The hackers friend

That would *HAVE* got them excited.

Friends don't do tech support for friends running Windows XP


Windows 8 machines to come with your files in the installation disc ( s? )

If you 'upgrade' from XP to 8 you will have to back up your files before starting the process. The solution? Buy a new computer. Priceless.

Russian gay dating app dev: We've been BLOCKED just DAYS before Winter Olympics


This, dogs being shot or put down, some people's houses collapsing because of the vibrations from the building sites... Maybe not Dubai, closer to my idea of Hell. Very pricey to keep snow there too, maybe that's why it's so expensive :)

Three-yaarrgh! Major UK mobile network's data goes down


Re: I'm Brian, and so's my wife.

I hope you knew she was Brian before marrying her


How long after discovering was it that they started tweeting?

Things go wrong, half a day or a full one can be a pain in the arse, but seriously? How many people were really affected by it? By affecting, I don't mean unable to tweet - which they managed anyway, I am talking about serious stuff...

There are cases of compensation because people trip in their own shoe laces now. Could this be a new reason for litigation soon?

"I couldn't instagram my breakfast this morning, all my friends started tweeting pictures of flowers with BEST CONDULENSIS LOLZ!!!1!! captions because they could only assume I was dead".

Reading this headline? You and 9.47 million others


Dear Reg reader, we know you like to feel special...

Yeah. Sorry, you ain't.

There are 10 millions of other ones just like you. So there.

Yours Team Register.

Forget selfies. 'Server SAN' is storage world's 2014 TWERKNADO


Re: Aspirations, but not much else

Steven Jones, you are absolutely right. We need a neologism for IT related neologism. If only we could have a way to suggest some, and then vote to elect the ultimate one!

Alicia Keys throws in towel on BlackBerry's creative director job


Re: Return on investment?

She wasn't on the radio howling out of tune against some slow generic background music. Everyone was a winner.

Gay hero super-boffin Turing 'may have been murdered by MI5'


@ Thomas 4 - Re: @ TrishaD

Not enough! I am gay but I kissed a girl and I liked it - comment icon : the reason :) -. Please stop this vile discrimination against me and Katie Perry, or I'll have to ask those at El Reg to terminate your account.


Thank you.

Italy's 'Google tax law' could fall foul of EU discrimination rules


Re: Keep your stinky fingers off productive capital

I believe it would also allow companies based in one country only to have the same or similar level of taxation of multinationals.

Which is the principle of a free market - making every company compete in a fair environment. Turns out that those who most bang on about free market are those who do everything they can to distort it in their favour...

Apple dodges data privacy sueball: Fanbois didn't RTFM*, says judge


I must be doing my bugs wrong

Every time there's a bug in my code, it creates problems. When Google or Apple users discover 'bugs', they generally end up being features that are actually useful to those companies. Imagine that. I end up with null pointers, they end up with devices that track the users and send location data back to them, or the location and names of Wifi networks. Let's see if I can cock things up a bit more, and manage to find the way to obtain cold fusion with bad SQL.

London businesses to signal UNSWERVING LOYALTY to capital with .london domain


Re: Not Good

"... business and money."

You forgot to mention stupidity.

Facebook fans fuel faggots firestorm



"I could care less."

Great, it's important that we all care a lot. If humans regress to the point that only WFoG are used, knowledge will only end up being what we see and hear in churches, synagogues, mosques and temples... Good bye to IT and the Internet. And the best weapon against diseases will be prayers.


Re: Faggots? Yuck!

@cornz 1

before assuming that people have a low IQ, ask yourself twice if MAYBE it's just a case of irony or word play being lost on you.


@ kain preacher

I assume most girls like to receive compliments on their camel toes, so "You have a cute fanny" is an acceptable UK ice breaker.


Re: I would be interested to see if their censorship guidelines can be found online

It was also painful to type, PaulR79. Very painful. I don't know what they teach in English speaking countries' schools because ( luckily? ) English is my second language.

The first time I came across "all" instead of "I'll" and "our" instead of "are", it took me a bit to realise what it really was. It makes you wonder wear we're at ;)


I would be interested to see if their censorship guidelines can be found online

I am not on Facebook, but the screenshots of it that appear on Lamebook show that the word "nigger" is widely and often used, together with all its variations. Isn't that more offensive?

Worse than that, they allow comments which contains grammar decapitations like "would of gone", "all go when you go", "the place your going to", "we our going on holiday", "their going away".

Google RIPS aside curtain, exposes Nexus 5 phone, KitKat Android 4.4 coupling


Well done for the plastic back

The 4's glass one was too slippery, for no reason. Metal is just stupid and generally ends being covered in plastic.

I wonder why they felt the need to make it thinner ( which I guess means more complicated / expensive ). Did many people complain because they wanted to be able to put an extra book mark in their pockets? Or is it a pointless selling point?

Cinnamon Desktop: Breaks with GNOME, finds beefed-up Nemo


Re: I think...

I absolutely loved it, I only got rid of it because it just wouldn't mount my N4 - no SD card -. Other than that, can't say anything bad about it. I preferred it to LXDE ( if that's not the right acronym, I meant Xubuntu ), but that wasn't bad either.

Everything's going to be all white: Google Nexus 5 mobe expected Friday


From a Nexus 4 owner

Nothing was more important than dropping that ultra slippery glass back nonsense. Well done for that!

Only a merciful BULLET can really save a RHINO, say Texas hunters


I am against the idea, but...

If that poor rhino really has to be shot ( I would argue with that ), can't they write "evolution" on both sides? That would certainly attract higher bids from the sort of Texans who would consider bidding in the first place. Apologies to the "normal" Texans out there if they feel offended, this was not aimed at you at all.

It's the '90s all over again: Apple repeats mistakes as low-cost tablets pile up


Re: Diversify

I don't know how a brand can be high status when it clearly means "I wish I could afford Vertu, but I can't".


Re: As much as I hate to admit..

Their style is so desirable that Braun started copying it in the 60s or 70. How they got away with it, I don't know.


Re: @ Wibble - iPads are expensive?

I'll print your post out and keep it in my pocket, in the unlikely event that mum ever says that it's a shame she has no grand children.

Baldness fix from foreskin follicles


Re: re. circumcised foreskins

You thought there were men letting scientists get on with their foreskin experiments while it is still attached to them? You must be a very brave man ( I am assuming you are one because of the name you used )

LIVE CHAT: You, El Reg, experts chat about Win 8.1 and Surface 2


Re: Surface Pro 2

Put another hyphen across the £ symbol, to make it the pre-euro Italian liras I grew up with, and we have a deal.

Thousands! of! Yahoo! Mail! users! driven! crazy! by! revamp!


We must be from the same decade. I also remember when people were able to type obviousurl.com in the address bar instead of googling absolutely everything. Things are not what they used to be anymore, and it saddens me a bit.

Turkish TV presenter canned for flashing too much cleavage


Long story short

The Register is opening up a base in Turkey. Reporter position lands right on the lap of a local unemployed journalist.

Judge orders probe over Samsung execs viewing secret Apple docs


I read that the bouncing patent was not valid somewhere, or something like that... If I understood correctly and that really is the case, they can't allow competition to get hold of the valuable algorithms that make it happen...

Apple wins patent for entrance to retail store


@ Dave 126 Re: Erm..

Are you saying that replicating these:




deserves a patent just because it doesn't move up and down?


Re: Erm..

I have seen quite a few lifts ( smaller than that, I have to admit ) in shopping centres pretty much everywhere. Do I need to find a good lawyer for my retinas?

Engine Yard loads Oracle tech into cloud platform




Amazon to offer FREE smartphone?


Re: If this does happen I think that both the..........

I heard they are already thinking of doing that somewhere... A country called Utopia if i am not wrong.

Apple's Siri 'hurls insults' at Google Glass


Re: Wow....


Xerox copier flaw changes numbers in scanned docs


Re: 'this is simply unacceptable'

I am not an expert, but I believe that the combination of a small font face, 200 dpi equivalent and anything else on an analog copier would somehow blur the result. I am happy to be corrected if I am wrong.

A blurry 8 ( or is it an 8? or a 3? or a B?) would make me squint and possibly double check the original just to make sure.

A perfectly clear 8 would make me assume it is an 8 which was born as an 8, and I would just go ahead taking it as good.

And "The normal quality option produces small file sizes by using advanced compression techniques. Image quality is generally acceptable, however, text quality degradation and character substitution errors may occur with some originals."

If you are making a copy, it means that you are printing it and you don't care about the resulting file which will be deleted once you are done with it ( again, an assumption which can be corrected by anyone in the know ). Even if it turns out to be 300MB, do you really care?

Lumpy milk and exploding yoghurt? Your fridge could be riddled with MALWARE


Re: Can someone please explain WHY I'd connect my fridge?

Because, one day, CaaS ( Cold as a Service ) will only be available through connected hardware?

Sammy had Sweet Fanny Adams to do with Swiss Fanny madam's blast


Re: ooops.


Man sues Apple for allowing him to become addicted to porn

Thumb Up

Re: Did I create an account just to call this guy a bellend of the highest order?

I'd upvote you, but you have 69 thumbs up and I don't want to be the one spoiling that.

BlackBerry BB10 devices refuse to leap off shelves


The day the music ( re ) died

So, Alicia Keys is not good at flogging phones either. I can imagine she got some right bollocking today at BlackBerry HQ!

I'm afraid she will probably go back to singing again... And I really don't think she got many lessons in the meantime...

Windows 8.1 start button appears as Microsoft's Blue wave breaks


@ Another Justin

You reminded me of this xkcd. One of the few I understand :)


Galaxy S4 way faster than iPhone 5: Which?


@ Kevin Fairhurst

*Did it actually make a difference to how I used the damn thing? Did it buggery.*

It will make no difference whatsoever. But maybe it will force marketing drones to think about new ways to justify an overpriced kit? They won't be able to stick to "it's so easy to use" forever...

Microsoft to open Windows Stores inside 600 Best Buy locations


Typo, or Freudian slip?

"... at www.bestbuy.com/widowsstore, which will mirror the in-store experience...".

I can see shoppers who accidentally end up in the Microsoft area sobbing and trying to bury those Windows 8 laptops :)

Chrome and Firefox are planet-wreckers, IE cuddles dolphins


Any power consumption results by OS?

I have friends who run Linux distros on relatively old hardware ( coincidentally, they are the ones who asked me to install a good antivirus, Libre / Open office depending on how long ago it was, or just if I could make their boxes go a little faster ). They perform as well as newer hardware with Windows on it, but my guess is that they are less power hungry. Would Microsoft care to do a little research on that too?

It would also be interesting to see if there are variations when it comes to typing a text document or creating a spreadsheet...