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Obama 'deep space' Mars plans in Boeing booster bitchslap

Phil Hill

Wait Until China Gets To The Moon

I think the attitude of the Americans will change drastically once China or India start to venture to the moon. Can you foresee the hoo-ha when China replaces the US flag where Eagle landed with a Chinese one? And brings back the original to China to display in one of their museums?

Suddenly I think there would be a massive Kennedy-esque 'Mars inside a decade' drive from the US with whatever funding it takes.

Salty Saturn moon plumes suggest stuff of life

Phil Hill

Aurora Borealis

Looks more like an electric Aurora Borealis to me?

Cassini sniffs Enceladus's 'surprising organic brew'

Phil Hill
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Alternative Viewpoint?

If astronomers were taught about electric theory then they may be more open to an alternative viewpoint!


Prefer leopard skin to tiger stripe methinks......

CERN completes 'world’s largest jigsaw puzzle'

Phil Hill
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Waste of Space-Time

In an electric universe you don't need black holes, dark matter or any other wierd, invented, non-provable stuff. I think the only black hole they'll find is the one they're pouring money into.

Comet Holmes and the case of the Disappearing Tail

Phil Hill

Electric Universe - Seems Like Common Sense

I've recently read some stuff about the Electric Universe in an unbiased way, and it just seems to make more sense and explain the observations better than having to invent invisible, undetectable, untestable dark matter, dark energy, black holes and other mysterious stuff, apparently to protect those with long astronomical careers built on this flakey stuff.

Enceladus' icy threat to Cassini

Phil Hill

Prediction: Jets are an Electrical Discharge Which Will Damage Cassini's Electronics

I think that these jets are more like an electrical discharge, something like an Aurora, which could damage Cassini's electronics.

Watch this space.........

New theory for sun's ring of fire

Phil Hill

Controversal But Fits Much of the Observed Data

I think there's some nuclear reactions there, but the main powerhouse is supposed to be electrical in terms of massive electrical currents, apparently connected to the giant output of the centre of our galaxy. Bit wacky I know, but really thought-provoking. Interesting to learn that the electrical idea appears to explain the shapes of some of the wierder galaxies, the way some suns have appeared to die very quickly and lack of observered nutrinos etc. Can't say I understand it all, but would like to think I'm open minded enough to give a new(ish) theory a chance!


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