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Trust lawyers, not techies, when it comes to the cloud


Who said anything about trusting anyone?

Interesting that the word trust only appears in the headline of this story. There must be a degree of trust between a cloud customer and the cloud supplier and it is often possible because the customer's legal advisers have been involved in the process. I know lawyer bashing has become a bit of a hobby these days but the fact is that as relationships become ever more complicated, and there are few more complicated than in the modern corporate world, you need people who will be able to keep score. That's where the lawyers come in. Dumbing things down and hoping everything will work out for the best just because you're afraid to think about the issues isn't the answer to them. Get the lawyers involved. IT doesn't like it when business units use shadow IT to get around them because the IT departments are the experts and should have a say in how things are done. Similarly lawyers and risk experts expect their expertise to be sought when needed. It could be that getting lawyers involved in the process will allay some of the fears about entering the cloud in the first place http://ow.ly/byoWG

The changing skills sets for the private cloud


The word isn't important but the principle is crucial

It’s an overused word but does this not just come down to ‘dynamism’? Maybe you would prefer the word ‘agility’? Whichever word you use IT departments have to be able to change and supply apps which their customers want quickly. This is all the same thing as consumerization, the reason for shadow IT and goodness knows how many other buzzword led phenomena. The fact is that IT departments have to learn how to wing it! http://ow.ly/bwjKl

Measure up your applications for their move to the cloud


To migrate or not migrate?

It’s great to see an article talking about how to actually migrate applications to the cloud. There are clearly many issues to consider in migrating an application to the cloud and for many businesses and their applications these will be well worth going through in order to make the migration work. Is there however an argument that says (and this may well have been referred to in the third sentence of the article so apologies Danny) that the first assessment might be to decide if the application as it is worth keeping? If the app doesn’t work as well as you would like it might be simpler to develop/purchase a new application which is cloud ready from the get go and get a better product into the bargain. http://ow.ly/bf2wU

Building cloud-optimised networks


People fear that the initial investment and their ongoing expenses will be difficult to be amortized in time and are wondering overall if the cloud investment is worth it. http://ow.ly/7e9HT The bottom line is that a well researched cloud investment is well worth the time spent. Reading the fine print will always be key.

Most organisations just not ready for Cloud: Computacenter


Cloud functionality

'...should we use cloud mainly to deliver existing functionality faster, cheaper and more reliably or should we address new issues all together. ..' http://ow.ly/6nOEX

Brussels talks clouds and privacy


Cloud security

Of course being cloud friendly does not mean you ignore security. Since when do you start to ignore security in the IT world and in data storage? It seems that cloud computing has a bad reputation when it comes to security. It seems the UK government has spent more time leaving our personal data on train station benches than beefing up their TI security. Certainly a move to the cloud can't be a bad thing. If anything, I would see it as a security improvement.

Intel smarties rain on the clouds


More Security

Cloud security should be on the main agenda of any cloud computing supplier. We as users need to know and believe that these companies that say they are the best at security are actually speaking the truth. How can we be sure? Who is measuring that security? And can they be trusted? Companies aren't just going to throw their information on the Cloud without being sure...but the ROI sure looks good.

Microsoft douses VMware with cold cloud shower



Microsoft always goes on the offensive when they fell they might loose any share of the market. This is nothing new. They see lots of new players coming onto the field and they want to make sure their name is out there and on news. Lots of companies are looking for a cloud computing strategy, and this attack on VMWare is the perfect advertising for Microsoft.


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