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Mid-range storage array buyers' report leaves out .... guess who?


Gun for hire

Right up there with Storage Swtizerland on integrity, pay for a report get a positive write up. Can't bellied buyers with any common sense pay any attention to this nonsense.

Fujitsu punts all-flash Eternus box... just before NetApp pulls a FASt one


Band Aid

Putting SSD's in a HDD architecture is not innovation it's a band aid.

EMC tries to snuff out SolidFire before tomorrow's XtremIO-gasm


Free advertising

Not to mention market validation.

Great job EMC.

NetApp chucks sueball at upstart rival Nimble Storage, former staffers



Well done to both EMC and NetApps for gifting Pure and Nimble with some fantastic free advertising. Saved Pure and Nimble quite a few marketing $$'s

Exploring our way to the source of EMC's mighty VNX Nile


Marketing baby!

Since when was marketing reality?

Analyst warns NetApp is prepping layoffs


New ownership model forcing changes

Interesting view on NetApp regarding cloud technology "their (NetApp) technology is not well positioned for where the future in storage will occur, such as big data and cloud computing" full article - http://www.businessweek.com/news/2013-05-16/netapp-is-said-to-be-pushed-by-elliott-to-change-its-board-1

REVEALED: NetApp's upcoming 'version 1.0' all-flash array

Thumb Down

How long will this be a product?

Given as previously documented here on el reg, NetApps past CTO is off with a team of 40 engineers building an all flash array. You have to ask how long this product will be in play. Looks more like a stop gap tactical solution to keep their hat in the all flash storage game. Slapping SSD's in where HDD's were is not the answer.

Violin Memory in SECRET $2bn FLOAT PLAN, whisper snitches


HP Dump Violin

this should put a huge hole in the IPO boat....


EMC pushes out FORTY-TWO products at megalaunch



I guess with that many totally incompatible products there is a lot to launch. And a lot for customers to upgrade and manage. Still with all that it will drive sales for EMC, Expect More Complexity....

Isilon Maverick flyboy in EMC World flyby


Cluser mode

NetApp has a scale out product too... Why do you compare Isilon to FAS


The Incredible 4PB Hulk: EMC monsterises VMAX


So what

Marketing figures, only designed to do one thing catch headlines not solve customer problems. NetApp FAS6280 can host 4.3PB of disk, so a 4PB array is hardly revolutionary.

Secret's out: Small 15K disk drive market is 'growing'


On its way, ask your SE about FlashPools http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/04/20/netapp_news/



Flash will undoubtedly be a feature of some description of data storage solutions moving forward. Irrespective if it's in the server, storage cache or flash as part of the storage array itself.

Flash however is not going to replace disk, simply because data is being created faster than flash is. So therefore where does it go? Disk and tape. The CMO of Seagate (of course he has an interest) recently commented that in order to store 50% of data being produced today flash manufacturers would have to invest $195bn in new factories to make flash. That is not going to happen.

So however pretty and attractive flash is right now and hysteria that surrounds it, disk is here to stay, so is tape for that matter.

Simple supply and demand logistics, irrespective of price point claims and marketing hype.

Oracle pops cork as cut-price ZFS array creams NetApp rival


SSD outperforms disk shocker....

'Cheap' Oracle box bashes NetApp benchmark


What is with the anti NetApp agenda recently?

Failed to mention how this compares to price or performance to EMC or HP.

The reporting is getting biased and your credibility is going down the tubes.

HP readies public cloud for May launch


Direct competition with customers

Many service providers and cloud service companies will be building their infrastructures on HP products. I wonder how long they will want to buy from a company who is now a direct competitor?

Storage array vendors vs. the cloud


Balanced view?

Been buying riverbed stock recently?

Dell throws in 3PAR towel


HP Integration

Should take no time at all of HP to integrate 3Par into their stack. I expect the usual level of integration as seen with their other products. Take off the 3par badge, put on a HP badge. Do a bit of powerpoint magic and hope people don't ask too many questions.