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Lock up your Crackberries

Keith C

BB Owner info

Both corporate BES and consumer BIS BlackBerry has this feature to display the Owner info, under options - Owner. As the phone is the first thing a member of the emergency services will look for, I have in the past always advised clients to put the phone users name and a contact number that can be used for out of hours contact, plus the words ICE - means In Case of Emergency, so if that person is in an accident at say 2am sunday morning, they call that number and should get a relative who knows that person,and can at least know any health problems probelms, like Diabetic or a heart condition. It could save that person life. Most BlackBerry users lock the phone with a password, and with the owner set correctly it will still display the details. I think it is also a directive of the UK Lone Worker Policy, a series of guidelines for employers to protect their employees.


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