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EU probes Google’s Android omerta again: Talk now, or else


This is frustrating really in that why did the EU not force all pc makers to reveal their contract with Microsoft. Do they not wonder why you still to this day cannot go into any high street and buy a laptop/desktop with no other operating system (exclude anything made by Apple) other than Windows.

As far as I am aware no mobile phone maker is forced to install Android and can install any other operating system they like. I get that there may well be issues with Google's agreement/conditions and that this may well be restrictive, but if what I have read over the years PC makers could not even install an alternative OS without feeling the wrath of Microsoft.

I am happy that the EU wants to protect us and prevent abuse but lets not forget the biggest abuser still is. If mobile makers are forced to disclose their agreement then so should every company including Microsoft who to this day hide behind NDA's.

For clarity yes I am a Fandroid and no fan of Microsoft.

EE coughs to BROKEN data usage metrics BLUNDER that short-changes customers


Yep had this twice now, with a sim card that I barely use that is sat in a chromebook. I must use 3g on it no more than 3 times a month, but got the text telling me I had used up all my data. The biggest issue is not the error but trying to talk to someone at tmobile.

Grand Theft Auto V: Violent, sweary and amazingly ambitious


I would love to play this in first person mode, would improve the shooting, you should be able to get in the car and have a cockpit view, just like if far cry 3.

Three axes data-roaming fees in SEVEN countries


Got excited there for a minute, but that excitement soon waned ........1gb data = £100 ( 10 x monthly contract that includes unlimited data).

I would be interested in what other people consider to be a fair rate to access data abroad, i'll kick this of with what I think.

£5 for 250mb, no time limits.


Apple, Samsung blast away in patent case closing arguments


Re: Fair trial?

Ipad = tablet computer, not invented by Apple

Iphone = smartphone, not invented by Apple

You have to look past the branding, yes Apple did produce the iphone and ipad, no one disagrees with that, but as far as they are concerned they invented the whole space, did they innovate and make desirable product, yes I think so, have they marketed them well, yes they have.

Thye have taken concepts already out there and made them to many better, that is what Apple does well. They however cannot expect there to not be similar products coming to market, thats how it works, anyone would think they were struggling to make money!

Giant paper plane thunders across Arizona sky


Batman car video........

Glad I clicked on the batman car video at the end of the paper plane clip, can't help feeling a bit of a treat was served up at around 9.00mins in.

Apple patent eyes Mac OS X tablet


htc sense

I have seen videos of the abilty to move around the desktops on htc sense, can't do it on my HTC desire, but have seen at least one of the newer "sense" htc phones doing it.

Standard smartphone charger to dominate in two years


port position

Will they all put the port in the same place, in the middle on he bottom of the phone would be nice, just got my kids a cheap smartphone each, has the mini usb which is great but the port is on the side of the phone, no good fro any type of charging dock. No doubt Apple will still require you to use itunes even with a standard connector, unitl that has changed no i products for me.

My Droid EXPLODED mid phone call, says Texan


US health insurance

That will indeed be the USA, not helped by the fact that each time the sitting president tries to do something about, various lobbyists, political parties etc etc, actively do everything they can to stop a health insurance/service for all being implemented. The private health insurance business is frankly shocking with many clauses to policies. I have read more than one story about US families with a good income (100000USD plus a year) go bankrupt because one person gets badly ill and there insurance does not cover everything.

Those that knock NHS have no idea, I for one am more than aware of its true value, for all of its perceived faults.

US smartphones – Once you’ve had Android there’s no going back


Poor mans iphone, i think not!

Maybe I also looked at other smart-phones before I just did what most others do and just get an iphone.

Maybe I researched the cost of owning the various smart-phones available.

Thats why I paid £165 pound upfront and £10 per month for a HTC Desire on t-mobile.

TCO over 2 years £405.

Can I afford an iphone, yes I can. Any one who makes any purchase based solely on whether they can afford it is foolish.

Could be the reason why when on holiday with a mate, I could afford extra data which my iphone carrying friend then had to use on the wi-fi hotspot I created for him from my Desire.

OOo's put the willies up Microsoft


My company partly shifted.......

I work for a builders merchant, hardly a cutting edge industry, and was pleasantly suprised that when I joined them 3 years ago they were already using OO. I indeed requested being switched over from MS Office to OO as I was in a field role and we and the head office bods are "blessed" with MO while the branch staff and managers get OO.

As others have said many only need basic functions whether they are using either office suite. There are issues however, one being head office types sending out documents that won't play nice with OO, macros,formatting,pivot tables etc. That said I have been successful on the odd occasion in getting these "corrected" so all can view and use.

The other issue is all training courses are based on Excel Word Ppoint, which is annoying.

Angry Birds take wing on Android


Working fine on the Desire (NT)

No Text

Samsung specs up 7in Android tablet


Not happy really...

Looking forward to this but expected at least a mini usb port as per the proposed mobile industry standard.

Not happy that it can't as I understand it be bought outright.

This link says no wifi version!


A bit gutted about the whole thing really.